Stop Hunting Down Terrified Foxes for Sport

Target: Steve Barclay, UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Goal: Enforce the Hunting Act strictly to end the alleged cruelty in fox hunting and safeguard animal welfare.

In the UK, traditional fox hunting, a subject of much debate and distress, reportedly continues under the guise of scented trail hunts. Despite the Hunting Act of 2004, which aimed to prohibit such practices, groups allegedly exploit loopholes to perpetuate what many deem as animal cruelty. This issue, highlighted by renowned Queen guitarist and animal rights advocate Brian May, suggests a disturbing disregard for animal welfare.

Critics, including May, assert that certain media outlets and political groups contribute to this situation by allegedly skewing public perception. May, a dedicated animal welfare proponent, emphasizes the supposed bias in media reporting, insinuating that publications like the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, and the Times might be misrepresenting the reality of these hunts. His concerns extend to the broader political landscape, accusing the Conservative government of failing to address these critical issues effectively.

This call for change is not just about politics; it’s a plea for compassion and justice for creatures unable to defend themselves. May’s words resonate with a profound truth: “Every creature on Earth is worthy of respect.” His advocacy, along with public outcry, demands a more stringent enforcement of the Hunting Act. Ensure that hunting traditions do not come at the cost of animal suffering.


Dear Steve Barclay,

We are reaching out to urge immediate and rigorous enforcement of the Hunting Act. Despite its implementation in 2004, alarming reports suggest that traditional fox hunting continues, allegedly exploiting legal loopholes. This not only undermines the Act’s intent but also reportedly subjects foxes and badgers to unnecessary cruelty.

Brian May, a prominent figure in animal rights advocacy, highlights the urgent need for action. He raises serious concerns about the role of certain media and political parties in perpetuating these practices. This situation requires more than passive acknowledgement; it demands proactive measures to protect these animals and uphold the spirit of the law.

We, therefore, request your office to scrutinize and enforce the Hunting Act with renewed vigor. It is imperative to close any loopholes that allow these practices to continue under different guises. Doing so will not only honor the intent of the law but also reflect a commitment to animal welfare and ethical hunting practices.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Yellowstone National Park


  1. There is no need to hunt fox. They are an important species. We could be overrun by rodents if it weren’t for the fox. By controlling rodents, many diseases are eliminated and damage done by these creatures is also lessened. Killing an animal for the sake of sport is just unconscionable.

  2. Doesn’t mater you can save the fox and some other animal will take it’s place. people can’t breath without killing something. They really should practice on themselves first. It’s crazy that you need laws to keep these sick morons from killing everything in sight.

  3. We should hunt your mother

  4. These hunts are just the blatant murder of animals. Hunters are nothing but cowardly murderers of innocent animals.

  5. Highly uncivilized and utterly useless sport killing. I know the Lords are holding up legislation that would end this deplorable killing for fun and it’s just as bad as the USA’s animal killing contests are, both only exist to entertain sociopaths and cowards. Be better, stop killing wildlife to get your kicks and enforce your laws.

  6. Every animal deserves a right to live!All except for the ones that murder these little foxes! Who will they murder next??? What ya think your a big man(woman) with a big gun! Nope, you’re a small little man trying to look big!!! Get a life and leave all animals to live free!!!

  7. so wrong so cruel so sad killing is not a sport nor should it be fun please stop this cruel behavior thank you

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