Dog Apparently Bludgeoned With Shovel Deserves Justice

Target: Debbie Housel, Assistant District Attorney General for Davidson County, TN

Goal: Prosecute suspect who reportedly confessed to bludgeoning dog to fullest extent.

Authorities in Tennessee took a call from a distressed woman who claimed to hear loud noises and the sounds of a pained dog outside her home. Upon arrival at the residence, officers received further tragic details. The woman’s son claimed that a neighbor had beaten the family’s pet dog to death with a shovel. The remains of the animal were found underneath a bucket. The suspect, Leangelo Ramey, then reportedly confessed. Ramey’s seeming defense for this alleged crime can be summed up in three words: he was tired.

He faces charges of aggravated animal cruelty. This disturbing incident quickly drew attention and even compelled the assistant district attorney to speak out about the rise in animal cruelty cases within the Nashville area. She has vowed to hold all animal abusers fully accountable.

Sign the petition below to ensure she keeps her promise in this case.


Dear Assistant District Attorney General Housel,

“It’s heartbreaking for everyone involved…It is prevalent and it’s shocking and it makes you sick, quite frankly.” You spoke the aforementioned words when discussing animal cruelty cases in Davidson County. You also drew a correlation between these crimes and other types of violence and reiterated a commitment to accountability and vigorous prosecution.

Please honor this pledge in the case of Deangelo Ramey, who allegedly bludgeoned a dog with a shovel simply because he was tired. Seek the maximum available penalty and secure justice for this innocent animal if the accused is found guilty.


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Photo Credit: Simon Robben


  1. Karen Beckwith says:

    What a terrible thing for this poor, innocent animal…to suffer and die that way! This man needs to be punished to the FULL extent of the law and
    Never be around any innocent animals again…ever!

  2. barry farley says:

    I am sick and tired of reading these disgusting reports of animal cruelty. Why doesn’t somebody do something when they see these heinous acts of animal cruelty happening. The justice system is useless and they are heartless to put an end to animal cruelty except when it benefits their causes. This poor dog didn’t deserve this treatment. No justice for this scumbag just fry this fucking bastard and send his fucking ass to hell.

  3. This mentally deranged, dog killing scumbag requires instigation of the death penalty and nothing less. A slow and agonizing death is required.

  4. Seriously. If these POS people had the same done to them, perhaps they’d think twice. Doubtful. Just end their lives so we don’t have to keep reading of these atrocities against innocent animals.

  5. Laws need to be enacted to make the punishment fit the crime. Severe fines and jail sentences are desperately needed.

  6. What an awful act of animal abuse,may the suspect rot in hell

  7. this fucking worthless human should be fucking beaten to death

  8. Enuffs_Enuff says:

    If I could only get my hands around this pos throat .. I’d choke the lights out of this bastard.So sick of these disgusting subhuman sacks of shit.Animal abusers are cowards

  9. Uncommon Sensesc says:

    I’m in for beating this worthless piece of shit to death with a shovel! I’m seeing his address as 5312 Townes Court, Nashville. An innocent dog beat because this son of a bitch was tired. Won’t have to worry about that once he’s dead. I’d been okay if the dog’s owner had killed him, in fact, he’d be dead already if that was my dog. I’d dare him to meet with me – a taser, some rope, a tree and a shovel and there’d be buzzard food.

    • Exactly.
      This is what has GOT TO HAPPEN to these animal murdering bastards.
      IT IS THE ONLY WAY that these nasty, arrogant pieces of shit are going to be stopped!

  10. Find the piece of garbage that did this and euthanize them immediately.

  11. Terry Henegar says:

    This scumbag needs to be beaten to death with a shovel.


    Unbelievable cruelty, this sicko needs placement in the nearest mental institution. That innocent dog did not deserve to suffer at the hands of this monster. I just hope justice will be served .

    • He’s NOT metal.
      The bastard knew exactly what he was doing. What a bloody pathetic excuse. TIRED!! No doubt the first thought that came into the pricks head.
      This piece if shit needs removing from the world very quickly! I rest my case!

  13. Elease M. Bradford says:

    It breaks my heart, that this poor, innocent dog suffered such a horrific death. I’ll never understand how some people can be so cruel. Animals are not ours to vent out our frustrations on. Leangelo Ramey is a low-down, barbaric piece of slime and what he did to this animal is despicable and unacceptable. I hope he is severely punished. RIP fur baby and I hope you get justice

  14. Cheryl+Miller says:

    This is incredibly disturbing and disgusting to hear!!! Why why would this ass hole creep do this to an innocent dog!!! Get this creep in jail ASAP!!!!

  15. The perpetrator, this cruel man must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. I feel so sorry for this innocent and loving dog.

  16. Maria Lavorato says:

    This SOB should be beaten to death and the judicial system better dole out the extreme punish that fits the crime! MURDER 1.

    Hopefully someone will do the job before that happens and beat this sorry excuse to DEATH!

    This sweet little dog did nothing wrong and did not deserve this suffering. NO ANIMAL DOES!!!! RIP little angel…

  17. Why is it that a lot of people are beating, starving, killing dogs? When is something gonna be done to prevent this. Animals can’t speak or feed themselves,they need a compassionate person to help them. There should be extreme consequences for anyone hurting or killing any cat or dog.Put a stop to this …

  18. The ugly fucking asshole should be beaten to death with a shovel – an eye for an eye! He doesn’t deserve to live- he should be tortured to death but should be castrated before he has kids! I hope all animal abusers burn in hell.

  19. Let the vile bastard receive the same treatment .. from a group of animal lovers. If the little fucker ceases to breath … GOOD!!!

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