Dog Apparently Bludgeoned With Shovel Deserves Justice

Target: Debbie Housel, Assistant District Attorney General for Davidson County, TN

Goal: Prosecute suspect who reportedly confessed to bludgeoning dog to fullest extent.

Authorities in Tennessee took a call from a distressed woman who claimed to hear loud noises and the sounds of a pained dog outside her home. Upon arrival at the residence, officers received further tragic details. The woman’s son claimed that a neighbor had beaten the family’s pet dog to death with a shovel. The remains of the animal were found underneath a bucket. The suspect, Leangelo Ramey, then reportedly confessed. Ramey’s seeming defense for this alleged crime can be summed up in three words: he was tired.

He faces charges of aggravated animal cruelty. This disturbing incident quickly drew attention and even compelled the assistant district attorney to speak out about the rise in animal cruelty cases within the Nashville area. She has vowed to hold all animal abusers fully accountable.

Sign the petition below to ensure she keeps her promise in this case.


Dear Assistant District Attorney General Housel,

“It’s heartbreaking for everyone involved…It is prevalent and it’s shocking and it makes you sick, quite frankly.” You spoke the aforementioned words when discussing animal cruelty cases in Davidson County. You also drew a correlation between these crimes and other types of violence and reiterated a commitment to accountability and vigorous prosecution.

Please honor this pledge in the case of Deangelo Ramey, who allegedly bludgeoned a dog with a shovel simply because he was tired. Seek the maximum available penalty and secure justice for this innocent animal if the accused is found guilty.


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Photo Credit: Simon Robben


  1. Ellen Giammarino Munoz says:

    How do people keep getting away torturing and killing animals this has got to stop. This is a serious offense. These people are killers, and they need to be arrested and tried accordingly and what this person did is evil and violent and vicious should not be able to walk the streets.

    • Naila M Johnston says:

      This monster savagely tortured then murdered this helpless dog… to his death!! He is a murderer and must die!!
      Someone,please… May he die a thousand torturous deaths and be damned to hell!!
      He is a savage and must pay for his crime!! Death!! Save this world from this monster!!

  2. Man, I’m pretty tired right now. Where is this asshole & a shovel? Eye for an eye.

  3. Laura Rolder says:

    Please lock these evil murderer away on felony animal abuse. No innocent, helpless animal ever deserves to be hatmed. We are,sick of these abusers and animal killers getting off easy. Maybe we should do to them whatcthey do to these poor animals. Please don’t let him off. This dog deserves justice and it’s up to the law and justice system to start protecting the animals.

  4. If someone will kill an innocent animal in this manner they will have no qualms about killing another person as well.
    Why is a petition necessary? They should already be in jail!

  5. I hope she keeps her damn word on this

  6. We have nothing but CRAP in this world, yet we continue to allow ppl to breathe that do nothing but harm, I don’t know why we even have do nothing judges, courts, etc..what a waste of tax payers money

  7. Glenda Krause says:

    He needs orosecuted to the highest extent of the law

  8. Julia Strickland says:

    Give him some time to rest!!!! Penalize him to fullest extent

  9. Garlina Norris says:

    How unusual!! Another fucking man

  10. Christine Grabar says:

    This heartless monster deserves to be in the electric chair! This would be true justice for this poor dog and help to eliminate animal cruelty.

    Please go to and sign my petition about needing to end animal cruelty worldwide.

    Thank you.

  11. Maggie Danbury says:

    Put this son of a bitch away for a very long time, how that poor dog suffered at this bastard.

  12. I have been signing your petitions for the justice of animals for at least 15 years now. I don’t believe I have ever missed even one.

    Imagine how upset I was to discover an advertisement for an American flag intertwined with the hateful Israeli flag!

    In Israel, animals are butchered alive in the Kosher meat process. HOW can an animal rights organization like yours allow a country like that to advertise on your site?

  13. There is no excuse for aggravated animal cruelty. If convicted, please make sure this person pays for all damages done to the deceased and the dog’s family + NO access to animals going forward.

    • IF CONVICTED you say! IF!
      I think that IF he actually DID end up in court it would go something like this——-The Judge would likely say; before we start proceedings we need to check if you are tired!
      If so we can have a sofa brought in if you need to relax. Then you will not need to ‘sue’ us for making you stand if you are really tired!!
      And I will make sure that proceedings don’t not go in too long for you.
      Is that ok??
      Well yes, it does sound somewhat silly and going over ‘the top’ so to speak but not really far from the truth I think.
      The prosecutors and Judges are scared of these pricks and do not want any comeback in their personal lives!
      Just a ‘telling off’ or a mediocre fine and that’s it. And fuck the animals for that is all they are to to this so-called bastard non-functioning law system!
      They will not do their job so animals STILL suffer horrendously at the hands of these torturing bastards.
      The world over needs to be rid of these waste of space pieces of shite and the only positive way is if they are dead!! The bastards have tortured and killed innocent animals to death so what is needed is groups of animal activists to secretly torture and kill the arseholes ‘back’. Leave no clues and disappear!
      These cowards would very soon learn I think when they see what is happening to other torturing scumbags. So yes, death to all of these psychotic air stealing bastards and the sooner the better!!

  14. If he’s that tired he he has to do that to an innocent dog, then please someone put him to sleep so he never wakes up, hopefully using a shovel. Cruel bastard

  15. This asshole should be beaten with a tire iron

  16. Laws as they currently stand do very little to protect animals. I wish this monster will never see the light of the day.

  17. Marilyn Mick says:

    I ask the Lord every day to forgive me, but I HATE PEOPLE. The more I hear and see, the more I despise people. I know there ARE good people out there, but few and far between.

  18. Maximum punishment please!! Also, a lifetime ban is needed: from owning, caring for, possessing, and from residing in any house where ANY animal is present.
    He needs to forfeit any animals currently in his possession, and also pay back costs for all veterinary care if applicable. Let’s be serious about saving animals’ lives. Thank you.

  19. Maybe a little late now but as I said earlier, if you know anyone who is somewhat ‘stupidly’ giving a puppy as a Christmas present, please try to convince them it is not a good idea! Christmas is NOT a good time for animals!
    A puppy is NOT a toy and will no doubt, after a couple of weeks when the novelty has worn off by the child, just be discarded like a used toy!
    A puppy is quite hard work and many ‘stupid’ parents do not understand their needs and do not have the time to devote to them!
    No different than having a new baby which cannot be locked in a ‘crate’ or get a slapping when it has messed or made a puddle. Not much different to a little human really which many people are too ‘thick’ to understand! A puppy is just a ‘baby’ really and needs to be treated as such.
    I could go on here but again to say; if you DO know anywhere that a puppy is given as a Christmas present, PLEASE, PLEASE try to keep an ‘open eye’ as to the puppy’s condition and wellbeing. If anything untoward is noticed, do contact the relevant services who can check this out!
    Unfortunately, many puppies or kittens will suffer this Christmas so is up to us ‘ animal people’ to do our best to stop it.
    On a lighter note, to all of my adopted Brothers and Sisters on this site, do have a Happy Christmas and a Pleasant New Year.
    Jonny W.

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