Cat Reportedly Suffering From Broken Back and Paralysis Deserves Justice

Target: Dr. Abbas Mortada, Minister of Agriculture and Culture in Lebanon

Goal: Ensure stringent measures against alleged animal cruelty against a cat.

In Bekaa, Lebanon, a heart-wrenching incident surfaced, involving a cat named Kiri. Reportedly, a child’s act of throwing stones at her led to severe injuries. Kiri’s backbone was tragically broken, leaving her paralyzed. Paws Crossed Rescue Center, already operating at full capacity, stepped in to provide care when her previous rescuer faced financial constraints in affording medical treatment.

A distressing video shared on the center’s TikTok page highlighted Kiri’s plight. Initial frames show her struggling to move, dragging herself across surfaces due to immobilized hind legs. Subsequent visuals in the clip display Kiri’s warmth towards her rescuer, despite her painful condition. X-ray images reveal the extent of her injuries, confirming a broken back. Though a challenging path lies ahead, there’s hope that with surgery, Kiri might regain her ability to walk.

The video sparked widespread dismay and raised critical questions about animal abuse. This incident isn’t isolated; rather, it reflects a broader, global issue of animal mistreatment. Despite this, organizations like Paws Crossed Rescue Center strive relentlessly to counteract these atrocities. Cultivate a culture of compassion and respectful treatment of animals.


Dear Dr. Abbas Mortada,

We are writing to bring to your attention the distressing case of Kiri, a cat from Bekaa, Lebanon. Her ordeal, captured in a video, reportedly shows the harrowing effects of animal abuse. Kiri’s backbone was broken due to stones allegedly thrown at her by a child, leaving her paralyzed.

This incident isn’t just a singular case of apparent cruelty but indicative of a larger, more pervasive problem. It highlights the urgent need for stricter laws and enforcement against animal cruelty in Lebanon. We urge you to take immediate and significant action to address this issue. It is crucial to implement stringent measures to protect animals and penalize perpetrators of such inhumane acts.

We request that you use your influence and authority to ensure that justice is served in Kiri’s case. Further, we advocate for the establishment of more robust legal frameworks to prevent future instances of animal abuse. It is essential to foster an environment where animals are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

By acting decisively in Kiri’s case, you have the opportunity to set a precedent that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in Lebanon. Your leadership can significantly impact how animals are treated and protected in your country.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tambako The Jaguar

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  1. Can’t tell you what I’d like to do to the child who did this……Thanks to Kiri’s rescuer and may she recover fully and be rehomed away from such evil children.

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