Justice for Bulldog Tragically Dead After Reportedly Being Attacked and Left Unattended

Target: Ned Lamont, Governor of Connecticut

Goal: Enforce stricter legal consequences for those allegedly involved in kennel cruelty and neglect.

Arty’s tragic story begins with his stay at Beacon Paws, where he reportedly suffered severely. Allegedly, he was attacked by another dog and left bleeding in a kennel for over a day, resulting in his death. This distressing incident appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. Reportedly, Beacon Paws has been involved in other cases where dogs either died or were injured since 2012. This petition demands that those allegedly responsible face stricter legal consequences. Their actions, or lack thereof, have led to the loss of innocent lives and immeasurable pain for the families involved.

Further details of the case reveal the depth of the alleged neglect. Court records indicate that Arty was left alone and unattended, leading to his untimely death. This raises serious concerns about the level of care and supervision provided at Beacon Paws. It was only after Arty’s death that George Meder, the owner, reportedly surrendered his licenses and agreed to never apply for them again. However, this act does not compensate for the alleged harm caused, nor does it prevent future incidents in other establishments.

Arty’s case has already initiated some changes, but more needs to be done. The family believes stronger oversight of kennels and enhanced protection for animals are crucial. This petition amplifies their call, demanding that legal authorities take a firmer stance. No family should suffer the loss of a beloved pet due to alleged negligence or cruelty. Demand justice for Arty and the many other animals who have suffered in similar circumstances.


Dear Governor Ned Lamont,

We write to you deeply moved by the disturbing case of Arty, the bulldog who lost his life under alleged neglectful circumstances at Beacon Paws. This case, along with others allegedly involving the kennel, paints a grim picture of what can happen when animal welfare is not properly monitored and enforced. The alleged prolonged suffering and death of Arty should be a wake-up call. We demand stringent legal action against those responsible for such neglect and cruelty.

The details of this case are not just disturbing; they point to a larger issue of how animal welfare is managed. Beacon Paws’ history of incidents, where animals allegedly suffered harm, suggests a pattern of neglect. The owner’s apology and relinquishment of his licenses do not suffice as justice for the lives lost or the pain inflicted. We urge you to consider not just the individual case of Arty, but the broader implications of this alleged negligence. It’s crucial to set a precedent that such carelessness has serious legal consequences.

Our demand is clear: enforce stricter legal consequences for those involved in this case and similar situations of alleged animal cruelty and neglect. This case must catalyze stronger oversight and regulation in the animal care industry. We owe it to Arty and every pet who has suffered due to alleged negligence to ensure their stories lead to tangible change. This is not just about one dog; it’s about the fundamental rights of all animals to be treated with care and respect.


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Photo credit: Tony Alter


  1. Enuff_is_Enuff says:

    Sorry bastards..they should be charged to the maximum extent for not helping this poor baby.Absolutely despicable and shameful


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