Justice for Allegedly Mistreated Dog Hit with Metal Bowl

Target: Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development in Singapore

Goal: Secure stringent legal action against individuals involved in the reported K9 Connection animal cruelty incident to safeguard animal welfare.

Shocking footage from March 2022 reportedly shows a defenseless dog cowering from a brutal assault. A person connected to K9 Connection animal training seemingly struck the animal with a metal bowl. This despicable act, reportedly occurring in a MacPherson Road unit, has sparked widespread outrage and demands for justice. AVS has responded by suspending K9 Connection from its list of accredited trainers, a necessary but insufficient response.

Further investigation revealed the alleged assailant’s verbal threats. He reportedly told the dog, “Welcome to hell, my friend. Four weeks of hell, stupid idiot dog.” The video, spreading rapidly online, showcases the gravity and emotional impact of such cruelty. This incident requires more than a mere suspension; it demands stringent legal repercussions.

The necessity for firm action is clear. This petition seeks to compel the AVS to pursue stricter legal measures.I demand justice for this reportedly mistreated dog and stringent action against the alleged perpetrators. Their apparently cruelty should not go unpunished, and further incidents must be prevented.


Dear Desmond Lee,

I am writing to bring your attention to a disturbing case of animal cruelty allegedly involving K9 Connection. A dog was reportedly assaulted with a metal bowl, an act captured in a distressing video. This incident, apparently far from an isolated event, highlights a grave concern for animal welfare in our community.

The alleged actions of the individuals involved in this case are utterly reprehensible. They not only reportedly inflicted physical harm but also psychological trauma, as evidenced by the verbal threats made to the animal. This case has garnered significant public attention and outcry, emphasizing the need for a strong response from authorities.

Therefore, I urge you to take decisive action. It is essential that those allegedly responsible face the full extent of legal repercussions. We must send a clear message: such cruelty is unacceptable and will be met with stringent legal consequences. Your leadership in this matter is crucial for ensuring justice for the victim and for preventing similar cases in the future.


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Photo credit: Claudia Krebs


  1. “Welcome to hell, my friend. Four weeks of hell, stupid idiot dog.” That’s disturbing and I am extremely worried for these and future defenseless babies. Very disappointed that the animal abuser’s name
    is not released? A bad example, he should be sacked from his post and never be allowed to handle animals again permanently.

  2. Enugu_is _Enuff says:

    Another example of coward third world bastards.Try that on something that hits back . Any being who willingly harms or mistreats defenseless animals is a coward and should be beaten senseless.I have no sympathy or patience for sick excuses like this being.

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