Dog Apparently Shot in the Face in Own Yard Deserves Justice

Target: Rachel Mitchell, Prosecutor for AZ Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

Goal: Prosecute man accused of shooting and almost killing neighbor’s dog to fullest extent.

A family dog playing with a child in his yard was allegedly the victim of a heinous and unprovoked assault. The mother of the child reported that the boy came into the house frantic, saying that their puppy Falco had been shot. When the woman went outside, she was greeted by the shocking sight of Falco moving around the premises in distress, with blood and a swollen face. He showed signs of struggling to breathe. She took her pet immediately for aid. A veterinarian reportedly removed a bullet that had passed through the dog’s nasal area and lodged around his tongue. Although Falco is recovering, he apparently still has bullet fragments inside him and is unable to bark.

A neighbor, Matthew Patrick Wazny, has since been charged with the alleged shooting. According to reports, the man may have been angered after a different dog bit him earlier in the day and presumably shot at Falco from outside the family’s fence. He was also seemingly intoxicated at the time of the incident. The reported shooting is even more disturbing because the young child could have been injured as well.

Charges of animal cruelty have been filed. Sign the petition below to demand full accountability in this disturbing case.


Dear Prosecutor Mitchell,

“It could have been my son.” These were the words Hailey Hernandez delivered after her pet Siberian husky was allegedly shot in the face by Matthew Patrick Wazny. Given that her son was reportedly playing in the yard with their dog Falco at the time the alleged shooting happened, her fears are well-founded.

Although the child was spared, he was still likely traumatized watching as his pet was apparently shot for no reason. And the young animal himself will seemingly endure an agonizing recovery that may never bring him back to full health. Wazny needs to face serious repercussions if he is deemed guilty of this horrendous act.

Please seek the maximum possible penalty and show that the punishment fits the alleged crime.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lucas Andrade


  1. Jaime Perez says:

    Throw this freaking creep in jail for the rest of his worthless life. What a disgusting monster to do such a despicable thing! Hope the pup makes a full recovery.

    • The person who shot the little boy’s dog while the dog and little boy were playing in the little boy’s fenced backyard must serve jail or prison time for his actions.

      This man must serve the max. for his actions.

      Thank you, EJ Norton


    • Exactly.
      The only way this torture and abuse of animals will stop is as follows.
      (1) Any prosecutor or Judge trying these bastards MUST grow a pair and give them the maximum punishment available. But the waste of space pricks WILL NOT do this as they are scared of any reprisals and also it is only a animal so no matter.
      (2) Because these prats WILL NOT dish out proper justice we must revert back to the ‘Middle Ages’ whereby thieves had their hand chopped of for thieving, scolds mouths sewn up for slander, and branded with hot irons on the forehead etc for various other crimes.
      It is going to come about where these torturing bastards will be taken out (one way or the other) by normal people who have had enough of these animal torturing pieces of shite!!
      The only problem is that the bloody stupid system would be on the side of the towrag so one or more would have to be very careful and not leave any clues. Make sure you are not seen, disappear quickly afterwards, then have a good nights sleep knowing there is now one less bastard that will never torture an animal ever again!!



  3. I have been bitten by my horse as well as thrown onto the street and comatose forc4vdays with a cracked skull and broken C1 vertebra. I’ve been bitten by a Pitt Bull, many cats, a neighbor’s dog, a hamster and a Macaw! And NEVER have I hurt them back! GROW UP!

  4. Sick of animal abuse!!!! Only weak people hurt animals. They hurt something that can’t protect themselves, the only thing they know, that can’t hurt them back!!!! Losers!!!The powers that be need to stand up to these people and punish them harsh enough they would think twice about doing it again!!!

  5. Violence against animals will not be tolerated! This maniac could have easily killed or hurt the child that was there playing with his dog. He needs to be locked up and some serious mental help.

    Glad the child was not harmred also xx
    Get well Falco xx

  7. As the little dog survived I would not say in this instance, ‘kill the bastard neighbour’ but I guarantee if this had been my dog he had shot, with the aid of friend ‘ karma bat’ he would be taking his meals through a straw for a very long time as the towrags face would definitely be smashed in!
    I mean, why does this prick think he has the right to be firing a bloody gun on someone else’s property? Who the hell does he think he is??
    What will the law do? Bugger all as usual I suppose. Saying something like “Oh, he had a bad day. He didn’t mean to do it etc, etc!
    We all know how it would pan out! The bastard will just get slapped wrists and off he goes on his merry way.
    So needs to be taught a severe lesson that he will not forget for a very long time!
    And the only thing these pricks understand is if they get the same treatment.
    If there are say, three or four Animal activist people in the same mind, and who are not ‘squeamish’ a little tip goes as follows:-
    Subdue him in a non populated place, hold him down whilst one of the group THUMB out the tossers eyes. They come out quite easily and if you prefer not to get anything on your fingers you can use rubber gloves no problem.
    To mention, if he struggles too much you can always knock him out first!!
    And one thing is for sure — the bugger would never see to fire a gun again and would have to live with this for the rest of his miserable life!!
    Please understand, there is nothing wrong with my brain. I am NOT psychotic or suchlike but these animal torturing pricks HAVE to be played at their own game.
    Otherwise they will NEVER learn!
    As many say on this site AN EYE FOR AN EYE.
    Exactly true!!

  8. My wish is that the punishment for the drunken asshole is that he should be shot and if the bullets don’t kill him, let them stay lodged in him so he suffers!!! I’m so sick of hearing about innocent animals being victims of abuse!!

  9. Enuff_is_Enuff says:

    Pathetic coward excuse of a man.He needs the brakes beaten off him then again for good measure


  11. Number one, he could’ve killed that child, we don’t even need to say how cowardly and despicable this was to know he needs to be removed from society. To shoot an animal who had literally done nothing is psychotic, he’s a danger to the community and needs to be permantly removed.

  12. This man had no reason to shoot the dog much less in the face. Damn dummy probably couldn’t really shoot a gun. The mom has a right to be scared as it might have been her child yet the dog should not have to suffer either. This stupid fool caused all this harm. He needs to be in a court of law, tried by a jury and hopefully sent to prison for a very long time. I wouldn’t mind if they pulled all his teeth and served him only own on the cob in prison. He should be tortured in some manner as he has made the life of the dog and family beyond Hell on earth. He deserves no kindness as he gave none. How could he have done this and why?

    • To be fair, this prick is NEVER going to be any use in the word so would really be better off DEAD.
      TO ACTUALLY ‘kill’ someone, even a bloody dog torturer, could not be stomached by many normal people. Only natural of course as it is not in our nature to ‘kill’. Especially another human being — as such.
      But these are NOT NORMAL HUMANS, these are bastards that should be looked upon like week old shite and treated accordingly. As I said in another submission, these tossers need the same treatment as ‘Samson’ in the bible and have their eyes put out. Then the bastards would never be able to do this torture to animals ever again and would be with them for the rest of their shitty lives!!
      If they accidentally got killed in the process then so be it. Good bloody riddance!!

      • Jon: I totally agree with you because I feel the same way. I just cannot tolerate anyone who would harm/injure/kill an innocent animal. Why anyone can possibly act in this way is beyond me. And this guy is just inhuman trash who needs to be taken out of society – in any way, shape or form. And yes, definitely would be better dead. Actually a huge shame he was born at all. Trash like that needs not to be here among normal people or beautiful animals. He certainly is one very ugly, hideous monster we don’t need.
        See my other comment on this theme.

  13. Kenneth Grueschow says:

    Give him the maximum penalty the law allows

  14. Cheryl+Miller says:

    What a complete idiot and disgusting creep!!
    The poor puppy and little kid. They both are scarred for life. This loser should be in jail. He could have shot and seriously injured the little kid. What a loser!!! I hope the pup will be okay!!

  15. Dennis Busto says:

    Absolutely No Tolerance Towards Animal Abuse n Cruelty. Paws Matter 🐾

  16. The creature who did this disgusting crime, shooting/injuring an innocent/defenceless & peaceful animal, is just drunken trash and a very harmful, evil monster. He fired the gun whilst in a drunken stupor meant that he could quite easily have also badly injured or killed the young child too. And therefore just down to luck and a miracle that the child escaped unscathed. This monster is a menace and a serious danger to society, and should not be out there among normal people. Even his being born into this world was a terrible mistake – therefore if he is taken out then no-one will miss him. He is a darkness no-one wants or needs on this Earth. He is uncivilised trash to which his breed does not fit or mix within a civilised society. Therefore he should be sent out into some dangerous warzone or Borneo or maybe the wildest part of the African jungle and let him fight for survival – right there amongst the wildest/strongest of the beasts (minus the firearm) and see what a stinking lousy *coward* he actually is. Actually there are numerous/umpteen ways of dealing with his type but would take all day to list them all. But at the end of the day, that poor doggie and family should have proper *justice*, and that creep/abomination should recieve the appropriate justice served on him for this most heinous crime he has committed.

  17. Lock up SCUMNAG POS Matthew Patrick Wazny.

  18. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Considering that Wazny “was intoxicated at the time of the incident”, he sure managed to shoot straight enough to hit a dog. Is his aim far more accurate when he is sober? If so, then God help the neighbors and children in the street/neighborhood when his finger is on the trigger next time.

  19. Death penalty for bastard abuser/killer neighbor.SOB!
    Justice for Falco!

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