Dog Reportedly Nailed to Board and Used as Warning Deserves Justice

Target: White County Prosecuting Attorney, Rebecca Reed McCoy

Goal: Prosecute and hold accountable those allegedly involved in the brutal, inhumane treatment of a dog.

In White County, Arkansas, a distressing incident has reportedly occurred, shaking the community and animal advocates alike. Allegedly, a dog was found nailed to a wooden board, a shocking display of cruelty that has horrified residents and officials. The message written on the board, “This is what happens to dogs dropped off here,” suggests a disturbing motive and intention behind this act. This appalling scene not only demands immediate attention but also cries out for justice and accountability.

Details of this incident are deeply unsettling. On Sunday, officials were alerted to the gruesome scene at Fairview Road and Panther Creek intersection. White County Sheriff Lt. Scott Seiders described the act of nailing a dog to a board and displaying it roadside as something that “shocks the conscience.” The sheriff’s office is investigating, having filed criminal charges against a suspect. However, the community seeks broader and more decisive action. The possible charges of animal cruelty and aggravated animal cruelty, though necessary, feel insufficient given the alleged heinousness of the act.

This distressing case highlights a pressing need for stringent legal measures against animal cruelty in White County. This horrific display of alleged animal abuse should catalyze a firm response from legal authorities. Demand that those allegedly involved be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Governor Lee,

We write to you deeply disturbed by the recent incident in White County, where a dog was reportedly found nailed to a wooden board in a shocking act of cruelty. This incident, beyond its inherently disturbing nature, raises serious concerns about animal welfare and safety in the community. The details, as reported, suggest a level of brutality that is unacceptable and demands legal action. We urge you to take this case seriously and ensure that justice is served for the innocent animal that suffered in this alleged act.

The act, as described by officials and witnesses, is not only cruel but also indicative of a larger problem of animal neglect and abuse in the area. The fact that there is no humane society or animal shelter in the county exacerbates this issue. It is crucial that the legal system responds with appropriate severity to such alleged acts of cruelty. This will send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated and that animal welfare is a priority in White County. We implore you to consider the emotional impact of this case on the community and the precedent it sets for handling animal abuse cases.

In light of these disturbing allegations, we demand that those allegedly responsible be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible under the law. This incident should also prompt a review of local animal welfare laws and resources, ensuring that future incidents are prevented. We trust that you will take all necessary steps to see justice served in this case and work towards better protection for animals in White County.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Virginia Grandy says:

    I can’t even ears this horrible story. I say DEFINITIVELY DO THE SAME THING TO THE DISGUSTING SUBHUMAN WHO IS RESPONSIBLE. Whoever did this is a disgusting excuse for a human being!!!!!

  2. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    My god – why do you allow this unnecessary, primitive and cold filth of “man/murderer” to attack these beautiful, innocent and defenseless animals.
    this unspeakable fear of loss and a strange, sadistic monster that only causes suffering to the animals.
    why do you allow God to do all this.
    this human “bacteria” deserves the maximum punishment.
    because killing an animal is MURDER
    rot in hell you goddamn hellbitch
    Frigging sick gooks

  3. Terry Henegar says:

    These scumbags need to be nailed to a board and then gutted.

  4. Please find the monster who did this. Persecute to the fullest degree. This scum should be locked for life

  5. Poor little dog! I am so sorry for this innocent and wonderful dog. I do hope the perpetrator will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. He deserves to be in jail!

  6. Kim matthews says:

    They need to be nailed to a board. Also hopefully they are charged and fined and have to pay monthly to their shelter. Should be garnished and paid to their hometown shelter.

  7. Find the owner and fuck him!

  8. This person is really sick !!! Is most definitely not from this earth. He needs to be away for life & then some. That poor poor baby puppy. To tortured in any manor is just horrid, horrifying, terrifying and most horrendous. This poor poor baby had to be just screaming and crying, & nobody could him or her. My God !!!!!!!Does anyone know if this puppy is alive or is it deceased?? Because it was said if was still survived or not.Our prayers & thoughts are with you little one. 🐕🐾🐕🐾🐕🐾🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

  9. There is something really wrong with a person who could do something like this & should be put away for life! Theses people are a danger to all animals & humans. The judges & laws suck!

  10. Find this POS, and nail them to a board, what a worthless SOB, to harm a defenseless animal!

  11. Disgusting and evil how sick scumbags are in Arkansas! These scumbags need to go to prison now!

  12. These scum bags don’t deserve to be on this earth. What cowards. Shame on these horrid monsters.

  13. Joy from Brooklyn says:

    Crucifixion. Alive and “well.” Of the innocent. The dog isn’t Jesus. But still innocent. So it’s the same thing.

  14. Lisabella daRoccha says:

    How much you want to bet it was HUCKABEE’S “BIG BOY” ?!? HE HANGS STRAY DOGS… I WOULDN’T DOUBT IT WAS HIM!!!

  15. Shawna Flottemesch says:

    Find this shit , give it to me and I will nail the fucker to a board and then cook it alive. I hate humans like this. Skin ,boil and cook worthless humans alive as a message to all animal abusers

  16. Joan Rosenfeld says:

    The monster that did this should have the same thing done to him. He doesn’t deserve to be in this world.



    • Julia Edinger says:

      AMEN!!! Courts all full of wimps😡

    • I agree 100%, there was a incident in my area. A man tied up his two dog to each other, shot the first one in the head then killed the other. He was charge with a felony and other charges and don’t you think he only got a slap on the wrist.
      A law was passed in VA, that any animal that was killed as brutal as this is fined 5,000.00 and 10 years in jail.
      The judges don’t have the balls to enforce these bills. It’s time we should demand justice for all the cruelty done to these animals.
      Give me 10 minutes with these SOB’s and see how they like it.

  19. Sherry Akridge says:

    The monster that committed this horrific crime against this poor dog, does not deserve to breathe, period. Just from the message that this monster left, they probably lives in the immediate area where the dog was found. They should be hunting down the psychopath that committed this crime! It should be top priority! The monster that did this, is probably an abuser of animals and people! This monster will commit more and more abuse crimes against animals! Investigate these crimes to the fullest. If not, you are putting your community at risk and also letting crimes against animals go unpunished! This is absolutely sickening.

  20. Julia Edinger says:

    Hire a Vigilante to hurt that “EVIL DEMON DOWN”!!!!
    Deserves to be “severely punished” that kind of cruelty sure sign of “danger” to all innocent children as well as animals‼️

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