Dog Reportedly Nailed to Board and Used as Warning Deserves Justice

Target: White County Prosecuting Attorney, Rebecca Reed McCoy

Goal: Prosecute and hold accountable those allegedly involved in the brutal, inhumane treatment of a dog.

In White County, Arkansas, a distressing incident has reportedly occurred, shaking the community and animal advocates alike. Allegedly, a dog was found nailed to a wooden board, a shocking display of cruelty that has horrified residents and officials. The message written on the board, “This is what happens to dogs dropped off here,” suggests a disturbing motive and intention behind this act. This appalling scene not only demands immediate attention but also cries out for justice and accountability.

Details of this incident are deeply unsettling. On Sunday, officials were alerted to the gruesome scene at Fairview Road and Panther Creek intersection. White County Sheriff Lt. Scott Seiders described the act of nailing a dog to a board and displaying it roadside as something that “shocks the conscience.” The sheriff’s office is investigating, having filed criminal charges against a suspect. However, the community seeks broader and more decisive action. The possible charges of animal cruelty and aggravated animal cruelty, though necessary, feel insufficient given the alleged heinousness of the act.

This distressing case highlights a pressing need for stringent legal measures against animal cruelty in White County. This horrific display of alleged animal abuse should catalyze a firm response from legal authorities. Demand that those allegedly involved be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Governor Lee,

We write to you deeply disturbed by the recent incident in White County, where a dog was reportedly found nailed to a wooden board in a shocking act of cruelty. This incident, beyond its inherently disturbing nature, raises serious concerns about animal welfare and safety in the community. The details, as reported, suggest a level of brutality that is unacceptable and demands legal action. We urge you to take this case seriously and ensure that justice is served for the innocent animal that suffered in this alleged act.

The act, as described by officials and witnesses, is not only cruel but also indicative of a larger problem of animal neglect and abuse in the area. The fact that there is no humane society or animal shelter in the county exacerbates this issue. It is crucial that the legal system responds with appropriate severity to such alleged acts of cruelty. This will send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated and that animal welfare is a priority in White County. We implore you to consider the emotional impact of this case on the community and the precedent it sets for handling animal abuse cases.

In light of these disturbing allegations, we demand that those allegedly responsible be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible under the law. This incident should also prompt a review of local animal welfare laws and resources, ensuring that future incidents are prevented. We trust that you will take all necessary steps to see justice served in this case and work towards better protection for animals in White County.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Shocking and horrifying. This poor dog’s suffering cannot be imagined. Please conduct a full investigation and charge those guilty of this heinous crime to the full extent of the law. Also, animal cruelty laws in this area must be radically changed to prevent such horrifying acts.

  2. Welcome to Tennessee where animal, cruelty and neglect is rampant, acceptable by local politicians and officials, and they do literally nothing to stop it. The judicial system is a joke and doesn’t prosecute the cases throw the cases out, routinely mega kill shelters in the bigger cities.
    Tennessee is a free-for-all for puppy males, Animal cruelty and I’m absolutely disgusted by the utter nonsense and sickening behavior via the citizens in this state it’s all over the state and it’s all over the south

    • Animal abuse IS rampant in the south. Just further adds to my dislike of the south… red state morons…. the politicians and the people are all sub-human.

  3. Melissa Dishon says:

    Anyone who abuses animals should be severely punished. Because they don’t have a heart to do such horrible things. It should be tolerated anywhere. They should put people in jail and have to pay a fine for doing awful things and I mean time in jail not a slap on the wrist and let out. Its awful how these poor animals get treated.

  4. It would be a massive deterrent to all the hate-filled animal abusers if the punishment would be the same as the crime. I am a Christian but I have to admit that I have thoughts of this man being nailed to a board, as an example of what happens to animal abusers. The best thing we can do is to make sure our laws support the most stringent punishment allowable for animal cruelty. I think their picture should be posted everywhere along with a description of their cruel deeds.

  5. Next time it will be a kid unless this sociopath is locked up for a very long time.

  6. This literally makes me sick to my stomach what this poor dog suffered at the hands of someone who has NO conscious! I read these stories and am shocked at how many people amongst us that do such hanous assaults against innocent animals:( I wonder if signing these petitions ever do any good because I never get emails saying look what we accomplished!

  7. I just can’t! I can not imagine someone doing this to a poor defenseless animal. Pure torture. Need to be thrown in prison and throw away the key…or better yet…crucify them!!!
    Please make laws stronger for animal.abusers!!!
    Just horrific that these people walk among us.

  8. Those responsible should be nailed to a board. I would do it to them in a heartbeat.

  9. How about nailing the pos to a board and standing it on the side of the road with a sign saying “this is what happens to animal abusers!!” Don’t waste a dime of taxpayer money supporting or trying to rehabilitate this monster!!!!


  11. Backwoods inbred morons with -0- working brain cells!!

  12. Karen Giammarco says:

    This is sickening. They need to find these fucking bastards and nail their ass to anything, just kill the human fuckers.

    • Exactly.
      Let the punishment fit the crime.
      Unless people power takes over from the useless bloody Judicial system who could not give a ‘shit’ then these heinous acts of torture will continue!
      What gives this torturing arsehole the right to do this to an innocent animal? Who the fuck does he think he is?
      This cunt must be taken out for the good if our world. I mean, the bastard must be demented to be able to actually do this TO A LIVING ANIMAL!
      God forbid, this piece of shit would know what pain and suffering was if I could find the twat and was not so far away!!
      The fucker would be ‘nailed up’ alright and would be begging me to finish him!
      Cunts like this are bloody psychopaths and have to be terminated.
      Their minds are ‘WIRED WRONG’ and the only cure is for these fuckers to be seriously DEAD.
      These acts of animal torture will continue until mob or vigilante justice happens.
      These self appointed bastards will keep doing these heinous acts until they are stopped permanently.
      As another submission stares, IT WOUD BE SERIOUSLY GOOD to see this fucker ‘nailed’ to a wooden door at the side of a freeway saying,
      Am certain that it would soon become world news.
      Fucker still needs to be dead though!!

  13. Janet Stephens says:

    Did the poor innocent dog survive? I’ll adopt him if he did. The abuser needs to be put away, and never allowed to see daylight again. How can anyone with a conscience do something so cruel to a living being!!!!

  14. This MONSTER needs to be nailed to a board! I will be more than happy to hammer the nails in! Slowly ver slowly so they feel the pain! Rotten SOB!!!!

  15. We need to go back to an eye for an eye style of justice. This monster needs to experience the same pain it inflicted upon the innocent dog. A slap on the wrist is unacceptable in this case.

  16. I can’t believe this person could do this to a helpless animal and think that this is okay. I think he should be nailed to a board and displayed on the same street as an animal abuser. I hope he gets prison time and pays a fine. He’s need to know this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

  17. Humans are vermin.

    • I agree totally. Did the dog make it? Let’s nail these backwards inbred morons balls to the wood planks and see how they like it.

  18. Governor Lee … this is a case where no punishment is strong enough. To do this to an animal is beyond imagination. How could anyone justify this? The people involved are lacking every sense of decency. Tennessee still affords people schooling yet this shows the ignorance and arrogance of those who can not be considered human. Why? Because they are not human.
    I expect the full legal system will be thrown at these poor excuses for human beings as they are not human. Is this the way Tennessee treats animals? This is one clear example of humans being the lowest, most cruel animal own earth. This s an outright display of evil. I expect these folks to not see the light of day for many years. They don’t deserve anything.

  19. I’m so disgusted by this and my wish would be that the same thing would be done to the people responsible (an eye for an eye!)!!!! Things will only change if animal abusers are tortured (and no one is exempt- including police or government officials if they are responsible)! Innocent animals only deserve loving care and homes- if there are alit of animals “dumped” at this intersection, put up cameras and catch the monsters who are doing this! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out!🤬

  20. Stephanie Geyser says:

    The suspect will probably find a bleeding-heart lawyer to force a judgment of “not guilty” because of “a technicality” (blaming the sheriff’s office, as per usual) or to bribe the judge. Or to use the classic excuse of “mental illness” or “diminished responsibility” – a failsafe method to get acquitted.

    • If this happened hopefully some activist group could acquit this fucker for good. Very painfully.
      This is one ‘sick bastard’ who seriously needs ‘beating to death’

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