Stop Torturing Innocent Pigs in the Name of Entertainment

Target: Mayor Anthony N. Caggiano, City of Margate, USA

Goal: Halt the pig racing event at “The Fair at Margate.”

In Margate, controversy has sparked around “The Fair at Margate” with its inclusion of pig races, raising serious concerns about animal welfare. Historically, events here have been marred by questionable animal-related activities, notably the “Monkey Derby” in 2021, which drew significant criticism over the handling of the primates. The inclusion of the pig race at the fair now contradicts past assurances from Josh Rydell, attorney for Hildebrand Amusement Rides, that animal acts would not be included in future events.

Pig races at fairs, though often presented as harmless and entertaining, can lead to situations where the well-being of the animals is at risk. Given pigs’ intelligence and sentience, ethical considerations must be front and center to avoid a repeat of previous controversies. The approval of such an event calls into question the oversight and commitment to animal rights within these public amusements.

There’s a divide within the commission on the issue, with Commissioner Joanne Simone expressing disapproval, highlighting the potential for misuse and concern for animal ethics. Commissioner Arlene Schwartz also shares this apprehension, questioning the treatment of animals under duress. The fair, slated to run from November 17 through December 3, promises a variety of attractions but stands to cast a shadow over the community if it proceeds with the pig races without thorough review and consideration of the animals’ treatment. Take immediate steps to stop this.


Dear Mayor Anthony N. Caggiano,

This letter brings to light an issue of pressing concern within your jurisdiction, specifically regarding “The Fair at Margate” and its slated pig racing event. Amid the excitement of community festivities, it is crucial to address the underlying ethical implications that accompany such events. Given the intelligent and sensitive nature of pigs, their use in racing entertainment poses a moral dilemma that demands attention.

The precedent set by the 2021 “Monkey Derby” is a stark reminder of the potential for animal mistreatment under the guise of entertainment. There is a considerable risk that, without stringent oversight and a commitment to ethical treatment, the proposed pig races could veer into mistreatment, compromising the values we, as a community, hold dear.

Thus, we request your intervention to reassess the inclusion of pig racing at the fair. The goal is not only to ensure the protection of the animals involved but also to uphold the spirit of ethical entertainment in Margate. An examination of the practices and conditions of the pig racing event is imperative.

We urge you to consider the long-term implications of such events on our society’s stance towards animal welfare. Let us set a precedent that reflects compassion and respect for all beings. We trust in your leadership to navigate this issue with the gravity it deserves.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Pedro Szekely


  1. This is INSANITY! I urge the authorities to stop this sick form of entertainment. LEAVE ALL ANIMALS out of your fair! They never consented to doing this or being abused and exploited! Find a viable and fun substitute involving only humans.

  2. We live in an age of constant entertainment, 24 / 7 !!! This is not entertainment. The only entertaining part is if we turned the tables on the management of these so called games and sport. Now that might be a sight to see.

    There is no entertainment,ent in seeing animals in fear and confusion trying desperately to find a safe place. In a situation like this there is no safe place. A country is known by its treatment of animals and it’ kindness to others. This is not an example of any kindness and a disgusting way to treat animals.

  3. Sherry Akridge says:

    I stopped going to fairs a long time ago, because of the animal cruelty. I can not understand how watching animals racing or animals riding other animals is entertaining. Disgusting is what it is. There are a lot of events in my area that always have to involve animals in some way. I do not attend. There are so many sick humans in this world, that think that this is entertainment. It is actually scary.

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