Justice For Defenseless Poodle Allegedly Choked to Death by Groomer

Target: Steve Kunzweiler, Tulsa County District Attorney

Goal: Ensure justice for Atlas, the dog allegedly subjected to heinous abuse.

The heart-wrenching incident at Doggy Doodles in Tulsa demands immediate legal scrutiny. Allegedly, a trusted groomer subjected a defenseless canine, Atlas, to unspeakable acts of cruelty, culminating in the dog’s tragic death. Reportedly, surveillance footage captured the former employee, Diego Angel, choking, punching, and dragging Atlas, actions unbefitting of any individual, especially one tasked with the care of animals.

Further disturbing details have emerged, with allegations that Rebecca Rutherford, the owner of Doggy Doodles, stands accused of being an accessory to a felony and obstructing an officer. This follows charges against Angel, who reportedly has pleaded not guilty. The community’s faith has been shaken; a business that once cared for their pets is now at the center of a felony investigation, illustrating an alarming betrayal of trust.

The outcry for justice resonates beyond Tulsa’s borders, a plea for accountability that this petition embodies. Atlas’s story must catalyze change, ensuring no other animal suffers a similar fate. Hence, we demand that those allegedly responsible face the full extent of legal consequences for the purported wrongdoing.


Dear Steve Kunzweiler,

The appalling allegations against Doggy Doodles and its personnel have shocked our community. Atlas’s alleged abuse, as reported, stands as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of our cherished pets and the duty of care egregiously violated. We call upon your office to act decisively. The alleged actions, as seen in the surveillance footage, describe not mere negligence, but purported deliberate cruelty that should be addressed with the utmost seriousness.

We recognize the gravity of the accusations levied against Rebecca Rutherford and Diego Angel. Rutherford’s alleged complicity and obstruction deepen the concern. The community’s trust has been seemingly shattered by the very hands that once pledged to nurture. Our pets look to us for protection; we must not falter in our responsibility to safeguard them from potential harm.

Atlas’s suffering allegedly at the hands of his groomer, and the subsequent charges against the owner, must be met with appropriate legal action. We demand that your office prioritize this case, ensuring a rigorous pursuit of justice. The emotional weight of this story compels a thorough legal response; we expect no less for Atlas and the countless pets like him.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: John Leslie

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  1. What the f*ck is wrong with people – these 2 assholes need to be in jail – preferably with inmates who love animals – then we will all be able to see what form abuse can really take. This is disgusting beyond belief. Nothing but another 2 total losers. How sad for the dog and the owners – this is just horrible.

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