Animals Reportedly Burned on Camera for Personal Fetishes Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida

Goal: Guarantee rigorous prosecution of those involved in “animal crush” video rings.

An abhorrent case surfaced recently in Florida. Nicole Devilbiss, a 35-year-old, was apprehended for her alleged involvement in producing and circulating “animal crush” videos. Such materials, showcasing unimaginable cruelty towards animals, are not only morally repugnant but also explicitly illegal.

The accusation states Devilbiss coordinated groups that shared videos of unconscionable acts against primates for the gratification of individuals with a depraved fetish. This federal offense encompasses any action where animals are intentionally harmed for entertainment or pleasure. As stated by legal definitions, it encompasses the crushing, burning, drowning, and other heinous acts causing significant suffering to living creatures.

Upon the execution of a search warrant, Devilbiss reportedly confessed to her role in these activities. The scope of her involvement purportedly included distributing content and facilitating financial transactions to produce further cruel footage. These revelations prompt us to call for justice, ensuring not just punishment for the accused, but also fortifying the legal barriers against such vile acts.


Dear Governor DeSantis,

The reported discovery of an “animal crush” video ring operating within the United States has triggered profound concern and necessitates immediate and decisive legal action. The individual in question, Nicole Devilbiss, is charged with heinous crimes against nature and decency—allegations that should not be taken lightly. We look to you, as the Attorney General, to assert the full force of the law in this case.

We urge you to oversee this matter personally and to direct your office to pursue the highest possible charges against those involved. Furthermore, we request that you champion measures that bolster the nation’s defenses against such forms of cruelty and work towards eradicating the scourge of animal abuse from society. Each moment we delay, the integrity of the nation’s stance on compassion and justice for all beings erodes.

Only through unwavering prosecution and the enactment of stringent penalties can we hope to deter future crimes of this nature. We trust you will act without hesitation to reaffirm the collective ethos that abhors violence and champions the welfare of all sentient beings.


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Photo credit: Jesus Solana


  1. These sick, psychopaths need to be imprisoned for good. Anyone who can do such a thing to animals is a danger to the public. These acts are unconscionable!! This woman must be prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law. As well, serious measures must be looked into so that such diabolic actions not be repeated.

  2. Once convicted sentence her to Identical treatment. Justice

  3. He and anyone that is involved in anyway whatsoever, should receive the treatment that they do to animals and the they should be euthanized. Problem solved.

  4. Sadly, the “extent of the law” is woefully inadequate in cases such as these.Lawmakers have to step up to the plate and make these abominations truly a deterrent.

  5. No jail time for these assholes – the death penalty needs to be reinstated for any animal abuse case – this abuse will never ever end until the punishment serves the crime and in the case of all animal abuse – death to the abusers is the only answer.

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