Find Missing, Possibly Poached and Stolen Park Turtles

Target: Susan Donogue, Commissioner of New York City Parks and Recreation

Goal: Find out what happened to missing snapping turtles and ensure any associated crimes are uncovered.

Two beloved turtles have gone missing from Staten Island, and worried residents believe they met a bleak fate. One of the animals, named Shnappy, is a snapping turtle believed to weigh 50 pounds and to possibly be 75 years old. The other turtle, Jeffrey, is Shnappy’s constant companion. They were a local fixture of Clove Lakes Park, but the pair suddenly disappeared at the same time.

Theories have emerged that the turtles may have been taken by poachers. The area has recently experienced an uptick in the illegal harvesting of clams and other sea animals. And about five years ago, two women were arrested for apparently absconding with turtles nearby.

Poaching these animals would be illegal in New York. Sign the petition below to urge a broader investigation of this potential crime.


Dear Commissioner Donogue,

“Wildlife plays an important role in our city’s ecosystem, and it is vital that we do all we can to protect the animals that inhabit our city’s parks and green spaces. It is illegal to remove, harm, or kill animals in parks.” A spokesperson for NYC Parks released this statement following the disappearance of two snapping turtles from Clove Lakes Park.

Please back up these words with decisive action. If these animals (who have thrived in the area for decades) did meet with foul play, they deserve justice and the parties responsible need to be punished. Investigate this case fully and send a message that poaching will not be tolerated in New York’s invaluable ecosystems.


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Photo Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service

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  1. Some lowlife has trafficked these animals or eaten them and someone knows who did this and needs to get a backbone and turn the scum in. At that point they need to face real consequences, jail, fines and anything the law allows. Some piece of crap always has to ruin things for other people and whoever did this is a piece of crap.

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