Protect the Marbled Murrelet From Climate Change

Target: Curt Melcher, Director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)

Goal: Safeguard the marbled murrelet population.

The marbled murrelet, a small, enigmatic seabird, calls the majestic forests of Oregon home. However, the survival of this species hangs in the balance as their habitat faces relentless threats. While the marbled murrelet’s range extends along the West Coast, Oregon plays a pivotal role in its conservation.

These remarkable birds rely on the ancient coastal forests for nesting, a unique behavior among seabirds. Sadly, these very forests are under siege from logging, urban expansion, and climate change. The marbled murrelet is in a race against time as these pressures intensify, jeopardizing their already fragile population.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife holds the key to preserving this avian heritage. Timely action is imperative to curtail habitat loss, promote responsible forestry practices, and mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change on these birds.

Sign the petition below to demand the immediate implementation of comprehensive conservation measures to protect the marbled murrelet population in Oregon.


Dear Director Melcher,

The marbled murrelet, an emblem of Oregon’s natural beauty, is at a critical juncture. As stewards of the state’s wildlife, it is our duty to safeguard these avian treasures and their ancient forest habitats.

The marbled murrelet’s fate is intertwined with the health of Oregon’s coastal forests. We urge you to prioritize their conservation by implementing stringent measures to curtail logging in marbled murrelet habitat areas and encouraging responsible forestry practices that protect these vital ecosystems.

We must also develop and implement strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change on the marbled murrelet.

By taking these actions, you can ensure that future generations have the privilege of witnessing the marbled murrelet’s unique presence in Oregon’s forests and coastal waters.


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Photo credit: Oregon State University

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  1. And here is yet another example of humans causing the demise of wildlife. Wildlife and animals plus ocean species can not handle both climate change (brought on by humans) and habitat loss ( brought on by humans). There are some humans who got the memo and are assisting in various ways to keep the beautiful and beneficial wildlife and animals on our earth but this is not for a few it’s for all. Either we work with Nature or she will consume us.

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