Protect the Ozark Hellbender Salamander From Going Extinct

Target: Sara Parker Pauley, Director of the Missouri Department of Conservation

Goal: Take immediate and comprehensive action to protect and conserve the Ozark hellbender salamander in Missouri.

The Ozark hellbender salamander, an ancient and remarkable species found exclusively in the pristine waters of Missouri’s Ozark streams, is in dire straits. Its populations are dwindling at an alarming rate, pushing this unique creature closer to the brink of extinction.

Once a symbol of Missouri’s natural heritage, the Ozark hellbender is now critically endangered due to a host of environmental threats. Pollution, habitat degradation, sedimentation, and disease have taken a severe toll on this iconic species. Once abundant, these salamanders are now a rarity, a testament to the urgent need for action.

The Ozark hellbender is not just a local treasure; it is a part of the global biodiversity, deserving of protection and conservation efforts. Its decline serves as a grim indicator of the broader challenges facing the environment.

Sign the petition below to demand the Missouri Department of Conservation to implement robust measures for the immediate and long-term protection of the Ozark hellbender salamander.


Dear Director Pauley,

The Ozark hellbender salamander is not just a native species; it is a living symbol of Missouri’s natural beauty and diversity. Its decline is a stark reminder that the actions, or inaction, can have devastating consequences on the environment.

We implore you to take swift and decisive action to protect the Ozark hellbender. This includes investing in habitat restoration and preservation to ensure clean, healthy waterways for these salamanders to thrive.

Resources need to be allocated to research and monitor Ozark hellbender populations for better conservation strategies while promoting awareness and education to engage both residents and visitors in the preservation of this unique species. There must be stricter regulations to reduce pollution, sedimentation, and other threats to the Ozark hellbender’s habitat, and such regulations must be rigorously implemented.


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Photo credit: USFWS Midwest Region

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