Protect the Blue Crab to Protect the Livelihoods of Local Watermen

Target: Christine Conn, Director of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Goal: Safeguard the declining blue crab population in Maryland’s waters.

Maryland’s iconic blue crab population, a symbol of the state’s rich coastal heritage, faces a perilous decline. The Chesapeake Bay, home to this cherished species, is experiencing the consequences of habitat loss, pollution, and climate change. This not only threatens the livelihoods of local watermen, but also disrupts the balance of the bay’s fragile ecosystem.

The blue crab is not just a Maryland treasure; it is a vital part of the bay’s biodiversity. Their role in controlling prey populations and nutrient cycling is critical for maintaining a healthy ecosystem. However, the current trajectory paints a grim picture. Warmer waters and changing salinity levels are impacting blue crab habitats, leading to a decrease in their numbers.

Sign the petition below to demand immediate action to protect Maryland’s blue crab population.


Dear Director Conn,

The blue crab is more than just a symbol; it’s a keystone species for our beloved Chesapeake Bay. As concerned individuals, regardless of where we reside, we implore you to take resolute action to safeguard the future of Maryland’s blue crabs.

The signs of their decline are apparent, driven by the dual threats of habitat degradation and climate change. Warmer waters and shifting salinity levels are unsettling the delicate balance of this unique ecosysteam. If left unchecked, the repercussions will extend far beyond the bay’s waters.

We understand that protecting the blue crab is not just about preserving a cultural tradition; it’s about preserving the ecological health of the Chesapeake Bay. We urge you to strengthen conservation measures, enforce sustainable harvesting practices, and invest in research to better understand and mitigate the impacts of climate change on blue crab populations.

In doing so, you will not only protect a cherished icon but also ensure the long-term health of the Chesapeake Bay for future generations.


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Photo credit: Chesapeake Bay Program

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