Stop Forcing Farm Animals Into Lifetimes of Torturous Confinement

Target: Eric Holcomb, Governor of Indiana

Goal: Safeguard animal welfare, public health, and the environment.

Indiana is witnessing a concerning proliferation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), where animals endure cramped and inhumane conditions. This issue extends beyond the well-being of animals, as it also poses substantial risks to public health and the environment.

CAFOs produce staggering quantities of animal waste, leading to contamination of local water sources and air pollution. These environmental hazards endanger the health of neighboring communities and contribute to broader ecological problems, including water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, current regulations governing CAFOs in Indiana fall short in effectively addressing these concerns. Stricter regulations are an imperative necessity to ensure ethical treatment of animals, including sufficient space and humane living conditions.

There should be adequate management of animal waste to prevent soil and water pollution, consistent monitoring and enforcement of environmental standards, and accessibility and transparency in sharing information about CAFO operations with the public.

Sign the petition below to urge the Indiana State Legislature to take immediate action in implementing and rigorously enforcing stronger regulations on CAFOs. This action will protect the welfare of animals, uphold public health, and safeguard the precious environment.


Dear Governor Holcomb,

We harbor grave concerns regarding the proliferation of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Indiana. This issue touches upon the well-being of animals, the health of our communities, and the preservation of our environment.

CAFOs in Indiana have become synonymous with overcrowded and inhumane conditions for animals, leading to their suffering. Moreover, the waste generated by these operations poses imminent threats to our air and water quality, thus compromising both public health and our shared environment.

We implore you to take swift and decisive action to enact and robustly enforce more stringent regulations on CAFOs throughout Indiana. Such regulations must encompass comprehensive measures that guarantee the ethical treatment of animals, effective management of waste, regular monitoring of environmental impact, and increased transparency in the disclosure of CAFO activities.

Indiana possesses the unique opportunity to set an example in the ethical treatment of animals and the responsible stewardship of our natural resources. We beseech you to transform this vision into reality by instituting and enforcing more rigorous regulations for CAFOs.


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  1. Factory farms are hell on earth for the animals forced to live in them. That’s why I’m vegan. I don’t want to contribute to the immense suffering of innocent animals!!

  2. It’s Indiana. Don’t hold your breath.

  3. Joseph Kenosky says:

    End this garbage immediately.

  4. Animals have the intellect of a 3 year-old child. They can’t comprehend why such horrible things are being done to them. They cry in fear and pain their entire lives. Us humans do nothing for the Natural world but take. Earth is not designed for a species like us, it’s designed for beings who live with Nature’s check and balances. We stopped doing that centuries ago and look at the horrific harm we’ve done.

  5. Unfortunately, no animal can reason or understand ‘why’ the hell it is being abused!
    When I was ‘much’ younger and animal activated, I would visit the cattle, sheep and pig markets where I used to live.
    Once I saw a terrified cow who had tried to escape with it’s front feet over the pen side!
    Up comes a youngish guy 20 ish I would think and smashes this unfortunate cow across the face with some sort of iron bar. The animal did not fall down but blood was pouring from it’s nose and mouth!
    I doubt it would ever eat again but no matter, it was going to be murdered later anyway.
    When I gingerly confronted this supposed ‘hard’ guy’ the bastard actually threatened to give me the same treatment would you believe!
    Well then, I was quite complacent and backed away leaving this tosser shouting abuse after me.
    I have never forgot this and can to this day still picture this torture.
    Now today without any qualms, I would have beaten this bastard with his own bar until he was begging me for mercy. I really think how I felt afterwards I would have terminated the bastard!
    BUT — this abuse and animal torture goes on day in, day out and will continue just as long as people eat any kind of meat.
    Not forgetting the sheep and pigs who get beaten, electric prodded, kicked, and bashed with any implement that these callous bastards can lay their hands on.
    They do this job because these sick abusive fuckers enjoy it! They love inflicting pain and torture. Make the bastards feel big and hard. Sickko fuckers all of them.
    Too much money in this business so will not stop.
    Just dumb animals so bloody what. They have thoughts and feelings the same as humans. What a shame that some superior beings could not do the same to these bastards as I expect human flesh would taste just as good as any animal.
    Only one way to seriously stop this torture.
    IT really is not so difficult if you give it a go!!

    • Yeah, pretty much my feelings as well. We have the tech to grow meat and no reason to harm sentient beings with a horrible life of hell and pain until butchered. It’s a sick way us humans have come to accept as just normal part of life. It needs to end but I think it’s going to take a mass die off of our species, probably only our extinction wiil stop it.

  6. FACTORY FARMS STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY! You should be on their fate!

  7. This 8s Pure Evil and very very very sick minded and cruel and Savagery! Stop imprisoning animals to a torture box of hell

  8. ETHICAL TREATMENT FOR ANIMALS IS OVERRULED BY $$$$) and the bastard profit makers
    May they rest in hell

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