Protect the Endangered Cahaba River Snail From Going Extinct

Target: Christopher M. Blankenship, Commissioner of Conservation of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Goal: Safeguard the critically endangered Cahaba River snail.

The Cahaba River snail, a remarkable and rare species native to the Cahaba River watershed in Alabama, faces a dire threat to its survival. This unique snail, with its exquisite spiraled shell and vital role in maintaining aquatic ecosystems, is teetering on the brink of extinction due to habitat loss, pollution, and altered river dynamics. The Cahaba River snail’s dwindling population underscores the urgent need for immediate and concerted action to preserve this vital component of the natural heritage.

The Cahaba River, home to this delicate snail species, is a crucial waterway supporting numerous life forms and providing invaluable ecological services. However, the combined pressures of urbanization, water pollution, and habitat degradation are pushing the Cahaba River Snail to the edge. Without decisive action, there is a risk of losing this remarkable creature forever, with profound consequences for the river’s delicate ecosystem.

Sign the petition below to demand robust protection measures for the Cahaba River snail, ensuring its habitat is preserved and its existence secured for future generations.


Dear Commissioner Blankenship,

The plight of the Cahaba River snail cannot be overstated. Its rarity, its significance to the Cahaba River ecosystem, and its precarious position on the brink of extinction demand immediate and unwavering action. The delicate balance of nature is at stake, and it is within your power to make a resounding difference.

We urge you to champion comprehensive conservation measures that encompass habitat preservation, water quality improvement, and ecosystem restoration. The Cahaba River snail’s fate is intricately tied to the health of its habitat, and it is imperative to ensure that this unique species thrives once again.

Let history remember that we stood as stewards of our environment, making every effort to protect and preserve the invaluable diversity that Alabama’s natural landscapes offer. The Cahaba River snail’s survival is emblematic of our commitment to safeguarding nature’s wonders.


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Photo Credit: T. Tarpley

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