Prevent Roadkill By Promoting Wildlife-Friendly Road Design

Target: Calvin Reed, Secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation

Goal: Reduce roadkill incidents and protect local wildlife populations.

The state of Kansas is facing an alarming increase in roadkill incidents, resulting in tragic losses of wildlife and posing a threat to local ecosystems. The current road infrastructure lacks considerations for wildlife movement and habitats, leading to collisions that endanger both animals and motorists. This issue not only disrupts the delicate balance of the ecosystems, but also presents a significant safety concern for drivers.

With the rapid expansion of roads and highways, crucial wildlife corridors are being disrupted, leading to isolated populations and hindering species’ ability to thrive. Neglecting wildlife-friendly road design exacerbates the problem, perpetuating a cycle of harm to the native species. It is imperative that the Kansas Department of Transportation takes immediate action to address this issue by incorporating wildlife-friendly infrastructure into road planning and construction.

Sign the petition below to demand the Kansas Department of Transportation prioritize wildlife-friendly road design to prevent roadkill incidents and protect local wildlife.


Dear Secretary Reed,

The roadways of Kansas are becoming graveyards for precious wildlife. The increasing number of roadkill incidents poses a threat to diverse ecosystems and jeopardizes drivers’ safety. It’s high time we recognize the urgency of this issue and take meaningful steps to mitigate the impact on the environment and community.

Wildlife-friendly road design is a solution that can address both ecological and safety concerns. We can create an environment where animals and motorists can coexist harmoniously by implementing measures such as wildlife crossings, animal-specific fencing, and signage indicating high-risk areas. These proactive steps will not only reduce the heartbreaking loss of native species, but also contribute to safer roadways for everyone.

Kansas has a unique opportunity to become a pioneer in promoting wildlife-friendly road design. Let’s set an example for other regions, showcasing commitment to preserving the natural heritage and fostering a more sustainable future. We urge you to allocate resources and efforts to incorporate these crucial design elements into road projects across the state.


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Photo credit: Jesse Zheng

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  1. Ruth Hanrahan says:

    Stop building homes and roads, you’re killing that wildlife that is necessary for the ecosystems. Don’t be greedy!😡

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