Don’t Let Another Horse Die Due to Mysterious Epidemic

Target: Murray Watt, Australian Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Goal: Contribute to investigation into 18 unexplained horse fatalities in Victoria.

A rash of mysterious horse deaths recently struck a region of Australia. At least 18 horses from five properties died suddenly from unknown causes. Each of the victims was said to have displayed “short-term non-specific signs of illness.”

The local agriculture department has conducted an investigation yielding few answers. All they have seemingly confirmed so far is that the horses were not infected by a virus. Nothing has been said, however, about another potential culprit: toxin ingestion. The department has also told horse owners that they need to take no special precautions in regard to their horses.

Such a troubling series of events needs clarification for the safety of these living beings. Sign the petition below to urge national involvement in this troubling case.


Dear Minister Watt,

“Our investigation has identified no immediate common link between these incidents, and no evidence of an infectious cause, so there’s no need to restrict horse movements or horse events.” This is the only information that Agriculture Victoria has provided for individuals worried about the well-being of their horses in the wake of 18 mysterious horse deaths in the region. This important investigation can and should benefit from aid at the national level.

Please commit resources and experts to identifying the cause of a serious threat to animal welfare.


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Photo Credit: Bas Masseus


  1. I know we are no where close to living near each other, Like in southern, western Pennsylvania, near border to West Virginia. I am writing to tell everyone that I had a horse, I expectedly die in June 2023. He was about 28years old, but looked like a show halter horse. Never needed an emergency vet visit, was eating well, walking well. He was locked in a barn at night with a pony, went out into a 20 acre field during the day as he wanted to. One day, he looked like he foundered. He had a difficult time walking, but did not have the usual sign of standing on his back haunches. He wanted to eat but couldn’t get to the feed/hay rack. His respirations increased and he laid a lot but would get up when asked. I treated him with Bute and nitropaste on his coronet bands. He didn’t seem to be in pain, was eating but still had the respiratory issue. In less than a week, he was dead. I couldn’t find anything unusual in the field, both he and the pony ate the same.

  2. Milantia Roy says:

    And wasn’t he ever taken to a Vet?
    I imagine you must have been heart broken for a while.
    So sorry to hear that!

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