Safeguard the Moose From Brain-worms and Ticks

Target: Bob Meier, Assistant Commissioner of The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Goal: Protect and preserve Minnesota’s declining moose population.

The iconic moose of Minnesota, once a symbol of the state’s wild landscapes, is facing a dire crisis. The moose population has been declining at an alarming rate, with researchers attributing this decline to a complex interplay of factors including climate change, habitat degradation, and disease. These majestic creatures are an integral part of Minnesota’s ecological and cultural heritage, and their continued decline has significant implications for the state’s biodiversity and natural heritage.

As temperatures rise and habitats shift, moose are increasingly vulnerable to parasites and diseases, such as brain-worm and ticks, that thrive in warmer conditions. Additionally, habitat fragmentation and loss have limited their access to suitable food sources and shelter. Urgent intervention is necessary to prevent the irreversible loss of these magnificent animals from the state’s wilderness.

Sign the petition below to demand that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) takes immediate and comprehensive action to protect and conserve Minnesota’s moose population.


Dear Assistant Commissioner Meier,

Minnesota’s moose are in peril, and the time for action is now. Once abundant across the state’s forests and wetlands, these iconic creatures are dwindling before the eyes due to a multitude of threats. As stewards of natural resources, it is your responsibility to intervene and secure a future for Minnesota’s moose.

The impact of climate change, habitat degradation, and disease cannot be underestimated. Mooses are succumbing to parasites and diseases that thrive in warm conditions, while their habitats are fragmented and disrupted. This has ramifications for the state’s ecological balance and cultural identity.

We implore you to swiftly enact a comprehensive conservation plan that addresses habitat restoration, disease management, and public education. Collaborate with experts, engage communities, and allocate resources to ensure that future generations can witness the magnificence of Minnesota’s moose.


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