Stop Illegal Collection of Diamondback Terrapins

Target: Shawn M. LaTourette, Commissioner of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Goal: Preserve the diamondback terrapins in New Jersey’s fragile ecosystems.

The diamondback terrapin, an iconic and native species to New Jersey’s coastal regions, faces a grave threat to its existence. Rapid coastal development, habitat loss, and increasing pollution are eroding the delicate balance of their ecosystems. As vital members of these environments, diamondback terrapins contribute to maintaining healthy estuaries and marshlands, playing a crucial role in biodiversity and ecological stability.

The population decline of diamondback terrapins is alarming, necessitating immediate action. Incidental capture in crab traps, road mortalities, and illegal collection are contributing to their decline. Unless effective safeguards are implemented, this species, with its unique adaptations to both land and water, could be lost forever.

Sign the petition below to demand comprehensive protective measures for New Jersey’s diamondback terrapins and their habitat, ensuring a sustainable future for this vital species.


Dear Commissioner LaTourette,

The diamondback terrapin is a living testament to New Jersey’s rich biodiversity, symbolizing the delicate harmony of coastal ecosystems. However, their future hangs by a thread due to encroaching threats. The time for decisive action is now.

We urge you to swiftly enact a multifaceted plan to protect diamondback terrapins and their habitat. This should include stringent regulations on crab trapping to prevent accidental captures, the creation of wildlife crossings to mitigate road mortality, and robust enforcement against illegal collection and trade. Additionally, habitat restoration and conservation efforts are paramount to ensuring their survival.

The plight of the diamondback terrapin is an urgent call for guardianship, stewardship, and conservation. Failure to act decisively could lead to the irreparable loss of this unique species and the ecological services it provides.


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Photo credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife

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  1. Just do your job, Commissioner!

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