Don’t Let the Iconic Gila Trout Go Extinct

Target: Mike Sloane, Director of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

Goal: Safeguard and restore the imperiled Gila Trout population in New Mexico’s waters.

The iconic Gila Trout, a native and rare gem of New Mexico’s aquatic ecosystems, faces a perilous decline. Habitat loss, invasive species, and changing environmental conditions threaten the survival of this cherished species. Once abundant, the Gila Trout’s population has dwindled to alarmingly low numbers, endangering not only the species itself but also the delicate balance of the local ecosystems.

Originating in the Gila National Forest, the Gila Trout has evolved over millennia to perfectly harmonize with its native habitat. Unfortunately, human activities and invasive species have disrupted this harmony, putting the survival of the Gila Trout at risk. The loss of this species would not only be a tragedy for the natural heritage but also a blow to the intricate web of life that relies on its presence.

Sign the petition below to demand swift and decisive action to protect and restore the Gila Trout population, preserving the biodiversity and health of New Mexico’s waters for generations to come.


Dear Director Sloane,

The Gila Trout, an irreplaceable treasure of New Mexico’s natural heritage, is on the brink of disappearing forever. Once thriving in the pristine waters of the state, this native species is now gravely threatened by habitat degradation and invasive species. The urgency of the situation cannot be overstated.

The Gila Trout’s unique adaptation to the local ecosystems has made it a vital component of the intricate web of life that sustains the rivers and streams. Its decline would not only signify the loss of a remarkable species but also disrupt the balance of these habitats, potentially leading to cascading ecological consequences.

We implore you to take immediate and effective action to protect and restore the Gila Trout population. Implement comprehensive habitat restoration projects, bolster monitoring and enforcement efforts, and engage the community in conservation initiatives. The time to act is now before this icon of New Mexico’s wilderness is lost forever.


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Photo credit: Melanie Dabovich, USFWS

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