Dog Reportedly Killed at Hands of Groomer Deserves Justice

Target: Melinda Katz, District Attorney of Queens, NY

Goal: Prosecute dog groomer accused of manhandling animal to death to the fullest extent.

“When we entrust our beloved pets to caretakers, they should be returned to us in the same healthy condition.” A New York district attorney made this statement following aggravated animal cruelty charges filed against pet groomer Lee Yat Sing. This suspect stands accused of causing the death of a four-year-old Maltese dog under his care.

The tragic events began when the dog, named Pele, was taken to Furry Babies Pet Grooming for an appointment. During the course of the session, Sing allegedly used abusive practices to restrain the animal, including hitting her with scissors, pulling her hair, and picking her up by the neck. Even when Pele became unresponsive, Sing reportedly continued handling her in a rough manner for over six minutes, making no apparent effort to give her aid. After Pele died, an examination confirmed her death from respiratory failure (she had exhibited labored breathing during the incident) and noted bruising and other marks on her.

While Sing was quickly fired from his job, he is now facing potential legal consequences for his alleged actions that could include a prison sentence. Sign the petition below to hold the district attorney to her promise of full accountability in this disturbing case.


Dear DA Katz,

“We will hold the defendant fully accountable for his actions.” Charging former pet groomer Lee Yat Sing with aggravated animal cruelty as well as torturing and injuring animals in relation to the dog who reportedly died under his care does indicate that you intend to honor your word. The deceased animal, Pele, did apparently endure terror, pain, and distress during her final moments, and she deserves justice.

Please do not yield and plea out this case, as it would send a harmful message about animal cruelty and its intended consequences. Continue seeking the maximum penalty for the sake of future victims.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gustavo Fring


  1. Jennifer L Gentry says:


  2. There was no excuse for this to happen to that poor dog. The other groomers should have stepped in to prevent the death of that dog. That monster whom was rough with that dog deserves to sit in prison!

  3. Just get rid of this evil creep, preferably in the same manner this poor innocent little dog died. Rip Pele.

  4. Animal vigilante says:

    Well, no surprise coming from someone who possesses the DNA to prefer dogs, cats and other animals to vegetables and grains as food. This scummy little coward &@¥ bitch needs to be tortured to death. Prison is too kind and a mere slap on the wrist. In fact, I suspect he will ENJOY prison, too much because he’s &@¥. I would take immense pleasure torturing this slanty bitch to death. Better watch his back

    • Good on you Bro’
      I re-iterate what I have already said in my other review,
      If I could get anywhere near this slimy little fucker he would not be walking around for very long! Hope that someone is nearer than I
      And can take this bastard out painfully!

  5. Animal vigilante says:

    Well, no surprise coming from someone who possesses the DNA to prefer dogs, cats and other animals to vegetables and grains as food. This scummy little coward &@¥ bitch needs to be tortured to death. Prison is too kind and a mere slap on the wrist. In fact, I suspect he will ENJOY prison, too much because he’s &@¥. I would take immense pleasure torturing this slanty bitch to death. Better watch his back. If it was my dog this yellow bitch “bigmaccherrypielargefrycoke” would have *disappeared* and turned up HEINOUSLY tortured and good and DEAD. I AM BEYOND SICK OF THE FUCKTARDS TORTURING DEFENSELESS ANIMALS AND NOT GETTING THEIR JUNK CUT OFF AND BEING TORTURED THE SAME THEY DID TO THEIR VICTIMS!!!!!! TIME FOR US ANIMAL LOVERS TO EXACT REVENGE AND DELETE THE INBRED CRETINS!!!

  6. Johnny K. says:

    Here we go again with all the comments on this site with people that want this guy fired, fined and some jail time. Why go thru with all of that bull shit. Someone just needs to walk up and shoot the mother-fucker in the head a few times and we will never have to worry about the sonofabitch hurting or killing another animal. But most people think that would be too harsh. So what would they do. Make him pay a fine, do some jail time and then when he gets out he will just back to hurting and killing animals again. Most people don’t want to do anything drastic to these low-life bastards because they don’t have the stomach for it even if someone other than them does the deed. I wish they would stop coming on this site with bullshit half measures to try and stop these bastards. If you don’t want anything more to happen to these animal torturers and killers than a fine and jail time, then I suggest you find another site you can comment on where pussies don’t want to really hurt or kill the abusers. They make themselves feel good by their half-ass measures but it certainly does not help any animals that will in the future be tortured and killed by these worthless, cowardly mother-fuckers.

    • 100% Johnny K.
      I agree,,, All these EVIL Animal Torturing, Raping Putrid Scum need the SAME DONE TO THEM!!! I have the stomach for it believe me,,, but I don’t want to go to prison,, there will be no one to look after my rescued Animals. I have stolen most of them because at the time,,, authorities did NOTHING. I was left with no choice, I couldn’t sleep at night worrying about these Animals. I wish I could killed these EVIL MF’S myself!

      • All power to you Sister Paula,
        You are just obviously doing a great job.
        This is the only problem with taking out these animal torturing bastards, the useless fucking law would protect them.
        It would need to be planned very carefully so that the torturing arsehole was ‘dead’ and the person or mob who sent the fucker to sleep was still walking free!
        This IS going to happen and I am sure it will be sooner than later as people are going to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. and deal with these bastards accordingly.
        Mob rule WILL take over against these animal torturing asswipes!

  7. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It is true that when we entrust our pets to persons who have an obligation to return them in the same condition, but the opposite occurs, then that is an ultimate betrayal. Pets are family. The Owner(s) of this dog must be devastated and they deserve Justice for the killing of their beloved dog.

  8. Jacqueline says:

    All Groomers need a Psych exam. My dog came home with a cold coat., Like she had been rinsed in freezing water from Petsmart.
    Poor puppy, suffered for several minutes and probably could’ve been saved they should have cameras on the groomers and managers should be watching them.

  9. Agree all comments drown these bastards

  10. Just to mention, forgot to say, if someone knew what had happened to this little dog, were the bastards videoing, or were they standing watching?
    I mean, how did anyone know he was as reported, hitting it with scissors and holding it up by it’s neck and letting it slide or jump off the table with a noose around it’s neck? Who reported it. Does anyone know?
    Do not get me wrong.I am definitely NOT siding with this nasty little foreign fucker but just wondered is all!

  11. What else can you expect from the race of people who sees dogs more as food than pets.This breaks my heart what this poor baby went through and i feel so much sadness for this pups owners. I wish they sould throw this evil scum in a dungeon and throw away the key after beating him up first

  12. Yes indeed, someone must have witnessed this individual doing what he did in order to be able to report it.Why did they not do something? Also, as has been said several times, what can you expect from a member of the charming race who torture and eat dogs. They take delight in torturing anything that moves and either eating them or making some “traditional” medicine from them whilst not having the brain to realise the medicine doesn’t work. Pity it doesn’t poison them all….painfully.




  14. Patricia Leigh Wicker says:


  15. Death penalty for bastard killer,justice for the dog!!
    R.I.P. Pele

    DIE SING!!!

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