Save Wild Cows From Mass Government-Approved Slaughter

Target: Randy Moore, Chief of U.S. Forest Service

Goal: Cancel cull that will needlessly slaughter dozens of wild cattle.

Once again, animals that have made a home for themselves on the lands they were forced onto by humans are paying with their lives. The U.S. Forest Service has approved a cull of up to 150 cattle in New Mexico’s Gila Forest. Put simply, these feral cattle will be gunned down by ground hunters and helicopters, and their bodies will be left to rot in the forest.

The agency claims the cattle are a threat to visitors, but these animals and their predecessors have been roaming the forest for 25 years, after the initial group of cattle were abandoned. And ranchers fear that some domesticated cattle may be caught up in the lethal measure. In taking this drastic step, the Forest Service is bypassing proposed non-deadly alternatives and perhaps violating its own rules.

Sign the petition below to urge a course correction before the killing begins.


Dear Chief Moore,

“Easy is not an exception to their own rules. Frustration is not an exception to the rules. Our society should be better than this. We can be more creative and do it in a better way.” The New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association’s wildlife committee is not wrong in their criticism of the decision to cull dozens of cattle in the Gila Wilderness.

As the committee pointed out, the New Mexico Livestock Board has issued a directive wherein nearby permit holders can round up and herd these cattle. This proposal needs time to be implemented, but it would save the lives of these animals who are on the land through no fault of their own. Even the mentioned water quality issues cannot be blamed exclusively, or even mostly, on these wildlife. The Forest Service’s guidelines call for a roundup to be attempted before the “last resort” measure of culling is taken.

Respect your rules, and respect the life of every living being roaming these beautiful lands. Do not resort to needless cruelty. End the cull before it begins in favor of truly humane alternatives.


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Photo Credit: Jefferson Lucena


  1. Randy, you moron, make this stupid move go away!

    • What do you expect? You have that williams cretin running the USWS. That bich likes to gun down animals for fun. Yes, Randy is a Moron for sure!

  2. Patrick Butler says:

    What lobster brain thought that this would be a good idea?

  3. Cow’s are usually a gentle animal unless they are provoked or they feel threatened. Our US Bureau Of Land Management and Forrest Service are rounding up wild mustang’s, Burro’s, and now wild cow’s and slaughtering them for big rancher’s and big businesses. This needs to be stopped. We need to keep signing petition’s & writing to our Representatives and Deb Harland to help make the changes needed possible.

  4. gilbert hall says:

    Every cow I have encountered in my long life have been as friendly as my pet dogs, actually more so. So the ranchers will go get them, but our gov’t idiots would rather kill them? No wonder must people do not trust our gov’t anymore

  5. Ranchers will murder them too. They need to go to a sanctuary.

  6. Cows are GENTLE GIANTS, and unlike human animals, they respect planet Earth and its ecological systems!
    Cows don’t deserve to be bestially murdered by sadistic human psychopaths with murderous minds!

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