Cat Shot Through Chest With Arrow Deserves Justice

Target: NYPD Police Commissioner Keechant L. Sewell
Goal: Find and arrest the person who shot an arrow into pet cat.

Cheese, a sweet tabby cat, was shot through the chest with an arrow by an unknown assailant. So far, no suspects have been identified, so the killer is still on the loose.

Cheese’s family discovered the arrow impaled in their cat’s chest when he came home one afternoon. The family rushed Cheese to the veterinarian, where it was determined that the wound was a mortal one.

Right before Cheese was euthanized, his family took one final photo of their sweet pet. The family hopes that other cat owners in the neighborhood will choose to protect their cats, noting that people should “keep your felines indoors.”

The ASPCA has been working with NYPD to find the cat killer. A necropsy has also been conducted in the hopes of finding evidence that might tie the killer to the crime.


Dear Commissioner Sewell,

A sweet tabby cat named Cheese was shot through the chest with an arrow by an unknown assailant. According to reports, no suspects have yet been identified by your department. This means that the killer is still on the loose, possibly hunting more cats.

Cheese’s family discovered the arrow impaled in their cat’s chest when he came home one afternoon. The family rushed Cheese to the veterinarian, where it was determined that the wound was a mortal one.

We understand that the ASPCA has been working with your department to find the cat killer. A necropsy has also been conducted in the hopes of finding evidence that might tie the killer to the crime.

Please ensure that all necessary resources are devoted to solving this crime.

[Your Name Here]


  1. Maria Lavorato says:

    Cheese I’m so sorry … look like a sweet angel. I know sweet angels like you go to heaven and have eternal joy…

    I hope death finds this SOB unless the law finds him first.
    Please follow through with finding this evil so that he is stopped from continuing his torture on animals……should not be roaming the streets!

  2. If that was my pet, there would not be a place for that slime ball to hide from me. Their worst nightmare would come true.

  3. Don’t allow cats outdoors. People get off killing cats. It’s a sick world now and the laws on animal abuse is a joke.

    • Sharon Ogara says:

      I’m so sorry about this poor cat.
      Your so right about the animal abuse laws. We need to have thousands of petitions to make changes and serious jail and prison time for the abusers.

    • Bette Lazzaro says:


    • Guess what? This asshole family let Cheese out after he was darted in the tail 6 months ago. How fucking stupid are they?!!!

  4. F and F means Find him and F….k him!

  5. Lucky I don’t know who this is…

  6. When you find the subhuman, shoot him in the heart with an arrowl

  7. Christine Nuttall says:

    I live in the UK where there is cruelty to animals but the extent people go to hurt them and get a kick out of it makes me sick to the stomach. I would love to get hold of this SOB and make him him scream for mercy because I hate humans that hurt animals. When is the law going to change world wide to deal with these dadistic killers or do people need to sort them out? RIP Cheese you beautiful soul. No one can hurt you now xxxx

  8. Prosecute and incarcerate this scum when found. Please take this cruelty seriously. The pos needs to be considered a threat to all. Cheese suffered a terrible, brutal attack. This precious,innocent, helpless cat deserves that this cruel abuse and suffering from a deranged punk be found. This is not their first and definitely will not be the last dispicable cruelty committed by this coward. Horrendous!

  9. Cathy McCormick says:

    This sickening cat killer needs to be caught ASAP!
    Punishment? Simple. Tie him to a pole and have a bow and arrow marksman shoot an arrow straight into the middle of his chest. Then, let him suffer and die! Animal abuse is never acceptable!

    • An eye for an eye. Heart for heart. There is no “rehabilitation” or punishment that would prevent this slime from killing again, except that. Let him walk around with an arrow in his chest, bleeding slowly and begging for help.


  11. I hope this worthless fucking human comes down with a disease that kills them slowly and agony

  12. Gina mcIntyre says:

    Hideous evil and pure wickedness !!! 🤬

  13. The mentally deranged scumbag who killed this gorgeous cat must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.

  14. Is anyone on this site so naive to think that the fuckin’ law is going to do anything meaningful to this bastard even if they do find him? The law has done very, very little in the past, as far as punishment goes, so why does anyone think that they will do anything now or in the future? There are just too many people in this world that really don’t care about animals or how they get hurt. Hell, you can’t get half the fuckin’ juries to give a sonofabitch the death penalty who does a home invasion and rapes and kills the whole family so why would you think a jury would give an animal torturer and killer the death penalty? It’s going to take people that are not afraid of going to prison to hunt people like this bastard down and eliminate them from the face of the earth. But I think most people who wouldn’t mind going to prison probably don’t have much sympathy for animals that are tortured and killed. Some may, but I don’t think the majority of them would. The only thing I think people can do is keep their animals inside their homes or back yards and make sure they can’t get out because it’s a cruel world out there and evil mother-fuckers are lurking everywhere to see who they can hurt or kill whether it be animals or humans.

    • You are right and wrong. A stray cat that was put on fire in Brooklyn years ago? RECORD 7 YEARS IN JAIL. Sadly, not every animal will get justice. But here is what i have found out.LAW ENFORCEMENT REFUSE TO ARREST PEOPLE MOST OF THE TIME.Do you think that cop in Alabama who stepped on girlfriends cat and died will be arrested? Do you think that sheriff who put 3 dogs in area that cooked them to death because of searing heat will be arrested?

  15. The appropriate punishment here would be to find the slime, shoot him with an arrow to the chest and let him bleed slowly to death begging for help and mercy because there’s no such thing as rehab for psychopaths. Left alive, he would probably just do it again and again to animals and possibly people.

  16. It was my understanding that he was caught & he’s a cop.

    • That is no surprise. Two more cops in other states killed cat and dogs in horrific acts of cruelty. Cat was girlfriends and stomped on it and sheriff put 3 dogs in closed area in searing heat. Cooked to death.

  17. fullest extent of law and put his ugly mug on all social media in area.what a f’ ing jerk!!

  18. New York City. Nothing will happen. They coddle criminals.

  19. So sorry to hear this sad news about this sweet cat. I’m a cat daddy and if anyone did this to my cats I would be devistated. My cats bring me so much joy to think something like this would happen to one of them would be devistating. My cats are sweet little souls who feel love and crave the attention I give them I could never imagine something like this happening likw this happening. RIP little kitty sorry you had to run into a bad human!!!

  20. Shirley Lemieux says:

    My heart goes out to this Family who had to experience what happened to their family pet member. This experience has caused severe sadness and trauma for the Family seeing their beloved pet fade away from being shot with an arrow. I hope that authorities find the coward that committed this heinous crime.

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