Five Dogs Reportedly Left Outside in -16 Degree Temps Deserve Justice

Target: Scott Rueter, States Attorney, Macon County, Illinois
Goal: Seek maximum punishment for couple accused of leaving dogs outside in below zero temperatures.

Five dogs were apparently found freezing to death outside a home in Decatur, Illinois. Thanks to concerned neighbors, authorities were notified of the situation.

When sheriff’s office deputies arrived on scene, they reportedly found the dogs in bad shape. According to accounts, one of the five dogs was in such bad shape that it was immediately confiscated and transported to a local vet. Unfortunately, this poor animal, an American bulldog, was suffering from extreme hypothermia and was euthanized at the University of Illinois Veterinary Clinic in Urbana.

The sheriff’s office reports that 42-year-old Mark Miller, Jr., and 39-year-old Nyssa Richards were both charged with animal cruelty and neglect, Class A misdemeanors. As is often the case with animal abuse, both Miller and Richards were simply given a citation and a notice to appear. They were not arrested or jailed.


Dear Mr. Rueter,

It is important to forgive and to be kind, but there is no excuse and no forgiving for animal abuse.

Sheriff deputies in your jurisdiction recently cited two individuals for apparently leaving five of their dogs outside in negative 16 degree wind chills. One of the dogs suffered severe hypothermia, causing vets to euthanize the poor animal.

There is no reason five dogs should be left outside to freeze to death in these conditions. As is often the case with animal abuse, the two individuals accused of this crime are not sitting in jail, but are walking the streets free. We ask that you please prosecute this case to the fullest extent allowed under the law.

[Your Name Here]


  1. Utter vile sicko bastards.
    Put those C***S outside until they’re dead…..
    ANY animal abuse situation should be reversed roles immediately.

    NO fine
    NO smack on wrist
    NO jail time
    Exact same punishment to those arseholes

    NO animal should have to take crap from any human…..
    Shame the poor dogs didn’t bite them….

  2. What kind of arsehole sits in the warm leaving any animal outside in freezing weather? Fuckin scum who only gives a shit about themselves. Vile bastards.


  4. I clearly remember Pres Trump enacting a law making animal abuse a federal felony. So these two assholes should be in jail!

  5. Shirley Lemieux says:

    The main question I have is what is the status with the other 4 dogs? A number of dogs in this case were forced to withstand extreme outside cold temperatures for God knows how long and the Sheriff gives them a citation? That is pathetic. And I am sure that the Sheriff in his short visit to the home of Mark Miller and Nyssa Richards probably could not wait to get back into his warm vehicle after issuing this citation.

    • Joanne Bradley says:

      Exactly what I was thinking, what happened to the 4 other dogs ? These morons must have all animals removed and be banned from owning animals. If you dont want a dog to live in your home then dont get a dog. They must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for animal abuse.

    • I googled their names & the other 4 pups went to a vets to be seen for any health issues. They will be held there until these sucks have court in March, & at that point unfortunately, they may be returned back to the owners. That’s what the news article said. It’s all up to the judge sadly.

      • *scumbags, not sucks.

      • Yeah but do not hold your breath.
        These fucking old ‘ fuddy duddy useless Judges could not give a fuck about animals.
        Just so long as they can keep living in their bloody great big houses animals to them are nothing.
        And also if they did pass sentence they would be ‘shit scared’ of any reprisals afterwards!
        As I have said before, these tossers need taking out by ‘mob law’ and beaten or crippled until they cannot stand.
        We all know what we feel when reading about animal torture and abuse on this site.

        Well fuck the useless law. Let ‘mob rule’ take over and despatch our own method of justice The police cannot be bothered as would mean too much paperwork for them so just turn a blind eye.
        Waste of bloody space!
        United we stand as the saying goes and is very true.
        Power to anyone or any group that can find and terminate these arseholes who think they are above the law.
        A warning to any other shitbag animal abusers everywhere. The only time these fuckers would be any use is when the bastards were DEAD!!

  6. This sick evil low life scum should be prosecuted for this cruelty and hopefully he won’t get an inept judge who can’t do his job. This heartless coward needs years behind bars. This insane cruelty must be stopped.

    • I agree Frances. The judge probably goes hunting with this guy. I have no respect for dudes that use dogs for hunting and treat them like tools. Terrible. Karma is a bitch.

  7. Aneissa Petronglo says:

    Justice must be served!

  8. People without respect for others and animals need to be locked up.

  9. Who is the backwards judge? Same old trash as the defendants? He needs to be removed from his post. A good ole boy obviously.

    As far as these low life’s go, how do you think it feels to slowly freeze to death? You need to suffer the same death. Two abortions that should have gone through both of you. Sorry that you still waste our air.

    • I’m with you A to the J! Why even own animals if this is the way they are going treat them? It’s about time the Leaders that be grow a spine and start handing out harsher penalties for those that abuse and murder the Animal Kingdom. Only then will the world-wide epidemic of animal abuse turn around. Are you listening Scott?

  10. Cherrie Kerwell says:

    Hang them. They had no right. Poor dogs. Such a painful way to die 💔

  11. Too bad animals can’t spot good people from POS !!

  12. Solution: tie these two Stupid bastards out in -16 degree weather in only their underwear to freeze to death. Then JUSTICE would be SERVED!! I hope they don’t have any children!

  13. Jaime Perez says:

    These two worthless freaks need to be forced to sit outside, naked and have ice water poured on them in 0 degree weather!! The judge better make sure these dogs get justice, no mercy for the vile monsters.

  14. Michelle Stewart says:

    Those bastards deserve to be shot dead. Since that won’t happen, they each must be charged with 5 animal cruelty felonies (not just get a slap on the wrist), each person must spend 10 years in prison with no early parole, each pay a $500,000 fine, and each person be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again. The dogs they saved must never be given back to them

  15. Agree with all the previous comments. No animal should be treated so badly. The two people who did this should be in jail and never have any animal again.

  16. If Mark Miller and Nyssa Richards are found guilty of this crime they should be punished to the fullest extent that the law will allow (not just a slap on the wrist). They should be banned from ever owning another animal for life. They caused the death of one of their dogs due to leaving it outside to freeze to death. If they are in possession of the other dogs the animals should be removed immediately. Please stand up and be a voice for these poor animals. The dogs did not deserve this treatment.

  17. Lawrence Holtzman says:

    Lets put you outside for 15 minutes in that weather. After your frozen body is retrieved dump it in the sewer now!!!

  18. These 2 mentally deranged, severe animal abusing scumbags,must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less. A slow and agonizing extermination for these 2 cretins is essential!

  19. What in all the world is the matter with justice system? Why didn’t those dogs being taken away from those scumbags? How did they in first place got 4 dogs?

  20. Joshua Wright says:

    There’s never an excuse for animal abuse!

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