Five Dogs Reportedly Left Outside in -16 Degree Temps Deserve Justice

Target: Scott Rueter, States Attorney, Macon County, Illinois
Goal: Seek maximum punishment for couple accused of leaving dogs outside in below zero temperatures.

Five dogs were apparently found freezing to death outside a home in Decatur, Illinois. Thanks to concerned neighbors, authorities were notified of the situation.

When sheriff’s office deputies arrived on scene, they reportedly found the dogs in bad shape. According to accounts, one of the five dogs was in such bad shape that it was immediately confiscated and transported to a local vet. Unfortunately, this poor animal, an American bulldog, was suffering from extreme hypothermia and was euthanized at the University of Illinois Veterinary Clinic in Urbana.

The sheriff’s office reports that 42-year-old Mark Miller, Jr., and 39-year-old Nyssa Richards were both charged with animal cruelty and neglect, Class A misdemeanors. As is often the case with animal abuse, both Miller and Richards were simply given a citation and a notice to appear. They were not arrested or jailed.


Dear Mr. Rueter,

It is important to forgive and to be kind, but there is no excuse and no forgiving for animal abuse.

Sheriff deputies in your jurisdiction recently cited two individuals for apparently leaving five of their dogs outside in negative 16 degree wind chills. One of the dogs suffered severe hypothermia, causing vets to euthanize the poor animal.

There is no reason five dogs should be left outside to freeze to death in these conditions. As is often the case with animal abuse, the two individuals accused of this crime are not sitting in jail, but are walking the streets free. We ask that you please prosecute this case to the fullest extent allowed under the law.

[Your Name Here]


  1. These monstrous, idiotic owners think they have done nothing wrong. Thanks to the weak laws, they have just been confirmed of that fact. And they are probably doing it again at the moment.

    They need to have the same thing done to them – and have their cries ignored. In a world we can only dream of…..

    Rest easy sweet baby 😔❤️🌈I pray that your siblings find he loving home they deserve <3

    • Marian B. Cinq-Mars says:

      Hello Naomi, I don’t think the other 4 dogs were removed from this situation. In the report it says the Sheriffs removed the one dog who was in critical condition, but doesn’t specify what has happened to the other 4 dogs…….

      • Nena Miller says:

        They are with the Macon County Animal Control…recovering. They could, however, be returned to the owners if the owners are found not guilty

    • You are so right on with your comment, Naomi. These terrible humans believe they have done nothing wrong when in reality, they are responsible for the suffering and death of one poor sweet angel and liable to continue abusing the other four in their so-called care. These laws need to change and there needs to be more outrage and accountability for these heinous crimes against defenseless animals if anything is to change for the better!

      • Laws MUST HOLD these brainless,self absorbed,self centered beings accountable.All of these poor babies suffered needlessly,and THESE HORRIBLE evil oblivious people MUST BE PUNISHED according to their cruelty!!

  2. These sadistic psychopaths need to be put in front of the firing squad! Animals shall NOT be VICTIMS of mentally deranged human garbage!!

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Please remove the other 4 dogs they will suffer more abuse again and other ways please ! The sick owners need be out outside let them suffer same way ! I’m sorry to the bulldog who had to be sent to heaven from this sick abuse I hope your fursiblings get a chance at a better life you deserved to all be loved and kept safe I’m so sorry you suffered bulldog I know you in heaven free but you deserved to be loved and be a doggie!! I know you watching your fursiblings from heaven and you someday with god have first word of your evil owners to f the pain you suffered please god let the others live and be free

  4. How much time do you think someone would get if they went to these two scumbags house, tied them up, taped their mouths shut, so they couldn’t scream, and then put them out in their backyard in 16 degree temperature. Hopefully, they wouldn’t be found until they were turned into a frozen block of ice. And if, or when, the guy that did this was found, I will guarantee you that he would either get life in prison with no parole or the death penalty. But, leave it up to the fuckin’ law, and they will get a slap on the wrist. It’s a fuckin’ joke to think that the law will do anything meaningful to these two bastards. If there is ever a civil war in this country and there is no law but in very few places, people like these 2 will be taken care of immediately. Quick trial by good samaritans, find these two bastards guilty and execute them immediately after trial. After that, they’ll never be able to hurt another animal.

  5. Evil despicable scum cowards need to be prosecuted and incarcerated. Put them outside to freeze till frozen then leave to be bones covered in leaves. Deplorable suffering to these punks who have no love for beautiful innocent precious animals. Heartbreaking 💔

  6. lucie tissot says:

    do something they will do it again

  7. Once again a slap on the wrist with no real consequences!! Leave these 2 assholes outside and see how they like it! Let me guess they still have the dogs and will probably do it again. Not everyone should have animals. It’s a privilege not a right to own an animal!!
    People like this just suck so bad!!!!

  8. There is no forgiving people like this,this is deplorable. People like this should be put outside in -20 something and see how it feels with windchill. Dogs cannot tolerate freezing cold temperatures. These people are getting a slap on the Justice! Burn in hell punks
    Poor dogs💔💔

  9. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    For those who lack common sense regarding leaving animals to freeze in extreme temperatures, there are plenty of PSAs to educate and warn animal owners of the inevitable harmful effects and death it causes! No one can claim ignorance! The only way to stop cruel neglectful pet owners, is to prosecute them to the max with some mandatory jail time, plus a permanent banning from ever being allowed around another animal! You can be certain if these idiots leave their dogs to freeze in extreme cold, that they will also leave them to bake in extreme heat…animals deserve so much better than idiots who have no business adopting them in the first place!

  10. Marla S Swartz says:

    I think any human leaving their dogs out should get a mandatory five year prison sentence with no chance of getting out early or getting around it. Plus they should have to pay 10,000 and be banned from ever owning any pets there after.

    • Maria – Now that’s a punishment I can live with! We need new Leaders in this country who take animal welfare seriously…

  11. Theses 2 flaming assholes should not have possession of the 4 remaining dogs, I pray these 2 idiots do not breed and have offspring, they are a danger to both animals and children! Please take the dogs away from the assholes!!!

  12. I think it is fine for an eye for an eye here. Chain them up outside in below 0 weather and see how long they last. Let them feel what those poor dogs felt.

  13. Take the rest of the dogs away from these worthless POS. Throw their ass out in -16 cold weather for the day and night….This PISSES ME OFF….Sick of POS like this having animals!

  14. Patricia Lamonica says:


  15. These a$$holes should be punished for the horrendous abuse they inflicted on these poor animals.

  16. The owners should have received the same treatment as the innocent animals!!!

  17. Fucking trailer-trash pieces of shit!!! I hope Marky gets his sack caught in a door jamb and Nyssa chokes on her cheap-ass MLM Papparazzi jewelry. You KNOW both their fat asses were inside the house with the heat set to 75 degrees while those helpless pups suffered outside. Not enough horrible things can happen to these two in my opinion.

  18. Scott Rueter, States Attorney, Macon County, Illinois
    Seek maximum punishment for couple accused of leaving dogs outside in below zero temperatures.

    Five dogs were apparently found freezing to death outside a home in Decatur, Illinois. Thanks to concerned neighbors, authorities were notified of the situation.
    The lowlife vile and evil psychopathic monster owners of these precious and helpless Dogs must be brought to Justice nd jailed for life.
    They deserve the Death Penalty. Eradication from our Planet is a must of these lowlife psycho animal torturing murdering owners from hell.Burn in hell you lowlife psycho monsters from hell where you monsters belong.

  19. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Leave the owners outside at -16° and let’s see if THEY can cope. And if they can’t, and they die, then good riddance.

  20. CHERYL HUGHES says:

    How is it that these people had 5 dogs in the first instance? What was their purpose/interest in owning 5 dogs?

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