Don’t Let Climate Threat Run Over Reindeer

Target: Gary Frazer, Assistant Director (Ecological Services) of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Goal: Applaud inclusion of Dolphin and Union caribou on list of endangered species.

North America’s oldest orangutan recently passed away, drawing more attention to the plight of orangutans and other critically endangered species. Now a hallmark of the holiday season has been added to the list. The Dolphin and Union caribou, otherwise known as the reindeer, received designation as an endangered species by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

This animal had previously only been scheduled to be classified as a threatened species, yet continued drastic population drops prompted the upgraded designation. Reindeer are at serious risk not only because of hunting but due to global warming as well. The icy habitats they call home have disappeared rapidly, and many have even been placed in physical danger because of cracks in the ice that constitutes their migration routes. As an officially listed endangered species, reindeer will now receive greater protections from wildlife trade and other threats.

Sign the petition below to support this needed safeguard.


Dear Assistant Director Frazer,

Reindeer are not only fixtures at Christmas but integral members of their ecosystems. Yet the dual dangers of climate change and hunting have decimated their populations. Thank you for recognizing this peril by adding the Dolphin and Union caribou to the endangered species list.

More importantly, thank you for ensuring they have a protective path toward resurgence and replenishment. They, like so many other at-risk animals, deserve this holiday gift.


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  1. So often the
    Us Fish and Wildlife Service does little to nothing about this type of issue. Stand up this time as climate change is here and we need our animals and wildlife to make it through this rises.
    IT won’t happen overnight but humans do kill and destroy animals for less than this.
    Please be vigilant to be certain the reindeer don’t suffer due to the climate crises. They deserve their piece of this planet too.

  2. Are we absolutely sure it is climate change and not trophy hunting? Hunters are killing everything in sight. Can we not have a moratorium on hunting? Climate change extracts its toll but hunters are merciless. If we can’t halt so much hunting and killing contests we will not have any animals left except these who are not humans nor human. Actually this type of person is far beneath the animals they kill. Are humans the only animals with rights?

  3. The only good hunter is a dead one. Hunt the hunters!

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