Dog Apparently Punched and Kicked on Video Deserves Justice

Target: Todd Spitzer, District Attorney of Orange County, CA

Goal: Seek full penalty against man accused of assaulting pet dog if he is found guilty.

A dog named Steeler suffered serious trauma when he was allegedly assaulted by the person who should have been protecting and caring for him. The dog became the subject of a viral video reportedly showing Steeler being repeatedly punched and kicked in a hallway. A video doorbell captured the apparent act of cruelty.

Suspect Albert Abad, Steeler’s caretaker, surrendered the dog and then surrendered himself to police. Steeler has since been examined and treated by veterinary professionals. In response to Abad’s detention, the local district attorney released the following statement: “as a result of excellent police work, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office will prosecute this abuser to the fullest extent of the law, and we will send a strong message that the abuse of animals will not be tolerated.”

Sign the petition below to hold the DA to this vow.


Dear DA Spitzer,

When a man was captured on a video doorbell allegedly beating his pet dog, public outrage helped raise awareness and lead to an eventual arrest. At the time of Albert Abad’s surrender to authorities, you pledged that he would be prosecuted to the fullest extent. You also stressed that animal cruelty will not be tolerated within your jurisdiction.

Please stay vigilant in this case, honor your promises, and send a decisive message about the ongoing threat of animal abuse in America.


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Photo Credit: Julissa Helmuth


  1. What’s with this “allegedly” nonsense???? This moron was FILMED assaulting his dog so there’s no “allegedly” about it!!! Do we now have to use this word in case we “offend” someone or perhaps it’s a breach of their human rights or some such rubbish?? He kicked and punched his dog….FACT, and I hope he gets an appropriate punishment, but we all know he won’t, of course. There’s always hope someone will get him in a dark alley one day and kick and punch him, and, with a bit of luck, WON’T be filmed doing it!!

    • Totalmente de acuerdo con Cecilia!!!!! Que es eso de “supuesto”!!!!! Hasta cuando hay derechos para los inhumanos y para los animales nada!!!!!

    • Manitou CalmStorm says:


    • You are so right Cecily. I TOO do not understand HOW and Why they use that word ALLEGEDLY when a person is caught/seen doing things that cause hurt, harm, and pain to an individual in this case a poor defenseless, and innocent animal. And YES I also wholeheartedly agree with you that the seeds he has sown with poor Steeler will come back on him 100 tines worse than what he did to that poor creature.

    • Well said!!!! Takes a real coward to abuse any animal, child or adult.

    • Betty Sullivan says:

      I agree, he did the evil deed to that poor dog, it’s so heartbreaking. But I think it is a legal thing, that they have to say “allegedly” until he is convicted in a court of law. I hurt for that poor dog and all animals that are abused, it isn’t fair to them and they do NOT deserve it. I cannot understand anyone doing such a thing except to say they are full of the devil. That is the only explanation I know. God put animals on this earth for us to care for and love and treat kindly, not to hurt.

    • You may be morally indignant about the use of the word allegedly,but that is not at all the point of this article. Let us not take our eyes off the subject,please…and until this moron is found guilty, it is alleged. Vicious behavior must be punished. Please let us know how this beautiful pup is faring.

    • Erin Van Sante says:

      I agree for 100%

    • I hate that they use the word “allegedly” in any case of cruelty and violence. As if the piece of sh*t abusers/attackers have more rights than the victim(s). But unfortunately it’s just a legal term that they use until proven guilty in a court of law. Like you know, when the defense attorneys try to manipulate the law to justify and excuse the actions of their worthless clients.

      Let’s hope they get an aggressive prosecutor or DA who throws the book at that coward who assaulted that poor, innocent dog.

    • EXACTLY!! Video PROVES this pos did it.

  2. Same suffering will return to this individual

  3. Please give me 5 minutes with this monster… I will kick the shit out of him so bad he’d be begging to go to hell! Justice for Steeler!!

  4. Stacy Tuttle says:

    Agree Completely With Cecily!!
    I wish we could all beat the crap out of him..because the justice system will not do a dam thing

  5. Stacy Tuttle says:

    Evidently the pos posted bond and they let him out

  6. I like to be the shut out of that asshole

  7. Caretaker, my foot!! I wouldn’t let this guy near an animal, maybe a pit viper!! Prosecute to the fullest and don’t give the pet back to him that happens so many times in these cases!!!

  8. What do you mean IF found quilty. It was filmed. Make him pay for all expenses for Steeler until adopted by a loving home. Do the same to this POS then jail him

  9. Kerry Draddy says:

    I totally AGREE with ALL the previous comments.
    Mr. Todd Spitzer, DA of Orange County CA, you are on the line here to use your power of the law to prosecute this ABUSER of an innocent sentient being to the FULLEST extent of the law!! Do it!! PLEASE do it!! This is a video taped FACTUAL assault! If you do not apply the law and hold this man responsible for assault, then no one is safe in your jurisdiction. Other animals, the elderly, the innocent children!! With all due respect sir, then why does your job matter?
    Please hold this abuser to the FULL EXTENT of the LAW and prosecute him as an abuser who then will no longer be able to roam the streets hunting for his next victim.
    Thank you Mr.Todd Spitzer.

  10. eleanor dunkavich says:

    This garbage scum bag deserves the same treatment he gave the dog PLUS

  11. Taline Temizian says:

    Take the poor animal away from this criminal !
    Give him the medical care he needs and give him to a decent family home!

  12. Shoshannah Tempest says:

    If we press on and voice our outrage change may come to bring hope. Of course the Creator will certainly lower the boom with mankind, and those of us who know Love, will surely rejoice!

  13. Deport this worthless trash

  14. California, you are WAY TOO SOFT on wrong doers!
    Show the other states you care and


    NO animal deserves this!

  15. Maggie Loughran says:

    I am so glad the dog is no longer with this vile pos

  16. Albert Abad needs to be locked up and never around an animal again. If not, This scumbag will do it again and again and again. Also, all animal abusers need to be punished and put behind bars to be an example of what happens to low lives when they abuse animals. This will decrease animal cruelty in society.

  17. I had a flat coated retriever like this named onyx for 14 years she was the most intelligent well-trained well behaved dog I have ever had or known. This breed is an exceptionally intelligent and kind breed how anybody could treat this animal like that, and I saw the video on the news, is unconscionable,and beyond me and they should get the full weight of the law brought down upon them. I would take this dog from him in a heartbeat and I don’t live too far away either.

  18. Prosecutors and judges: Please do your job well and uphold the law to the fullest extent. Make sure you deter this guy and others from this kind of behavior in to the innocent. Max jail, max fines, never allow near animals of any kind. Make it public and humiliate him. Our laws means something to those of us who abide. Enforce them and show abuse and cruelty will never, ever be tolerated on any level.

  19. HOW do grow these mutants, and WHY do we allow them to continue wandering around among us to cause more pain and suffering to animals and those who can’t fight back???? MAJOR FAILURE OF PROSECUTORS, who impose slap-on-the-wrist sentences (if that!!!) and then we INEVITABLY hear from these consummate monsters again and again!!!! WHY THE HELL do we spend so much time and effort passing animal protection laws to CONTINUALLY see these despicable morons who SHOULD NEVER BE HEARD FROM AGAIN!!!!

  20. Stop with the ‘allegedly’ b.s. This subhuman did this to a helpless dog. It is on film. Prosecute this heartless creep and assign long prison time & heavy fines.

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