Dog Apparently Punched and Kicked on Video Deserves Justice

Target: Todd Spitzer, District Attorney of Orange County, CA

Goal: Seek full penalty against man accused of assaulting pet dog if he is found guilty.

A dog named Steeler suffered serious trauma when he was allegedly assaulted by the person who should have been protecting and caring for him. The dog became the subject of a viral video reportedly showing Steeler being repeatedly punched and kicked in a hallway. A video doorbell captured the apparent act of cruelty.

Suspect Albert Abad, Steeler’s caretaker, surrendered the dog and then surrendered himself to police. Steeler has since been examined and treated by veterinary professionals. In response to Abad’s detention, the local district attorney released the following statement: “as a result of excellent police work, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office will prosecute this abuser to the fullest extent of the law, and we will send a strong message that the abuse of animals will not be tolerated.”

Sign the petition below to hold the DA to this vow.


Dear DA Spitzer,

When a man was captured on a video doorbell allegedly beating his pet dog, public outrage helped raise awareness and lead to an eventual arrest. At the time of Albert Abad’s surrender to authorities, you pledged that he would be prosecuted to the fullest extent. You also stressed that animal cruelty will not be tolerated within your jurisdiction.

Please stay vigilant in this case, honor your promises, and send a decisive message about the ongoing threat of animal abuse in America.


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Photo Credit: Julissa Helmuth


  1. It is essential for the death penalty to be implemented on all animal abusing scumbags globally.

  2. How can this man not be found guilty? He is shown on video! There is no excuse for the actions of this person.
    Would we allow this action if it was his child. Isn’t his dog just like his child? If we would prosecute more of these abuse cases there might be less abuse. People don’t usually break the law if they feel they will have to answer for their actions.
    Animal abuse is serious as it is the first step towards murder. You know that, I know that, let’s hope the judge knows it too.

  3. miracle kelly says:

    I hope the person he shares his cell with has seen this video and shows him the same. it’s the only justice for this sweet dog. I agree with Michelle Taylor as well

  4. It takes a real big man to abuse an innocent defenseless dog. What a scumbag. What I really want to say about him I feel would be deleted because it would be so bad

    • No, I don’t think it would be deleted. I voice what I feel towards these sick, psycho demented bastards.
      If the useless bloody Judges would dish out the appropriate sentences
      then maybe animal abuse and torture would start to decline.
      But right now it is still going on!
      So I say again, power to any animal activist groups or suchlike who could take them out, or at least beat the fuckers senseless so they would get the idea that it does not pay to torture animals of any kind.

      Jonny W.

  5. Joshua Wright says:

    No excuse for animal abuse!

  6. The lives of these animals are worth nothing less than that of a person. The sadistic individuals that derive pleasure from harming and killing them, deserve to be locked away from society for the remainder of their lives. They should never be allowed near an animal again and they can live out their miserable lives in solitary confinement, with no joy, happiness, or love, as is fitting them. May they reap what they sow, 100 fold!

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