300 Dogs Reportedly Left to Suffer With Abusive Breeder Deserve Justice

Target: Brian Kunzi, District Attorney of Nye County, NV

Goal: Punish all involved parties in large-scale case of alleged dog neglect and cruelty.

About 300 dogs who had reportedly suffered from severe neglect were seized from a Nevada property. The animals had allegedly sustained extensive injuries from being packed into close quarters. Suspects Oksana Higgins and Vasili Platunov were charged with felony animal cruelty. Yet what may seem like the end of the story could be the beginning of an even worse tale.

Recent disclosures, including obtained emails, paint a picture of potential pervasive abuse that lasted for years…all allegedly under the noses—and even with the possible assistance—of local officials. For one, the suspects, who are reportedly animal breeders–had received frequent visits because they were apparently in violation of town ordinances about the number of animals allowed on a property. A district judge’s so-called solution was not to shut down this enterprise but instead to let the dogs be moved to another region. Animal control officers then supposedly aided the relocation of these dogs to the property where they would eventually be seized and even helped buy cages and other materials.

And these allegations are not the end of the story, either. A few months before the seizure, this same animal control unit is said to have written up over 200 violations against the suspects. The district attorney, however, apparently did not lift a finger in pursuing these potential charges. Now that officials are in the hot seat, an internal investigation has suddenly been launched by a sheriff’s office also under fire for alleged inaction.

Sign the petition below to demand full and complete accountability for all parties involved in this reportedly rampant cruelty.


Dear DA Kunzi,

Oksana Higgins and Vasili Platunov allegedly put hundreds of dogs at severe risk, but according to the increasingly troubling reports they may not have been alone. Allegations have emerged that the sheriff’s office, the district court system, and even a county attorney’s office may have each played a role in perpetuating these deeply troubling circumstances. A community must be able to rely upon its legal professionals to uphold the law, no matter where the facts lead. As has been frequently repeated, a coverup can be much worse than the actual crime.

Please ensure that Oksana Higgins and Vasili Platunov are prosecuted to the fullest extent. But also hold any person who may have helped continue their alleged crimes morally and legally accountable as well.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Nye County Sheriff’s Office


  1. What disgusting, vile monsters these so called humans are. To everyone involved, including the courts, sheriff’s office, animal control and the county DA should be held accountable for their “bought” actions. I don’t five a shit who u think u are or how much money u have, NO animal should be treated this way in order for some psychos to make a profit. Thus is y I truly believe in an eye for an eye. There would be way less crime out there if these criminals had to suffer the way these sweet innocent animals had to. This is another example of why I absolutely HATE humans and only care about animals, humans are such disgusting, selfish pricks!!!

  2. Patricia Valeo says:

    People like those should suffer whatever they did to animals!!

  3. Maria Lavorato says:

    Oksana Higgins and Vasili Platunov were charged with felony animal cruelty and so should all officials and prosecutors that were completely negligent and void of any compassion! IT IS THEIR TURN TO ALL PAY! GET IT RIGHT. DO RIGHT BY ALL THESE SWEET LITTLE ANIMALS THAT WERE AND ARE COMPLETELY INNOCENT!!

    Nail them ALL!

    • Absolutely agree with you Maria Lavorato. These innocent creatures had/have no voice so are easy prey for the likes of anyone involved in the hoarding and alleged abusive treatment that was meted out to them.
      200 violations and they were allowed to continue? It does make you wonder about the relationship between these two and the City Fathers, including the DA, who are supposed to look out for the vulnerable members of society including those with four legs.
      Shame on you [so-called] officials of Nye County for allowing this disgrace to exist on your ‘patch’!

  4. STOP BUYING DOGS AND CATS FROM BREEDERS AND THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!! There are more and more purebred cats and dogs at KILL SHELTERS.

  5. This story is unfortunately all too familiar. It never seems to end. Officials continue to assist (whether willingly or unwillingly) to let abuse continue.

  6. Anna Freeman says:


  7. If the breeders aren’t bad enough they are being aided and abetted by the authorities and their inaction, not for the first time and not for the first time culpable for this heinous type of crime. They should lose their jobs and taken to court for gross negligence.

  8. Marie Sheridan says:

    DA do your job!

  9. Cherilyn Stiles says:

    Horrifying on so many levels. To think those babies continued to suffer because of our oh so “wonderful” elected officials… just wow. I say we shove everybody involved in crates & force them to rot away. I know hate is a strong word but I HATE humans who have no regard for vulnerable sweet animals!!

  10. How can all these people turn their backs on these innocent animals. All these people need to be fired for not doing their jobs and serve prison time. Law enforcement people must be given a class on recognizing animal abuse and follow up on these cases. A special place in hell for everyone of you. I bet some of you go home to your own pets so these animals deserve the very best also.shame on all of you especially the law enforcement people. I hope these animals servive and get adopted into loving homes after all they have gone through.

  11. All those animal cruelty executors and their defenders deserve punishment: death penalty for the executors, 50 years of jail for the defenders (incompetent authorities).


  13. Uncommonsensesc says:

    How do these bleeping slack officials sleep at night knowing they’re responsible for the torture, the terror, the abuse to these innocent animals? Yes, it was started by the 2 main abusers but they did NOTHING to stop them – NOTHING! Do their families know they have an animal abuser in their family? How can you face your family, your friends? Everyone involved in this (and I mean everyone) should have a come-to-Jesus meeting with a Karma bat!

  14. Margies Smith says:

    And these are elected officials, FIRE THEM ALL, this is just abominable, these poor furries have no way to get away from these pieces of shit…cram them in a jail cell & let’s see how long before they begin for mercy. And the officials need to be cremmed with them!!!

  15. Anna Fernandez says:

    Why do we even hurt other animals, it is a disgrace

  16. This is disgusting !!!!! People who are supposed to enforce the laws, who aren’t, need to be replaced IMMEDIATELY !!! WHY CAN’T SOMEONE PROTECT INNOCENT ANIMALS ??? THEY DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS !!!

  17. How could any human do this to animals!!!
    Lock them all up!!!!

  18. Please get every animal out of there then burn that place to the ground.Prison time & heavy fines are in order for these subhumans!

  19. Agai. Animals had to suffer because of the neglect and negligence of authorities!! A disgusting disgrace!!! Throw the book at these low life scum bags !!! I had to come to this for authorities to make a move!!!! Shame on all of you!!! You have the opportunity to make this right!! Do your job!!!

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