Don’t Abandon Animals in Need During Natural Disasters

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Goal: Pass the Prepared Act, which would provide emergency plans for animals in case of disasters.

The Prepared Act is a pending bill that would make several necessary amendments to the Animal Welfare Act. The goal of the Prepared Act is to protect at-risk animals from emerging disasters, ranging from wildfires, to hurricanes, to particularly brutal winter weather. Just as they do humans, natural and other disasters have devastating impacts on community animals, pets, and wildlife. It is our responsibility to better ensure these animals are properly protected, rather than abandoning them and leaving them to battle the elements on their own.

The Prepared Act would require facilities regulated by the Animal Welfare Act—such as zoos, animal breeders, and research institutions—to develop and implement emergency contingency plans for their animals. In a time where climate change is perpetrating a greater number of catastrophes than faced before, where dangerous wildfires, drought, and flooding are everyday news, we must take action fast.

Demand that Congress pass the Prepared Act and do more to protect our animals in the wake of climate change.


Dear Representative Pelosi,

A recently introduced bill–the Prepared Act–is still awaiting House approval. The Prepared Act would make a series of crucial amendments to the Animal Welfare Act as it currently stands, forcing facilities regulated by the AWA—such as zoos, animal breeders (and puppy mills), and research institutions—to devise and implement emergency contingency plans for animals in case of a disaster. Natural disasters have devastating potential, leaving thousands of animals abandoned and forced to fend for themselves. This bill would ensure that animal facilities better plan how to handle their animals during any natural or other disaster, so they do not get left behind.

The Prepared Act is especially important in current times, where we are experiencing near daily wildfires, drought, and flooding. Climate change will only continue to exacerbate these problems, and communities throughout the U.S. will almost certainly have to encounter the devastating effects of these disasters one way or another.

We are asking you, Ms. Pelosi, to support the Prepared Act and demand that AWA regulated facilities come up with contingency plans to protect their animals from the effects of climate change.


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Photo Credit: Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA

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  1. Anyone owning an animal must go to jail if they left their animal to fend for themselves after or during a horrific event. To have an animal is a responsibility. Think of the animal as a child for they are very similar. If anyone or any company abandons their animal or animals that person is to be fined a very high sum, go to prison, have leans placed against what they own in order to help any animals found. It’s a lousy way to treat a friend, a child, or an animal. People who do such things as abandon an animal wouldn’t comprehend the Golden Rule, but they should!

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