Don’t Let Man Accused of Whipping Screaming Dog on Camera Go Free

Target: Megan Ferguson, Assistant DA of Angelina County, TX

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly beat dog on video to fullest extent of law.

Once again, an accused animal abuser is being handed back his reported victims by a lax and uncaring so-called justice system. Lorenzo Johnson was the apparent subject of a Facebook video that went viral. In the video, Johnson is seemingly seen repeatedly whipping a dog that is howling in pain. Neighbors allege it was not the first such incident. After authorities were made aware of the video, Johnson was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges.

In a sad commentary on how “seriously” abuse against animals is often taken in this country, a local judge returned three dogs to the custody of Johnson after he posted bail. This man, apparently caught on video committing abuse, will have unfettered access to these animals. A conviction may be the only way to keep him from potentially harming more innocent living beings. Yet a regional animal welfare organization claims that charges against Johnson were dropped.

Sign the petition below to demand that prosecutors treat this disturbing case with more responsibility and seriousness than the judge seemingly did and reinstate these charges.


Dear ADA Ferguson,

You have already received thousands of signatures from concerned community members requesting that animal cruelty charges be brought against Lorenzo Johnson, a man depicted in a viral video allegedly abusing his dog. Now comes word from the organization Animal Victory that the felony animal cruelty charges originally brought were dropped. More disturbing still, three animals—including the apparent victim—were returned to this man.

Please bring clarity to this disturbing situation. If charges were indeed dropped despite the reported presence of video evidence, you must offer an explanation at the least or a reinstatement of charges at the most. Do not signal to would-be animal abusers that they have a safe haven in Angelina County.


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  1. This a-hole deserves to be publicly whipped-the same thing he does to his innocent animals! He should never be allowed to own or be near any animals ever!! If he does this in public, we don’t want to know what happens behind closed doors. Please make an example of animal abusers-this cruelty needs to be stopped starting right now!!!!!

    • I agree.
      The laws are OKD FASHION.
      They have no respect for animals.
      The laws needs to be CHANGED.
      Animals ARE NOT PROPEETY!!!
      they are living, breathing beings.
      Furniture is property.
      Throw away your grandfather’s old law and TAR AND FEATHER THUS EVIL TRASH to EQUALIZE the punishment.

    • Agree! The heartless so called judge needs to be stripped of his robe and let some maniac like the pos that whipped his dogs whip his ass!! The judge apparently gets off on this sh*t What a-holes both cowardly men are!

  2. Giving back the dogs
    To this flaming asshole just
    Guaranteed the dogs will receive
    Another beating or worse! GOOD JOB JUDGE!!!

  3. Giving the dogs back to this flaming asshole just guaranteed another beating or worse! GREAT JOB JUDGE!!

  4. Debra Spurrier says:

    If this is going on in public, then I can only imagine the abuse this poor baby suffers in private. Sadly, our laws are such a joke when it comes to protecting the other animals. All we have are petitions–one after another to sign–to try to get a pittance, if any at all, justice. The most horrific unspeakable crimes are committed against these most vulnerable beings and never does any punishment come close to fitting the crime. Never. Never is there justice for these victims. Never.

  5. Peitscht den Mistkerl auch vor laufender Kamera aus bis der nicht mehr aufsteht.Elender Basdart.

  6. What in the hell is wrong with the judicial system…the piece of both sub human the guy and judge should be whipped within a inch of life.

    • I couldn’t agree more! Perhaps if the judge and the man received the same whipping, their attitudes might change. And then after the man was whipped, if I could, I would execute him via hanging.

  7. Lillian Antunez says:

    This can’t go unpunished!!

  8. Nadine brundage says:

    So, this low life piece of shit is getting away with beating his dog and the so called judge thinks this is ok and let’s the scum off without any consequences. The demented animal abuser was even given back his other dogs, more for him to beat. Does anyone see what goes on in Texas because they don’t give a shit about animal abusers and no laws to protect animals from subhuman scum.

  9. Ugh – it’s Texas. Look at ALL the horrible stuff they do there. Lawless brainless clueless state that behaves more like a third world country.

  10. Sally Grantwho fo not come forwRd, yoi are just ad guilty! May you rot in hell!! says:

    Is this judge also an animal hater! This must be stopped, not tomorrow, not the foreseeable future but now. Get another judge!! And to those who do not come foward, you are just as guilty and may you all rot in hell!!

  11. His douchebag ass needs to be locked up. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. Guaranteed he will do it again. Whip him see how it feels. Prayers sweet poochie

  12. Somebody needs to do something.
    The “justice system” is a laughable joke.
    People need to start seeking justice on their own – someone should find this SOB and had down a proper judgement. I just wish he lived closer to me.

  13. Prosecute and incarcerate. WHAT? DROPPED CHARGES AND RETURNED ABUSED DOG BACK TO THIS DESPICABLE CRIMINAL POS! Plus more dogs returned. I hope this EVIL abuser is beat and suffers unbearable pain for life. As for the judge, hope you’re voted out. What kind of justice is allowing this COWARD to walk free? He will absolutely abuse and murder these dogs! No justice here!

  14. This man needs to be harshly punished- this type of abuse cannot be tolerated!
    He should be required to undergo a psychological evaluation and mandatory counseling and have a lifetime ban from ever owning animals imposed.

  15. The guy that did it , the judge for sending the dogs back, the butter head that didn’t sign the bill. Should all be given the same treatment as he gave the dog

  16. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    Outrageous!! What…does the dog have to actually die before appropriate action is taken against the abuser?! This is obviously a cruel chronic animal abuser as proven by the evidence of the video and eyewitnesses. Is the justice system so broken to allow this abuse to go on, making the animals in possession of abuser, Lorenzo Johnson, continue to suffer in pain and fear?! I can not believe the charges against this creep were dropped and his 3 dogs returned for him to continue abusing! He should be spending some time in jail and permanently banned from ever owning another animal in his lifetime, @ the very least!

  17. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Lorenzo Johnson is a sadistic, jerk for beating those dogs. What is wrong with the judge for returning these innocent animals back to suffer more beatings. The judge has dropped the ball and allowed this man to repeatedly abuse these dogs. He needs to be banned from having pets because he doesn’t know how to treat them. They’re not his punching bag. I hope he is punished and the dogs are taken from him. I hope those fur babies get justice.

  18. This is unreal! Why in God’s name would ANY JUDGE WITH A CONSCIENCE allow a criminal animal abuser to regain custody! SICK stupid laws…this needs to be changed immediately and this criminal thrown in jail or worse for his crimes. He better hope he’s not found beating animals again by anyone who’s following this case and decides to look him up!

  19. Maria Lavorato says:


    Somebody with compassion get all the dogs safe and adopted in happy forever homes.

  20. That monster deserves to be whipped and then put in prison! He should not be allowed near animals.

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