Don’t Let Man Accused of Whipping Screaming Dog on Camera Go Free

Target: Megan Ferguson, Assistant DA of Angelina County, TX

Goal: Prosecute man who allegedly beat dog on video to fullest extent of law.

Once again, an accused animal abuser is being handed back his reported victims by a lax and uncaring so-called justice system. Lorenzo Johnson was the apparent subject of a Facebook video that went viral. In the video, Johnson is seemingly seen repeatedly whipping a dog that is howling in pain. Neighbors allege it was not the first such incident. After authorities were made aware of the video, Johnson was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges.

In a sad commentary on how “seriously” abuse against animals is often taken in this country, a local judge returned three dogs to the custody of Johnson after he posted bail. This man, apparently caught on video committing abuse, will have unfettered access to these animals. A conviction may be the only way to keep him from potentially harming more innocent living beings. Yet a regional animal welfare organization claims that charges against Johnson were dropped.

Sign the petition below to demand that prosecutors treat this disturbing case with more responsibility and seriousness than the judge seemingly did and reinstate these charges.


Dear ADA Ferguson,

You have already received thousands of signatures from concerned community members requesting that animal cruelty charges be brought against Lorenzo Johnson, a man depicted in a viral video allegedly abusing his dog. Now comes word from the organization Animal Victory that the felony animal cruelty charges originally brought were dropped. More disturbing still, three animals—including the apparent victim—were returned to this man.

Please bring clarity to this disturbing situation. If charges were indeed dropped despite the reported presence of video evidence, you must offer an explanation at the least or a reinstatement of charges at the most. Do not signal to would-be animal abusers that they have a safe haven in Angelina County.


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  1. Maureen Kelly says:

    Beat the hell out of this POS until he screams in pain!!!! An eye for ab eye is precisely what this shithole deserves!!!!!!

  2. Kim Miller says:

    We are dealing with a similar situation in our neighborhood in WA state. The cops have been out as well as animal control. But nothing has been done. The guy continues to beat his dog, actually his girlfriends dog. What else can we do. We’ve sent in videos.

  3. Deborah Grottola says:

    If our justice system fails us then we need to get rid of that justice system. No more allowing animal abusers easy way out easy to repeat. Judges get off your so called butts and do what is right. If you cannot please relinquish the bench for someone that can

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