Dog Covered in Feces With Maggot Infested Wounds and Forced to Breed Her Whole Life Deserves Justice

Target: Chief of Police Miuccio, Boca Raton, FL
Goal: Find and arrest person responsible for abusing dog nearly to death.

Rescuers of a horribly abused dog have called it the “worst case of abuse” they’ve ever seen. The tiny Shih Tzu named Parker was found thrown over a fence in the early morning. Parker’s hair was thicky matted, she smelled like feces and urine, and had maggots crawling through the sores that covered her body.

When rescuers found poor Parker, she literally could not open her eyes due to the thickness of matts of hair that covered her entire body.

“The matts around her face were so tight that it kept her eyes open,” said Dr. Lindsey Naimoli, the veterinarian who treated Parker. “She wasn’t even able to blink.”

According to Dr. Naimoli, Parker was in so much pain, she yelped whenever someone touched her. As a result, in order to remove the matted hair, they needed to sedate her.

Incredibly, the matted hair accounted for one-third of Parker’s weight when she arrived at the rescue. “When she had all the matts on her, she weighed almost 9 pounds,” Naimoli said. “Once we removed all the matts, she weighed six pounds.”

Sadly, once the matted hair was removed, vets were able to see the real abuse that Parker had faced. She had sores covering her entire body and maggots were living inside the festering wounds.

According to Dr. Naimoli, Parker was “diagnosed with anemia, infection, parasites, [and] dehydration.”

Rescuers believe Parker is about 6 years old and have speculated that she has spent every day of her life in a cage.

It is suspected that whoever owned Parker, forced her to breed over-and-over again until she was no longer valuable to their breeding operation. At that point, she was thrown over the fence of the rescue facility, without regard to whether she lived or died.

Even more disconcerting is the suspicion by rescuers that Parker was not alone in her terrible existence. “It would be extremely rare to just have one animal treated horribly,” Dr. Naimoli said. “I think this is one of many.”

If this is true, it is even more urgent for authorities to quickly identify and capture the person, or persons, responsible for this nightmarish abuse.


Dear Chief of Police Miuccio,

A small dog named Parker was recently rescued in your jurisdiction. Parker was found with such severely matted hair that she could not open her eyes. It turns out that the matts in her hair represented one-third of the tiny dog’s entire body weight.

Once the matts were removed, it was discovered that Parker had maggot infested wounds covering her entire body. She was in such pain that she would yelp anytime a rescuer touched her.

It is suspected that Parker was held in a cage her entire life, and was forced to breed for her owner’s profit. Once she was no longer valuable, she was thrown over a fence like a piece of trash.

The worst part of this situation is that it’s suspected that Parker’s former owner still has other dogs being held in similar conditions. Therefore, it is imperative that whoever is responsible for this horrific abuse be quickly found and any other dogs in their possession be rescued.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tri-County Animal Rescue


  1. One of the saddest cases I’ve ever heard about. Please track down the former owner as there’s likely to be more dogs suffering similarly.

  2. Ross Allen says:

    Find the cruel and despicable owner and lock them up.

    • Naila M Johnston says:

      Find him! Rescue ALL THE REMAINING DOGS… !!! Then the DEATH PENALTY!! SOMEONE KILL HIM!! I am enraged that the torture and suffering and attempted murder of this innocent dog would go unpunished!! Damn NOOOO WAY!!

      • Just found out today 3 people are trying to get cats for bait from Brooklyn rescue groups. ALL THAT SHIT AND THIS GOES ON EVERY SINGLE DAY And i am fucking tired of hearing they barely get punished!

  3. I can’t imagine the kind of background the person responsible for this had, but regardless, the animal abuse must STOP.

  4. These are human monsters. They need to be eliminated and I can’t even rest until I know they are.

  5. Eugene Girgis says:

    I would like to adopt her and give her a forever home. I am willing to come down and pick her up. If anybody knows where she is being kept please contact me.

    Thank you


  6. Laura Rolder says:

    Please find this evil monster. No animal deserves to ever be abused and used as profit. Lock who did this away for a long time and may they never be allowed to own or even be around any animals for life. My heart breaks for what this poor dog went though for her entire life.

  7. Angelina Grotto says:

    I’m so sick and tired of people abusing animals sign petitions I donate and every time I read another horrid case of animal neglect from these inhumane savages my heart sinks I feel sick to my core you feel helpless I’m so thankful for the people who have empathy and compassion and are trying there best to save the animals THANK YOU

  8. If the mutant(s) responsible for this unspeakable cruelty is not found, prosecuted and punished, all who look the other way are shamed, and devoid of their humanity and their very souls.

  9. Florida won’t do anything even close to resembling justice for this poor abuse dog! These scumbags need to be found and left to rot in jail for the rest of their useless, miserable, good for nothing lives!

  10. Will EVERYONE claiming to be a good Christian, (or ANY OTHER BELIEVER in a Creator) make sure the human slime responsible for this unfathomable cruelty and exploitation of this long suffering animal, are found, prosecuted to the FULL EXTENT of the law, and sent to prison, where the animal-loving inmates will deal out the punishment the courts are so derelict in administering to these monsters.

  11. Cathy McCormick says:

    Absolutely sickening, and disgusting treatment of a living, breathing, sentient being! Please do everything possible to catch this scum of the Earth and throw him in prison for the longest possible sentence! It’s too bad that he can’t be made to live in utter filth like he forced upon this poor dog!

  12. Nadine brundage says:

    That poor dog , what has happened to her? I know she’s being treated, but is she ok or not? Whoever committed this horrific cruelty needs to be found, locked in a cage and left to rot. I’m sick of reading these horror stories of animal abuse, it’s about time these disgusting abusers are held accountable. I. Not allowed to write what I think should be done to these low life’s. One thing for sure is they won’t be missed.

  13. MICHAEL BAVARO says:


  14. tessa zimmer says:

    I have witnessed first hand dogs come right off puppy mill “farms” and this is exactly the case – the smell of feces and urine is unbearable to us, never mind that they live their entire lives like this, they have eye infections (painful!), the ability to perform basic bodily functions through matted fur is compromised significantly, they have overgrown nails, matted hair in pads/forced to stand on wire (food pad deformed), backs are hunched from being forced to live in small cages, bowed legs, skin infections, and ears so infected they are deformed from constant scratching. These millers made a fortune when people bought “covid puppies” – it’s sick and needs to stop – end this madness with mandates -do it for animals.

  15. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Find and prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law for egregious animal abuse and cruelty! Make them pay all vet bills to restore this poor dog to full health and BAN them from ever purchasing, owning, caring for, working with or living with any animals ever again!

  16. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This is extremely wrong 2 do 2 this poor dog & I’m sure this disgusting pos will Rot in hell 4 this.


  18. This scum bag who treated this poor dog so badly, and most likely other dogs as well, needs to be executed! Horrible people like this should not be allowed to breathe precious oxygen.

  19. Raymond Stevens says:

    Some humans are scum and should be prevented from breathing.

  20. Karen Mckay says:

    May the scum be found and locked up. A curse on their worthless life. May they suffer as they are making this and perhaps other innocent souls suffer.

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