Dog Covered in Feces With Maggot Infested Wounds and Forced to Breed Her Whole Life Deserves Justice

Target: Chief of Police Miuccio, Boca Raton, FL
Goal: Find and arrest person responsible for abusing dog nearly to death.

Rescuers of a horribly abused dog have called it the “worst case of abuse” they’ve ever seen. The tiny Shih Tzu named Parker was found thrown over a fence in the early morning. Parker’s hair was thicky matted, she smelled like feces and urine, and had maggots crawling through the sores that covered her body.

When rescuers found poor Parker, she literally could not open her eyes due to the thickness of matts of hair that covered her entire body.

“The matts around her face were so tight that it kept her eyes open,” said Dr. Lindsey Naimoli, the veterinarian who treated Parker. “She wasn’t even able to blink.”

According to Dr. Naimoli, Parker was in so much pain, she yelped whenever someone touched her. As a result, in order to remove the matted hair, they needed to sedate her.

Incredibly, the matted hair accounted for one-third of Parker’s weight when she arrived at the rescue. “When she had all the matts on her, she weighed almost 9 pounds,” Naimoli said. “Once we removed all the matts, she weighed six pounds.”

Sadly, once the matted hair was removed, vets were able to see the real abuse that Parker had faced. She had sores covering her entire body and maggots were living inside the festering wounds.

According to Dr. Naimoli, Parker was “diagnosed with anemia, infection, parasites, [and] dehydration.”

Rescuers believe Parker is about 6 years old and have speculated that she has spent every day of her life in a cage.

It is suspected that whoever owned Parker, forced her to breed over-and-over again until she was no longer valuable to their breeding operation. At that point, she was thrown over the fence of the rescue facility, without regard to whether she lived or died.

Even more disconcerting is the suspicion by rescuers that Parker was not alone in her terrible existence. “It would be extremely rare to just have one animal treated horribly,” Dr. Naimoli said. “I think this is one of many.”

If this is true, it is even more urgent for authorities to quickly identify and capture the person, or persons, responsible for this nightmarish abuse.


Dear Chief of Police Miuccio,

A small dog named Parker was recently rescued in your jurisdiction. Parker was found with such severely matted hair that she could not open her eyes. It turns out that the matts in her hair represented one-third of the tiny dog’s entire body weight.

Once the matts were removed, it was discovered that Parker had maggot infested wounds covering her entire body. She was in such pain that she would yelp anytime a rescuer touched her.

It is suspected that Parker was held in a cage her entire life, and was forced to breed for her owner’s profit. Once she was no longer valuable, she was thrown over a fence like a piece of trash.

The worst part of this situation is that it’s suspected that Parker’s former owner still has other dogs being held in similar conditions. Therefore, it is imperative that whoever is responsible for this horrific abuse be quickly found and any other dogs in their possession be rescued.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tri-County Animal Rescue


  1. Lesley Daniels says:

    Come police get off your backside and find the SCUMBAGS responsible for this poor baby suffering these terrible injuries I hope she recovers find the guilty and make them pay they don’t deserve to breath
    God’s air I know what I would like to do to them but unfortunately it’s against the law.

    • Debra Broach says:

      You and me both! That or those pieces of crap better be glad I am not god. However, their karma (spiritual law) is coming. They think they are getting away with the cruel, things they are doing to animals. They got another thing coming. But since we are not there to kick their asses, karma is going to do it for us. Heaven knows, the laws are wimpy and probably won’t do a damn thing. Just look, having to sign a petition is nonsense. You mean they won’t do anything if we don’t sign one? Their time is coming!

      • Mechthild Schoeberl says:

        Yes, Karma will get them all! Look what happened to those trophy hunters in Afrika! One got killed by an Elephant and one got shot just recently ! Several others where eaten by other wild animals ! So they get eventually what they deserve!
        In the meantime trow him in jail preferable with a gang member !

  2. Who in the name of God does this to an innocent animal? This POS needs to be thrown in a hole and left to rot slooooowly.

  3. This is monsterous! May God take the guilty person and do the same and worse to them.

  4. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    So thankful this poor dog was discovered and will recover from the horrific condition she was in, and will never have to return to the horrible conditions she was forced to endure as a “puppy making machine”.The monstrous breeders responsible for this must be identified, charged, and prosecuted, and be permanently banned from ever even being allowed around another animal in their lifetime! With suspecting that this poor dog is only one of many, it is critical to make locating those responsible, in order to rescue any other animals in their possession from any further suffering, and to shut their cruel puppy making business down, completely and permanently!

  5. Virginia Grandy says:

    Whoever is responsible for this should ROT IN HELL!!!

  6. Fetia+Faggiano says:

    Scum that’s trash people that do this kinda shit they don’t want a real job so animals have to Suffer !!!

  7. Agree totally, Jennifer!! Make him/her suffer the same slow torture this poor little dog suffered. I would happily volunteer to do the torturing……


    • Milantia Roy says:

      and that he or she, whoever is responsible for this atrocius bestiality, is sent to jail for the duration of his/her miserable existence.
      May Satan welcome him or her!


  10. get the scumbag in jail

  11. p.pucher says:

    Lock the fucker up who did this. Toss him in jail and forget about him! This sweet, innocent baby didn’t deserve this!
    Puppy Mills suck!
    Hugs and prayers sweet baby!

  12. Rolfe Renvyle says:

    The cruelty of this case is stunning. Whoever is behind this needs to be stopped and punished.

  13. Please catch this monster and put him or her in prison. Thank goodness this sweet angel was rescued.

  14. Johnny K. says:

    Put these scum in a cage, pour gasoline all over them and burn them alive. Video tape it and put it on Pay-Per-View. I bet whoever would do this could make a lot of money from animal lovers that would just love to see these mother-fuckers burned alive. I’d pay a $100.00 easily to watch them scream their lungs out while being burned alive. Their screams would be music to my ears. To me, that would be true karma.

  15. My god the poor dog. these people are sickos and need to be jailed and all dogs taken off them. fucking sick

  16. May whoever did this to this innocent animal suffer a slow horrible painful death before they rot in hell !

  17. Another Bitc* that needs to be hunted down 🎯

  18. Nancy Wilsonhagen says:

    I wish they would say what happened to Parker, or what facility she is at.

    Lots of these issues lack information… I so hope that she is being cared for in a loving situation now

  19. Joan Rosenfeld says:

    Find and put this monster in jail forever.People like this do not deserve to walk the earth and be free of their deadly actions. Makes me sick.

  20. This bastard needs to be locked in a tiny cage and left to die!!!

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