Ponies Reportedly Beaten and Sold for Meat at Auction Deserve Justice

Target: Devon Councillor, John Hart

Goal: Ban the sale of Dartmoor ponies at allegedly abusive auction.

Dartmoor ponies are mini horses known for their resiliency and determination. Upsettingly, there’s recent video evidence appearing to show these ponies being abused and tormented while they are sold off at auction.

Sellers of the animals apparently don’t see these creatures in their own right, but instead as cargo to make a profit off of. The freely-roaming animals are rounded up in the fall, then taken to an annual pony auction in Dartmoor, where the little horses are traded away for a massive profit.

Recent footage shows that after the ponies were rounded up this past autumn, their captors seemingly left many of the animals without food or water, putting them in danger of death, and tormenting them with dehydration and malnutrition. For those that survived until auction, further videos reportedly show handlers picking up ponies by their tails, and at least one apparently kicked a pony to force the animal onto a trailer.

Even worse, after being sold ponies face an uncertain fate. While some join loving families, others are sold to slaughterhouses, butchered for scientific research, or become meat for both human and animal consumption. Some pony meat winds up in pet food, while some hunks and slabs wind up in zoo animals’ dinners.

More than 300 horses were listed for sale this past season, which means hundreds of animals could have been abused or neglected; we simply don’t know the full scope of the alleged cruelty yet. While a spokesperson for the auction said that the organization was “looking into the matter,” that’s just not enough. These ponies don’t deserve to become meat. They don’t deserve to be kicked and hurt. And they don’t deserve to be sold off in the first place.

Thankfully, many people in the Dartmoor area agree. A group called People 4 Ponies runs an animal sanctuary nearby and they’re fighting to shut down the auction. It’s time for us to stand with them. Sign the petition to demand an end to the annual sale of ponies in Dartmoor.


Dear Councillor Hart,

Each year hundreds of Dartmoor ponies are rounded up in “the drift,” and taken to be sold at auction. Recent videos appear to show the sellers and auctioneers abusing these animals, leaving them without food and water, kicking them, and pulling them by their tails.

After they are sold they may face an even worse fate. While some are kept as pets, others are allegedly sent to slaughterhouses as food for pets or zoo animals. More than 300 horses were listed for sale just this year, which means that hundreds of these creatures could have been abused. These ponies do not deserve to be sold off, abused, or killed. It is time to end the sale of ponies in Dartmoor. Please, end this awful practice.


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  1. How can you allow such cruelty and torture to be committed upon innocent ponies? Stop this now! It is your duty to protect the innocents and this includes these ponies

  2. I cannot believe what I have just read. How the hell can good people fight to stop animal abuse in other damn countries when cruelty is just as bad in their own bloody country, what I would give to spend time alone with those abusers, no witnesses.

  3. Beat the savages to death and throw them to the lions.

  4. These damn Inhumane monsters need to suffer the exact same terror and pain they so willingly inflict on these defenceless, innocent ponies. Damn all those involved in this horror.

  5. Agree with all the above. Humans are the worst. These ponies don’t deserve this treatment. Hopefully, the locals who think this is wrong will convince others to stop these murders and put an end to this cruelty.

  6. People today have no heart. I hate to hear and see all this animal abuse. We have to step up and stop all of this. We need to punish more and let people know who is doing this. Put their pictures up on bill boards so people can see who is doing this.

  7. Barb Garrison says:

    Human beings, guilty of murder. Auctioneers, sellers, buyers, and everyone in between is guilty. There is not a single animal safe in this world today- the evil in people is running rampant, the black hearts, the greed, the arrogance, the hateful behavior, has taken over. Animals are victims to a cruel and violent world.

  8. you cruel and heartless low life humans….how could you do this without a moment of remorse for these ponies…may you all suffer extreme pain and one day you will all remember what you did to innocent animals….karma is a bitch…..an eye for an eye…

    only COWARDS prey on weaker creatures….

  9. Cheryl+Miller says:

    This is completely disgusting, sad and disturbing!!! Who is letting this happen?? Please help these little creatures!! Stop this horrendous cruelty!!

  10. I want to save all those 300 ponies. Where do I go and buy them?

  11. Enjoy your holidays you murderers! Where are your laws? This inhumane practice is unethical, immoral, and must be stopped now!

  12. Is there no depth to human cruelty . Can most just walk on by? Where is the justice? J h Christ. They have no voice..poor mites.
    Please help be a volunteer. Use your phone. Be aware. Please the UK government here are psychos…love to hunt and kill. Stop this shot.

  13. Be ashamed, very ashamed. Don’t bring the UK as low as the USA.

  14. Laura Rolder says:

    This is disgusting behavior of any human being. These poor beautiful ponies deserve to be treated with love and kindness. They deserve to live a life of happiness. Please shut this auction down and charge every one who abused and tortured them with felony charges and have them go to jail.

  15. When you have POS’s like the abusers & auctioneers in this article playing God with these innocent ponies, there is only one end to their sanctimonious actions. Treat those violators of life the same way they treat those sweet animals!

  16. Absolutely disgusting trash, I hope these lowlife scam meet the same fate!

  17. People are just awful. There must be better laws in place to protect animals…laws across the globe. Animal abuse is rampant, and it is everywhere. Do better people, enact laws to protect these beautiful creatures.

  18. Why are you waiting? Shut this dump down now and make sure they go to prison.

    Monitor the donkies so they go to good homes.

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