Dogs Reportedly Electrocuted in Front of Each Other on Dog Meat Farm Deserve Justice

Target: South Korea President Moon Jae-in
Goal: End the horrific practice of dog meat farming in South Korea.

A haunting photo shows dozens of empty collars belonging to dogs that were apparently slaughtered at a meat farm in South Korea. Each collar seems to represent a different dog that was imprisoned for years in a tiny cage, fed garbage for food, and then electrocuted to death in front of their fellow creatures. It is time for the nation of South Korea to end this horrific practice.

The farm in question was owned by a local restaurant owner, who would allegedly raise and slaughter the dogs for meat that he would then sell at his establishment. The dogs were apparently held in filthy wire cages and were denied basic care.

The dogs were all of the Jindo breed, which is considered the national dog for South Korea. Jindos are native to the island that the meat farm was located and the owner had apparently spent the past 20 years breeding and slaughtering animals from this breed.

Local residents had apparently reported hearing dogs crying in terror on the farm.


Dear Moon Jae-in,

An apparent dog meat farm was recently shut down in your country. At the farm, over the past 20 years, countless dogs have reportedly lived miserable lives and faced terrifying ends. While the farm has been shut down, it was closed based on a technicality. Shockingly, dog meat farms are still legal in South Korea.

While every country has different cultures which should be respected, some values are universal. To that end, I hope that you will work to pass legislation in your country that prohibits the farming and slaughter of dogs.

No animals deserve to live or die the way these dogs did. Their cries of terror were apparently reported by local residents and the image of the stack of empty dog collars is haunting.

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Photo credit: Humane Society International


  1. Fuck you god for allowing animals to be tortured and slaughtered all over this world. You know and hear the pain and screams but just sit on you ass! POS!

  2. Obviously this culture have no ethics or morals to allow such atrocities to occur. Sickening! South Koreans who commit such heinous acts upon other living beings should be treated just like they treat these poor, innocent dogs. Disgraceful & inhumane society

  3. Again, we have the words “alleged” and “apparent” when the evidence is clearly there for all to see!! Those who “farm” dogs for meat and those who encourage this hideous practice by actually eating these poor dogs in the full knowledge of how they live and die should go to hell for eternity. As Erin Ryan so rightly ethics, morals or anything else. What an inexcusable and vile race…..

  4. These Korean dog torturing bastards should be hacked to fucking pieces by like minded vigilante groups.
    These arrogant pricks seem to be a law unto themselves torturing innocent animals without reprisal.
    The governing bodies are just as bad for allowing it to continue. Useless shit bags all of them.
    Death to all of these sick animal abusers, the more painful the better.
    If their is a God, and I do wonder, why does he allow this barbarism to happen to his creations. Needs people power to erase these slimy psychopathic tossers for good. These countries apparently think they can do what they like with animals. Arrogant fuckers all of them. Hopefully people power will eventually stop them!

  5. It is essential that we unite together globally and exterminate each and everyone of these repulsive, ugly slant eye dog and cat murdering filth bags

  6. if people will stop consuming dog meat ,then these dog meat farm will close automatically. People are more responsible for the nourishment of these farm.

  7. Where are all the leftist, do gooder, activist assholes when you need them. How long have Korean people been around, and they won’t evolve away from these kinds of practices? And Asians in general wonder why they’re made fun of. Unreal.

    • Shelly Blazich says:


  8. Donna Riggins says:

    Hope you get rabies!!

  9. Rhonda M Hodgman says:

    Eliminate these unbalanced human wastes of oxygen from society!

  10. The collars are a horrible reminder of how many of these dogs were probably family pets that were stolen ~ a common practice in the dog meat trade wherever it still goes on.

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