Sadistic Abuser Who Fed Bread Laced With Fishhooks to Ducks Must be Caught

Target: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Goal: Punish unidentified abuser who fed fishhook-filled bread to ducks.

A now deleted online video displays a person feeding ducks bread laced with fishing hooks and then mocks them. Muscovy ducks in Florida often get tormented by residents who find them annoying, but this video shows cruel, intentional abuse and the person who filmed it must be punished. The video reveals that after the duck eats the bread it then begins to heave in attempts to regurgitate the hooks out. It is unknown if the ducks have died or not as a result of ingesting the hooks, however according to veterinarians it is likely and possible.

Animal Help Now is investigating who could be behind the camera in order to bring justice. It was traced back to an Instagram post by a fifteen year old, but after investigation, local officials declared the minor had only re-posted it from somewhere else. It is a truly demented act to knowingly go out of your own way to torture animals and then post it on social media for some sort of comedic effect. The investigation is still going, but detectives and locals in the area identified new suspects.

If one person is twisted enough to trick animals into eating fishing hooks, it is probable they will continue to attack animals. Officials must devote all resources available to find and prosecute the person responsible for this sick behavior.


Dear Governor Ron DeSantis,

The time has come to address the blatant wild animal abuse committed by your residents. It is commonly known that Muscovy ducks are tortured, and a viral video shows a person feeding bread laced with fishing hooks to ducks. In the anonymous video one is able to see the ducks attempt to throw up the hooks. Instead of allowing twisted people get away with torturing animals, create better regulations to protect them and punish those who do not abide. People are counting on you to see through that this duck abuser, with alleged multiple offenses, receives the consequences they deserve.

However, it is not enough to reprimand and find the abuser. Muscovy ducks do not deserve to be attacked by people. In order to protect animals, you should stiffen animal abuse laws and devote more resources to finding those who commit atrocities.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Instagram screenshot of video


  1. Find who did this and hang them!!!!!

  2. This is a sick deranged bastard doing this. Get this lowlife and give him stiff justice. God bless those poor precious ducks.

  3. Disgusting low-life heartless people. . . This is awfully cruel and inhumane. Find the individual (s) responsible for doing this and punish him SEVERELY for the pain, suffering and TRAUMA he caused these poor animals.

  4. Evil Bastard!

  5. Why are hooks of this nature even legal? What purpose can they have beyond inflicting death-by-torture. I’m not fond of hooking any sort of animal in the face, but honestly these are simply vicious, nasty little hooks I can’t imagine offer anything close to a “humane” death, even by the lowest of factory farming standards. These need to be outlawed, along with body gripping traps (including the infamous steel-jaw leghold traps) and glue traps, as thoroughly inhumane and without practical use.

  6. Maria Bertrand says:

    It is high time Florida to punish ALL animal abusers to the full extent of the law. Stop giving out Go Free cards. Do you want the animals in your state to continue to be tortured!?!?!?!?!?

    Apprend this maggot and lock him up for a good long time. Or may the table turn and he chokes on fish hooks or worse.

  7. Maria Bertrand says:

    It is high time Florida to punish ALL animal abusers to the full extent of the law. Stop giving out Go Free cards. Do you want the animals in your state to continue to be tortured!?!?!?!?!?

    Apprehend this maggot and lock him up for a good long time. Or may the table turn and he chokes on fish hooks or worse.

  8. Michelle Stewart says:

    The bastard that actually fed the poor ducks the bread should be made to eat bread with hooks in it. Lock him up somewhere and let him die.


  10. POS!! DEMENTED and HEARTLESS INHUMANE BASTARD!! An eye for an eye should be the punishment for all animal ABUSERS!!!!!

    • Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

      OUR SENTIMENTS EXACTLY, the phucking p.o.s. lowlife mother phucker UH, SO INFURIATING, and heartbreaking for the ducks. I’m so sorry there’s such evil among us that wants to harm you. We wish we could do the same to him and then just phuckin take it out, meaning just kill it but not before it suffers the pain and agony with those hooks in its mouth, then kill it and dump it like the trash it is. Seriously we would not blink an eye to see that happen. THAT would be justice which then may help deter other evil assholes of this magnitude to think twice before harming or abusing an animal.

  11. The only way you’re going to catch the perpetrator is if cameras are installed and then they can see who is doing it I don’t know any other way unless you have a random witness around and I feel bad

  12. If you have access to this video there should be some clues since these psychopaths love to boast about their power over helpless animals. They will move on to humans if they haven’t already. Find these subhumans & imprison them for life. Seize any assets they have including bank accounts & money. Give this to an animal rescue. They must be stopped. The laws against animal abuse must be strong & enforced without hesitation.

  13. I’m disgusted and so OVER THESE BASTARDS getting away with shit like this!!!!! WAKE UP!!! Give this sick POS the worst punishment possible!!!!

  14. Unfortunately this is addressed to De Santis and since ducks can’t contribute to this election campaigns I’m sure he could not care less about this, but he should and this deranged loser needs to be caught before he’s giving PB&J sandwiches laced with hooks to children. The local animal control and police forces should be diligently looking for this POS and putting him away.

    • That POS DeSantis doesn’t even care if his own kids get Covid and die! Do you really think he gives a crap about animals? The monster that did this to these innocent ducks is counting on it. KARMA to both of these morons!

  15. Patrica Birtles says:

    Hang draw quarter

  16. Execute that scumbag but before feed that monster hooks and other metals!! Why aren’t we allowed to repay an eye for an eye when animal abusers are found?? Why waste resources and tax payers money keeping those scumbags alive? Cleanse the earth from wicked evil disgusting people

  17. Until the scared prosecutors and judges stand up for poor abused animals this cruelty will continue. Vote these useless officials out of office. They are just as guilty as the was told who did this.

  18. This is a vile person who should be EXECUTED!!

  19. MICHAEL BAVARO says:


  20. You gotta be sick, deranged and twisted beyond belief to inflict such suffering on innocent trusting creatures. I hope whoever did this gets found charged then hung just for shits and grins, because they obviously have zero regard for life so why should we feel bad about this piece of garbage getting what he or she deserves. Another prime example of why I prefer the company of gods creatures versus monsters like this. No decent human being worth their salt would ever think of such a horrendous act of pure evil let alone carry it out. Bastard 😡😡

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