Articles written by: Erica Brooks

Success: Reportedly Neglected Animals Rescued From Defunct Roadside Zoo

A roadside zoo that reportedly left a bear without veterinary care for years in unsanitary conditions has had the remainder of its animals confiscated. Applaud the efforts of shutting this zoo down and sending the animals to a sanctuary.

Sadistic Abuser Who Fed Bread Laced With Fishhooks to Ducks Must be Caught

A viral video appears to show a man feeding bread laced with sharp fishing hooks to wild ducks, likely dooming them to a painful death. Demand authorities find and prosecute the person responsible.

Animals Reportedly Living in Feces at Defunct Roadside Zoo Deserve Justice

A roadside zoo reportedly kept lions, bobcats, and bears in horrendous conditions. They apparently suffered from painful, untreated ailments and were forced to live in their own feces. Demand that these animals be removed from this defunct zoo immediately.

Punish Workers Accused of Stomping on Live Turkeys

An undercover video apparently shows farm workers stomping on live turkeys and throwing them at one another for sport. Help stop this terrible abuse.

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