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Justice for Pit Bull Mix Reportedly Abused Nearly to Death

A dog nearly died when she was allegedly abused and hidden away from the police. The dog was reportedly so ill that she could not lift her head or stand under her own power. Demand justice for this poor dog.[...]
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Find and Punish Man Caught on Video Throwing Sheep

A sheep was dragged by its neck and then thrown over a fence by a cruel man who was caught on video laughing as he brutalized the animal. Demand that the man is found and punished.[...]
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Stop Torturous Animal Research at Universities

A prestigious Irish school has subjected over one hundred thousand animals to painful medical experiments. Tell the government of Ireland that animal testing is unnecessary and has no place on university campuses.[...]
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Justice for Dogs Injured After Allegedly Being Tied to Trailer and Dragged by Truck

A dog was seriously injured after reportedly falling off of a moving trailer and being dragged down the road. The owner had carelessly tied two dogs to a crowded trailer, then allowed one to fall off and be dragged, according to police. Please sign this petition to demand that these innocent dogs get the justice they deserve.[...]
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Protect Lizard Species from Endangerment

West African sungazer lizards are in danger due to farming, industrialization, and the global pet trade; their numbers have decreased by a third within the past year alone. If these threats are not combatted, the species could be on the endangered list within another year. Sign this petition to demand the protection of these lizards.[...]
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Stop Police Harassment of People Who Report Animal Abuse

Animal welfare activists have reported being harassed and falsely charged by corrupt police officers after reporting animal cruelty crimes. Demand that the police take animal cruelty seriously[...]
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Dogs Allegedly Neglected and Covered in Maggots Deserve Justice

Three dogs suffered when they were allegedly neglected and forced to live with dangerously matted fur. The fur clumps reportedly contained feces, urine, maggots, and pieces of metal. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.[...]
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Police: Cat Beaten and Tossed in Dumpster — Demand Justice

A live kitten was found tied up in a bag and thrown out like garbage in a dumpster. The kitten could be heard crying, and officers say the poor animal was wet and shivering when they opened the bag. Demand that the people responsible for this cruelty be brought to justice.[...]
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Justice for Dog Reportedly Forced to Wear Cone for a Year

A dog suffered tremendously when he was allegedly forced to wear a cone around his neck for a year. The dog was reportedly underweight and suffered from a severe flea infestation. Demand justice for this innocent dog.[...]
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Demand Justice for Murdered Elephant Conservationist

Wayne Lotter, a prominent elephant conservationist, was gunned down by two unknown men in Tanzania. This heroic champion of wildlife helped bring an end to some of the worst ivory smuggling rings in the region. Urge the government of Tanzania to find and prosecute those responsible for his senseless death.[...]

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