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I’m against animal cruelty

Target: PETA, I’m willing to sign any petition to help stop animal abuse

Let’s protect the foxes!

Target: Let's protect the foxes!, To the attention of the Minister of Ecology The fox suffers from a double status: to that of “huntable” species is added that of “harmful” species.

Stop puppy meals

Target: Puppymeals, Dogs that I know my friends got from puppy meal are scared to death of lots of different things including gizmo. gizmo recently came to a new home but where he came from was a puppy meal where he was all bones he was the smallest dog in […]

End the Genocide on Pitbulls, Remove the Ontario Ban!

Target: Everyone can help!, “Pitbull” labelled dogs are highly abused and misunderstood. These dogs have been labelled as mean or a bully when really they are the bullied. For years people have been mistreating and abusing the dogs when all they want is a loving home and a family to […]

Stop PUNISHing everyone!

Target: Animal Petitions, In the absence of any other way to communicate with Animal Petions I’m forced to offer this. I do not believe that it is always appropriate to punish people who are incapable. Those who are deliberately callous should be brought to account. However encouraging a wave of […]

Animal Awareness – Demand Rights

Target: President of India, WWF, PETA, While the whole world was busy to commemorate the death of the last male white rhino, Sudan, the local people of a small village named Lalgarh in West Bengal was busy killing a leopard. An YouTube video was released on the same case on […]

Pets living in filth, unsanitary conditions with no quality of life in New York State

Target: Senator Terrence P. Murphy, There is no law in New York State for pets to live in clean sanitary conditions or have quality of life. This woman lives in her car with five cats. The car is filled with junk, the cats can barely move, can’t run or play […]

New York State needs for clean sanitary conditions and quality of life for pets

Target: Senator Terrance P. Murphy, There is a woman living in her car with five cats. The car is packed full of junk which makes it impossible for the cats to run, play or have any quality of life. They are all laying against the car windows. The Dutchess SPCA […]

Boycott United Airlines pet French Bulldog’s death by asphyxiation. Demand large fines for loss of animals lif

Target: Sign this petition to urge United Airlines step up and provide safe and compassionate pet travel, put in place large fines to prevent further animal deaths., It is heartbreaking that a family’s pet met it’s untimely death this week abroad the major airline, United Airline. A 10 month old […]

Pare a matanca de animais

Target: Prefeitura de Igaracy – Prefeito Jose Carneiro Almeida Silva, Pedimos ao Presidente da Republica do Brasil que olhe para a cidade de Igaracy, Paraíba e pare imediatamente o prefeito Jose Carneiro Almeida Silva e José Carlos Maia do cargo de secretário de Saúde de assassinar cachorros cruelmente a pauladas. […]

Leopards need your help!

Target: Wildlife Conservation Society, All 9 subspecies of the Leopard are either endangered or critically endangered and they need our help! The cause of all this is the Illegal Wildlife Trade, conflict with humans, loss of habitat, poaching, fires, reduced amount of prey, fragmentation, illegal hunting, logging and the list […]

Justice for Dog Burned to Death

Target: Jaime Esparza, District Attorney for El Paso County, A homeless woman by the name of Lori Jean Pollard, 38, was arrested on suspicion of being responsible for the death of a dog who was found in a burning shopping cart. Ms. Pollard had allegedly placed a candle in the […]

Stop the Dog and cat holocaust in ALL countries

Target: Animal Lovers Worldwide, Contact the United Nation’s Embassy Ambassador in your country that is practicing a bloody war on innocent dogs and cats everyday of their precious lives. These representatives not only help with world hunger and their own goals for the world, they DO respond to the public’s […]

Fine Henderson, Nevada pet store for puppy overcrowding

Target: Henderson, Nevada animal control, They are overcrowding the puppies in the pet store and even had a sick dog in the general population. Here is the article:

Las Vegas City Council opens door for abusive puppy mill operators

Target: Las Vegas City Council, They repealed an ordinance making it illegal for pet stores to sell Puppy Mill puppies. Here is the article:

Make it a law that if someone has any charges for any kind of abuse towards an animal, that its mandatory 1 year in jail, and 1 year of community service helping out animal shelters.

Target: United states congressman., It should be mandatory that it’s a felony for animal abuse, of any kind.

Justice for a cat tortured,taken away and killed by a bunch of psycho fanatics

Target: Chef Police, Galati ,Romania, My beloved cat was tortured ,taken away and killed by these psycho families ,Baston Dumitru and Baston Octavian,from Galati,Romania.They belong to a fanatical political group that promote chaos and violence against helpless people and animals. I urge you utilize all necessary resources to find whoever […]

Ban cruel horse and cart transportation – Bali and Lombok

Target: Travellers to Indonesia, specifically Bali and the Gili Islands; hotel owners/managers in Bali and at the Gili Islands., I have been gathering information about recent animal suffering I witnessed at the Gili Islands. I visited Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, where the ponies/horses are subjected to awful abuse. I […]

Save Pippie from puppy mill practices

Target: the Animal Welfare Service from Belgium, Every animal deserves protection! That’s why we have started this petition in the hope of helping cat Pippie. Who is Pippie? Unfortunately, Pippie is not an ordinary house cat that enjoys a warm and soft basket. Pippie lives in a dirty box in […]

Stop Mountain Lion Season

Target: Governor Dennis Dugaard, Please sign the petition to end the cruel mountain lion season. It harvests 75 lions, including 35 breeding age females, some even already pregnant. They murder baby lions. Kill their mothers, leaving orphaned kittens to starve to death. This is unacceptable. They kill these beautiful, majestic […]

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