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Endangered Wolves Betrayed by Eureka Township

Target: Minnesota Legislators, Endangered wolves are exploited as cubs in a petting zoo then killed for their pelts in a foolish and cruel arrangement permitted by Minnesota law and managed by Terri Petter, owner of Fur-Ever Wild, a farm in Eureka Township. Petter aimed for an amendatiom of zoning ordinances […]

Justice for Houston cats from serial killer

Target: ASPCA, Houston cats – serial killer , decapitated , left in neighborhood owners front yards Please help bring killer to justice .

Stop Inhumane Dropping of Turkeys From an Airplane!

Target: PETA, Who thinks of this stuff?! A cruel practice that absolutely MUST stop. Please help put an end to their horrific suffering.

Boycott Kerala for mass dog culling

Target: Prime Minister of India ( Shri Narendra Modi ) , Chief Minister of Kerala (Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan) , Environment Minister of India (Mr. Anil Madhav Dave), A plea from the rest of the sane country to every humane person on this planet. India has a great non violent history […]

Total ban on sale of animals on Facebook

Target:, Total ban on sale of animals on facebook to protect animals from being taken from mother too young and sold to make money To prevent animals from being given to unsuitable homes or used as bait if people really want pets let them use rescue centres where they […]

Stop butchering donkeys

Target: Chinese president Xi Jinping, Stop butchering donkeys for meat and using their hides to make gelatin for China’s traditional medicine ejiao. Donkeys are being inhumanly slaughter in the streets of China. The donkeys are bludgeon to death using a sledge hammer so that consumers know they are getting fresh […]

Allow Winter Park To Feed It’s Starving Cats!

Target: Winter Park City Council, Dear, Winter Park City Council, Please don’t charge people money for wanting to feed Winter Park’s starving feral cats, cats are one of God’s precious creatures, how are the poor supposed to feed them if you charge people money for doing so? All starving cats […]

End the Nevada Bear Hunt

Target: Tony Wasley, Director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife & Grant Wallace, Chairman of the Board of Wildlife Commissioners, September 15, 2016 marks the beginning of the Nevada Bear Hunt. This highly opposed hunt, which was first approved in 2010, will enter its sixth year. We are hoping this […]

Striped hyaena – Twycross Zoo

Target: Twycross Zoo, I am a big fan of Twycross Zoo and believe they have done some great work over the years, particularly with their apes but it’s become impossible to ignore the Striped Hyaena enclosure, which in my opinion is too small and empty to be called a home […]

Desperate Dogs

Target: Animal Shelters, I would like to set up better adoption process to get the word out that their are so many wonderful Dogs that need GOOD homes, and make the process a little easier to adopt


Target: RSPCA Official Proposal to Start the ball rolling so this can be a top priority as of now for the RSPCA to accomplish, Today is the day when I stand up and say no more of something because I believe it is a good place to start somewhere. We […]

Please consider refiling the charges and reopen the case 51-2016-CR-00906 for the People of North Dakota vs Darnell Hankel

Target: Ward County, Minot North Dakota State’s Attorney Rozanna C. Larson, Please consider refiling the charges and reopen the case 51-2016-CR-00906 for the People of North Dakota vs Darnell Hankel. Sixty-three-year-old Darnell Hankel faced a felony charge of animal cruelty which was dismissed even though there was supporting evidence of […]

Help Name and Shame this Person

Target:, this horrible video was posted to Acceso Facebook page. It’s had over 150,000 views. We want them to help us identify the person filming this horrible act. It is Mexican website so if you speak Spanish perhaps you can message them to ask for their help! Link: Warning […]

Help me find these parents and get criminal charges brought up against them !!

Target: Bring criminal charges against the parents!, Hello everyone! Just watched the most disturbing video with a toddler literally hurting thus puppy and eventually breaking its neck or back. The person filming thought it was funny! Help in a ) finding these people and bringing the parents to justice! Every […]

Arkansans United Against Puppy Mills

Target: All animal lovers and animal activists, We need to get at least 100 signatures to present to the 2017 legislature to abolish the practice of puppy mills. All those who choose to breed their dogs and sell puppies should pay the state a fee of not less than $500 […]

Justice Stop Eating Live Baby Mice

Target: You should know, How can you show a video of poor baby mice being eaten one by one from this sick individual it’s disgusting and animal cruelty I want this kid in trouble

SAVE Washington’s Wolves From The WRAW

Target: Jay Inslee, The governor of Washington, The “organization” call the WRAW, insists that wolves kill people (which they only do if the human hurts them first) and destroy elk here’s. Wolves only eat the weak and sick elk, which helps keep the population healthy. They also keep the elk […]

guruge park in srilanka ja-ela

Target: animals are not looked after, Feed the animals and provide them proper shelter and please do not cage them. Give them water at all time and Show them kindness and love.

Ban the Killing of Bullfighting

Target: The Commissioner in Spain, Dear commissioner please stop this barbaric cruel sport to these innocent animals. This is not a sport it’s blood thirsty cruelty. Please have a heart for our voiceless Bulls Thankyou


Target: Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan, Prime Minister, 1,000,000 SIGNATURES TO END KILL SHELTERS JAPAN PROJECT】       #END ANIMAL DISPOSAL. About 150,000 of strays and unwanted cats and dogs are getting killed in gas chambers every year. STOP GASSING AND STOP KILLING IMMEDIATELY. We, the undersigned, raise […]

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