Make it a law that if someone has any charges for any kind of abuse towards an animal, that its mandatory 1 year in jail, and 1 year of community service helping out animal shelters.

Target: United states congressman., It should be mandatory that it’s a felony for animal abuse, of any kind.

Dairy Cows Allegedly Beat With Metal Rods by Workers Deserve Justice

A chilling undercover video shot at a Florida dairy farm appears to show farm workers savagely beating cows with metal rods and kicking them in the head. Sign this petition to demand that this farm be shut down immediately if these allegations are proven to be true.

Justice for Baby Elephant Burned Alive

The back legs of a baby elephant are consumed in fire as she desperately runs to her mother, screaming in pain and fear. This was the scene captured by a photographer in India who witnessed an angry mob attacking a mother and child elephant with flaming tar balls and firecrackers. Demand authorities take immediate action to protect elephants.

Justice for a cat tortured,taken away and killed by a bunch of psycho fanatics

Target: Chef Police, Galati ,Romania, My beloved cat was tortured ,taken away and killed by these psycho families ,Baston Dumitru and Baston Octavian,from Galati,Romania.They belong to a fanatical political group that promote chaos and violence against helpless people and animals. I urge you utilize all necessary resources to find whoever […]

Don’t Force Dogs to Fight Boars in Indonesia

Dogs and boars are pit against each other and forced to fight to the death in rural Indonesian villages, a practice that is defended as a ‘tradition’ despite its horrific cruelty to the animals. Sign this petition to demand the country ban these fights now.

Ban cruel horse and cart transportation – Bali and Lombok

Target: Travellers to Indonesia, specifically Bali and the Gili Islands; hotel owners/managers in Bali and at the Gili Islands., I have been gathering information about recent animal suffering I witnessed at the Gili Islands. I visited Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, where the ponies/horses are subjected to awful abuse. I […]

Save Pippie from puppy mill practices

Target: the Animal Welfare Service from Belgium, Every animal deserves protection! That’s why we have started this petition in the hope of helping cat Pippie. Who is Pippie? Unfortunately, Pippie is not an ordinary house cat that enjoys a warm and soft basket. Pippie lives in a dirty box in […]

Stop Mountain Lion Season

Target: Governor Dennis Dugaard, Please sign the petition to end the cruel mountain lion season. It harvests 75 lions, including 35 breeding age females, some even already pregnant. They murder baby lions. Kill their mothers, leaving orphaned kittens to starve to death. This is unacceptable. They kill these beautiful, majestic […]

The law should be ,that, who mistreated an animal should be experience the same pain.

Target: The Gouverment, I love animals ,there is no respect for people who are mistreating them,the should be jailed,and the also should experience the same pain,the animal does.

Cecil the Lion’s Cub Shot by Hunters – Stop the Continuing Slaughter

A cub fathered by the famous Cecil the Lion, who made headlines following his murder in 2015, has now met the same tragic fate at the hands of hunters. Sign this petition to urge the government of Zimbabwe to do more to protect these majestic creatures.

Humans caught intentionally inflicting harm on animals should be jailed for a minimum 10 years.

Target: Australian Government, It’s been proven that humans that inflict harm on animals are most likely to do the same to other humans. Such harm may include physical abuse, torture, starvation, rape and a long list of heartless cruelty acts. We need to give our inhumane members of society a […]

Further examination of behavioral issues involving drowning of “joey” possums at Drury School

Target: Target: Emiel Logan, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Drury School, A recent petition regarding a request for punishment of students involved in the cruel and needless torture of infant level animals simply does not address the potential teaching and approval of barbaric and psychotic behavior to these students. The idea […]

Request Maximum punishment for men who hog-tying endangered species

Target: Dennis W. Ward, Florida State Attorney, Suite 301, 530 Whitehead Street, Key West, FL 33040, Dear Attorney Ward: We request that those responsible for hog-tying three Key Deer (an endangered species) receive the maximum sentence as allowable by law. Key Deer have begun to make a comeback from extinction […]

Any animal abuse, particularly dog fighting

Target: The law, Dog fighting is a barbaric, sickening way for sub-humans to obtain dirty money. Therefore, anyone involved in such terrible actions, when caught should e fined an ‘enormous’ amount of money, never, ever be able to be around any animal ever again, and be put on an ‘Animal […]

A Poor Monkeys Life at Blue Reef Sea Life Centre.

Target: Blue Reef Sea Life Centre. Tynemouth. England. NE30, My friend wrote, ‘Sea life centre what a disgrace! No fresh air and a small enclosure. It broke my heart’ after a visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth. There should be an urgent call to action to review the […]

Dog Buried Alive in Dirt Deserves Justice

A dog named Lulu was found buried up to her nose in dirt. She survived for three days underground but died shortly after her rescue. Demand justice for poor Lulu.

Animal Abuse

Target: Wiggles and Wages Pet Resort, I want to warn people to stay away from this business. They abuse your animals and when you approach them about it they want nothing to do with you and tell you to stay away and blame it on you only assuming you did […]

Zoo Owners Who Fed Live Donkey to Tigers Must be Punished

Zoo owners threw a live donkey in the tiger enclosure as a protest against a court decision they didn’t like. The owners are not facing charges and have threatened to throw a sheep into the enclosure. Demand authorities arrest and prosecute the zoo owners for this sick act of abuse.

Animal abusers from Animal Control must be punished by law

Target: Government of Kazakhstan, Pets are being stolen and inhumanely killed by Animal Control workers in my country Kazakhstan. Almaty Animal Control Center worker steals and kills a dog in his car trunk, Kazakhstan, May 23, 2017 A dog was stolen and locked in the trunk of a car that […]

Help save the Caraway pit bulls

Target: Caraway city counil, Regulating dogs on basis of breed or physical description does NOT reduce dog bites. Most importantly, studies continue to show that one kind of dog is no more likely to threaten or bite a human being than another. The American Bar Association has urged the repeal […]

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