Pets living in filth, unsanitary conditions with no quality of life in New York State

Target: Senator Terrence P. Murphy, There is no law in New York State for pets to live in clean sanitary conditions or have quality of life. This woman lives in her car with five cats. The car is filled with junk, the cats can barely move, can’t run or play […]

New York State needs for clean sanitary conditions and quality of life for pets

Target: Senator Terrance P. Murphy, There is a woman living in her car with five cats. The car is packed full of junk which makes it impossible for the cats to run, play or have any quality of life. They are all laying against the car windows. The Dutchess SPCA […]

Boycott United Airlines pet French Bulldog’s death by asphyxiation. Demand large fines for loss of animals lif

Target: Sign this petition to urge United Airlines step up and provide safe and compassionate pet travel, put in place large fines to prevent further animal deaths., It is heartbreaking that a family’s pet met it’s untimely death this week abroad the major airline, United Airline. A 10 month old […]

Pare a matanca de animais

Target: Prefeitura de Igaracy – Prefeito Jose Carneiro Almeida Silva, Pedimos ao Presidente da Republica do Brasil que olhe para a cidade de Igaracy, Paraíba e pare imediatamente o prefeito Jose Carneiro Almeida Silva e José Carlos Maia do cargo de secretário de Saúde de assassinar cachorros cruelmente a pauladas. […]

Trump Tricked Us – Oppose His Quiet Plan to Allow Trophy Hunting

A ban on the import of elephant trophies has been quietly lifted by the Trump administration. This is a huge blow to elephant conservation and makes the U.S. complicit in the cruel killing of innocent animals for profit. Demand that the ban on importing elephant trophies be preserved.

Leopards need your help!

Target: Wildlife Conservation Society, All 9 subspecies of the Leopard are either endangered or critically endangered and they need our help! The cause of all this is the Illegal Wildlife Trade, conflict with humans, loss of habitat, poaching, fires, reduced amount of prey, fragmentation, illegal hunting, logging and the list […]

End Cruel Factory Farming and Force-Feeding of Ducks and Geese for Popular Culinary Dish

Geese and ducks are being force-fed several times a day with a funnel shoved down their throats in order to make foie gras, a popular culinary dish of fattened liver. Sign this petition to demand that the United Kingdom include a ban on foie gras in its new animal welfare proposal.

Educational Series: It’s 2018 and Countries are Still Killing Whales

Japan recently set out on their annual whaling mission to kill hundreds of minke whales in the name of scientific research. On these excursions, whales are shot with a grenade harpoon that is connected to a moving ship, causing them to die a slow and painful death. In 2016, 200 […]

Don’t Kill Homeless Dogs and Cats Before World Cup Event in Russia

Russia is planning on slaughtering thousands of stray dogs before it hosts the World Cup. Time is running out for these poor animals. Sign this petition to stop the planned extermination.

Justice for Dog Burned to Death

Target: Jaime Esparza, District Attorney for El Paso County, A homeless woman by the name of Lori Jean Pollard, 38, was arrested on suspicion of being responsible for the death of a dog who was found in a burning shopping cart. Ms. Pollard had allegedly placed a candle in the […]

Stop Zoo From Killing Healthy Animals

Nine healthy baby lions have been needlessly killed at a zoo in Sweden since 2012. Demand that this zoo change its cruel policy of putting animals down simply to reduce their numbers.

Stop the Dog and cat holocaust in ALL countries

Target: Animal Lovers Worldwide, Contact the United Nation’s Embassy Ambassador in your country that is practicing a bloody war on innocent dogs and cats everyday of their precious lives. These representatives not only help with world hunger and their own goals for the world, they DO respond to the public’s […]

Punish Officers Who Forced Man to Behead His Own Dog

A sheriff’s officer is believed to have forced a man to behead his own dog after he was shot and killed for attacking a neighbor. No animal owner should have to endure this trauma. Sign this petition and demand that a full investigation take place into this dog’s death and the officer’s actions.

Fine Henderson, Nevada pet store for puppy overcrowding

Target: Henderson, Nevada animal control, They are overcrowding the puppies in the pet store and even had a sick dog in the general population. Here is the article: http://www.fox5vegas.com/story/36909547/henderson-petland-facing-over-12k-in-fines-for-puppy-overcrowding-other-citations

Las Vegas City Council opens door for abusive puppy mill operators

Target: Las Vegas City Council, They repealed an ordinance making it illegal for pet stores to sell Puppy Mill puppies. Here is the article: https://www.reviewjournal.com/opinion/commentary-las-vegas-city-council-opens-door-for-abusive-puppy-mill-operators/

Make it a law that if someone has any charges for any kind of abuse towards an animal, that its mandatory 1 year in jail, and 1 year of community service helping out animal shelters.

Target: United states congressman., It should be mandatory that it’s a felony for animal abuse, of any kind.

Dairy Cows Allegedly Beat With Metal Rods by Workers Deserve Justice

A chilling undercover video shot at a Florida dairy farm appears to show farm workers savagely beating cows with metal rods and kicking them in the head. Sign this petition to demand that this farm be shut down immediately if these allegations are proven to be true.

Justice for Baby Elephant Burned Alive

The back legs of a baby elephant are consumed in fire as she desperately runs to her mother, screaming in pain and fear. This was the scene captured by a photographer in India who witnessed an angry mob attacking a mother and child elephant with flaming tar balls and firecrackers. Demand authorities take immediate action to protect elephants.

Justice for a cat tortured,taken away and killed by a bunch of psycho fanatics

Target: Chef Police, Galati ,Romania, My beloved cat was tortured ,taken away and killed by these psycho families ,Baston Dumitru and Baston Octavian,from Galati,Romania.They belong to a fanatical political group that promote chaos and violence against helpless people and animals. I urge you utilize all necessary resources to find whoever […]

Cat Killed After Being Strapped to Exploding Fireworks Deserves Justice

A cat was discovered horribly mutilated after two rockets strapped to his or her back had exploded. This sickening act of abuse must not go unpunished. Demand that police find and severely punish whomever is responsible.

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