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Shut Down Allegedly Abusive Roadside Zoo

A roadside zoo is accused of abusing and neglecting the animals in its care, leaving them in feces-filled enclosures and denying them adequate veterinary care. While some animals have been retired from the facility, it is time that all remaining animals be rescued. Sign this petition to demand that this zoo shut down once and for all.

Justice for Aging Dog Brutally Killed

A Vermont woman accused of killing her elderly dog in lieu of euthanasia has been released from jail and is awaiting trial. Reports state that she bludgeoned the poor animal with a sledgehammer and stabbed his throat in a brutal display of murder, with the excuse that she ‘didn’t want him to suffer anymore.’ Sign this petition to ensure this woman faces justice.

Dog Found With Mouth Bound Painfully Shut By Rubber Band Deserves Justice

A dog had a rubber band wound tightly around his snout until his mouth and tongue became dangerously infected. Find and punish the person responsible for this sadistic cruelty.

Release Bengal Tiger Cub to Sanctuary

A tiger cub illegally smuggled into the U.S. by a teenager has been rescued, but is now being kept in a zoo instead of living the life of freedom he deserves. Demand that the zoo release the tiger cub to a sanctuary, where he can live a full life.

Puppy with Eyes and Mouth Glued Shut Deserves Justice

A puppy suffered and could have died when her eyes and mouth were superglued shut. The person responsible is still at large. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Stop the Mass Slaughter of Rattlesnakes at Festival

An annual festival held in Texas is a bloodbath centered around the senseless killing and skinning of thousands of snakes. Sign this petition and demand that this cruelty be brought to an end.

Don’t Hunt and Slaughter Wild Bobcats

Wild bobcats may soon be slaughtered as the government of Indiana advocates for an open hunting season. Sign the petition to demand that wild bobcats be protected, not hunted.

Protect Recently Discovered Penguin Colony

A huge hidden colony of penguins has been discovered in an Antarctica peninsula, partially quelling the concern for their status. However, their survival hinges on the area being made a legal safe zone, free from human interaction and overfishing and safe from climate change effects. Sign this petition to help make Danger Islands a legally protected zone.

Dog Allegedly Starved and Left to Die Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly neglected and left to die painfully in a sad case of animal cruelty. The dog reportedly suffered from severe malnutrition and an injured back leg. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Find Monster Who Skinned and Decapitated Dog

A dog suffered and died horribly when he was skinned, decapitated, and thrown into a river. Investigators found the dog in a garbage bag with his decapitated head crushed. Demand justice.

Stop City’s Potential Coyote Slaughter

A city hired a contractor to catch coyotes with a steel-jaw trap to lower the population. Not only is this incredibly cruel, but it is also an ineffective way to control the population. Sign this petition and demand the city find a more humane solution to its problem.

Applaud Protection of Wild Horses’ Lives

The lives of 60 wild horses have been spared as a scheduled horse hunt was cancelled on National Horse Protection Day. Support this stand of compassion for and the protection of these innocent animals.

Success: Man Who Brutally Stomped Puppy to Death Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

A boxer puppy was beaten and stomped in a senseless act of violence. While this dog’s life could not be spared, Texas officials have ensured that the man responsible will be severely punished for this barbaric act. Sign this petition to express support for this sentencing.

Chained Dog Reportedly Left to Freeze to Death by Sledding Company Deserves Justice

A sled dog died after being left chained outside in freezing temperatures, according to a documentary investigation into the cruelty of Canada’s sledding industry. Demand that the company allegedly responsible be brought to justice.

Dozens of Dogs and Cats Allegedly Neglected, Bred, and Kept in Filth Deserve Justice

Sixty-one dogs and cats were allegedly neglected, illegally bred, and kept in filth. The suspects reportedly sold the sick puppies and kittens out of the back of a church van. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Tell SeaWorld to Stop Imprisoning Whales

Too many whales and dolphins have died trapped in concrete tanks at SeaWorld. Tell the company’s new CEO to stop imprisoning these majestic, intelligent creatures.

United States: Help Preserve Antarctica’s Penguin Population

Antarctica’s king penguin population is slowly disappearing and could be completely gone by the end of the century due to climate change and other factors. Scientists and environmental groups are pushing for a conservation area in the Antarctic to aid the preservation of the species and the United States must support them. Sign this petition to help keep these penguins alive.

Puppy Reportedly Dropped From Second-Story Window Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly dropped from a hotel window simply for “crying all the time.” The dog apparently fell two stories and landed on the hard ground, suffering multiple injuries. Demand justice for this innocent victim.

Success: Justice for Murdered Elephant Conservationist

Eight people have been arrested and charged with the murder of an important elephant conservationist. Sign below to support that these killers are being brought to justice.

Do Not Return 23 Dogs to Allegedly Neglectful Owners

One year after 23 dogs were rescued from a reportedly abusive, neglectful home, a Florida judge threw out the case and returned the animals to their owners. The police who rescued the animals were accused of ‘unreasonable’ search and seizure despite the harrowing conditions the poor dogs were living in. Sign this petition to demand the decision be overturned immediately.

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