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Punish Man Accused of Cutting Off Kittens’ Tails With Scissors

Five kittens were found bleeding profusely with their tails cut-off. A witness claims that a man had grabbed a pair of scissors and stated he was going to chop off the kittens’ tails in revenge for a verbal dispute he had with his neighbor. Sign this petition to demand authorities seek the maximum penalty in this case.

Shut Down Company Accused of Torturing and Drowning Live Animals

Live pigeons are held underwater and drowned and crayfish are injected with deadly latex at a company that supplies animals for dissection, according to a recently-released undercover video. Sign this petition to demand that the facility in question be permanently shut down.

Punish Man Accused of Leaving Dog to Starve to Death

A dog was allegedly abandoned and starved in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dog became dangerously emaciated after the owner reportedly moved away and left the dog without access to water or edible food. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Stop Tearing Baby Apes Away From Their Parents to Sell Online

Wildlife smugglers are posting pictures of illegally-kidnapped apes for sale on Facebook. Many of these animals have been captured from the wild, sold into captivity, tortured, and even killed. Demand Facebook ban photos from ape smugglers.

Save the World’s Most Endangered Penguin

The world’s rarest penguin species is being driven toward extinction by dangerous trawling nets that are killing them in large numbers. Sign this petition to demand that the use of these nets be banned.

Punish Man Who Entombed His Dog in Ice

A man sadistically poured water over his dog in sub-zero temperatures, slowly entombing her in a block of ice, and then left her to freeze to death. Rescuers found the dog with one paw free, desperately trying to escape her icy tomb. Unfortunately, by the time she was thawed, her injuries were too grave and she had to be euthanized. Sign this petition to demand that this man be brought to justice.

Success: UK Law to Recognize that Animals Feel Pain

Animals’ ability to think and feel will be officially recognized by UK law, according to the environment secretary. Support this promise to acknowledge animal sentience and protect animal welfare.

Success: University Stops Starving and Gassing Lab Animals

Cruel research was being conducted on countless animals, in which the animals were reportedly starved for extended periods of time and then gassed to death. Thankfully, St. Mary’s University put an end to these barbaric experiments. Sign this petition and praise the university for ending the research.

Screaming Cats Found Stuffed in Tiny Crate Deserve Justice

Twelve cats were found screaming and two were dead when a tiny crate was opened by rescuers, revealing a horrific scene of suffering. The cats’ owners apparently abandoned the crate outside in 17 degree (-8 C) temperatures. The cats were reportedly found covered in blood and feces. Demand authorities provide justice for the cats by prosecuting the owners to the fullest extent of the law.

Puppy Allegedly Beaten Until Covered in Blood Deserves Justice

A puppy nearly died when the poor animal was allegedly violently beaten. The puppy was reportedly covered in blood and malnourished and had suffered a broken jaw. Demand justice for this poor puppy.

Stop Cruel Turkey-Throwing Event

Hundreds of turkeys are thrown from 500 feet in the air at an Arkansas town’s annual ‘Turkey Drop’ event, and many have died in the process. This inhumane tradition is yet another where innocent animals are tortured for human amusement, and it needs to stop. Sign this petition to stop the turkey drop once and for all.

Mother Wolf Murdered by Poachers Deserves Justice

A mother wolf was found killed by poachers, leaving her pups behind to fend for themselves. Demand that local officials find and punish the person responsible for this tragic killing.

Puppy Reportedly Dragged Behind Car and Then Decapitated Deserves Justice

A puppy was dragged behind a car and then decapitated in a reported act of shocking violence. The dog’s owner claims her boyfriend choked her and then turned his anger on her puppy, ultimately killing the dog in a grisly act. Sign this petition to demand prosecutors pursue the maximum penalty in this case.

Save White-Shouldered Ibis from Extinction

The white-shouldered ibis is almost completely extinct, with only 500 of these birds remaining and in danger of losing their homes to industrialization. These birds and the wetlands in which they reside are a vital part of our ecosystem. Sign this petition to help us save this species from dying out.

Dog Apparently Starved to the Point of Eating His Tail Deserves Justice

Tank the dog was found trying to eat his own tail after allegedly being starved and forced to live in filth. Don’t let this horrific act of cruelty go unpunished.

Save Possum Species From Extinction

The white lemuroid possum of Australia is on the verge of extinction due to climate change and deforestation. These animals are one of the chief indicators of climate condition and change, and we must not allow them to die out. Sign this petition to help protect this species.

Recognize Animals as Sentient Beings

Animals will no longer be regarded as sentient beings capable of feelings and emotions, including the ability to feel pain, after a vote by the U.K. government. Demand that this cruel and unacceptable decision be overturned.

Success: BCBG Bans Fur and Angora

Fashion giant BCBG has made the decision to stop selling products using fur and angora wool. Countless animals are trapped within these industries and face unimaginable horrors and death daily. Sign this petition and praise BCBG for no longer supporting these barbaric industries.

Dog Fatally Injured and Abandoned Deserves Justice

A dog had to be euthanized after the poor animal was allegedly abused, neglected, and abandoned. The dog’s hind leg was reportedly swollen and showed signs of being inhumanely trapped or tied up. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

End Violent Bullfights Now

A bullfighter suffered a gruesome wound to his groin after an enraged bull charged at him. While many media reports have focused on his injury, almost no mention has been made of the fact that the abused bull who charged in defense will likely be slaughtered as an additional act of cruelty. Sign this petition to demand that bullfighting be brought to an end.

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