Articles written by: Vincent Verse

Protect the Greater Sage-Grouse By Preserving the Sagebrush Ecosystem

The greater sage-grouse teeters on the edge of extinction, relying solely on the sagebrush ecosystem. Act now to protect this vital habitat and save this species from vanishing forever.

Protect the Whooping Crane From Going Extinct

The whooping crane, a symbol of American wildlife, is in danger as the wetlands, estuaries, and marshes that make up their home are under siege by humans and climate change. Act now to save their vital habitat.

Protect the Marbled Murrelet From Climate Change

The marbled murrelet is in danger as its forest home is demolished for human use and destroyed by climate change-induced weather events. Take action now to protect this precious bird.

Stop Poachers From Wiping Out 20 Remaining Red Wolves

The red wolf, once a ruler of the southeastern United States, now teeters on the edge of extinction, with less than 20 left in the wild. Save the last red wolves.

Save Brook Trout From Extinction Due to Increased Pollution

The brook trout is an irreplaceable cornerstone of freshwater ecosystems, revered by anglers and nature lovers alike. Urban development, deforestation, and pollution are destroying their habitat and putting them at risk. Protect this vital species now.

Don’t Push the Desert Bighorn Sheep to Extinction

The cherished desert bighorn sheep faces habitat loss from development and mining. Act now to protect their home.

Protect the Ozark Hellbender Salamander From Going Extinct

The Ozark hellbender salamander faces a perilous fate as its numbers plummet at an alarming pace. Pollution, habitat degradation, sedimentation, and disease are killing this ancient species. Demand those in power save it from the brink of extinction.

Stop Overfishing Lake Sturgeon and Preserve Aquatic Treasures

Native fish species, especially the lake sturgeon, are in grave danger due to overfishing, pollution, and invasive species. Safeguard these magnificent creatures and preserve their natural heritage.

Protect the Blue Crab to Protect the Livelihoods of Local Watermen

The cherished blue crab, a symbol of coastal heritage, is in grave danger due to warming waters that threaten the integrity of its habitat. Demand conservation efforts be enacted to save both this species and the community that depends on its survival.

Stop Forcing Farm Animals Into Lifetimes of Torturous Confinement

Farm animals spend their entire lives in small cages in concentrated animal feeding operations, some never even seeing an open field. Demand an end to this horrific practice.

Save the Grizzly Bear By Safeguarding the Northern Rockies

The grizzly bear’s habitat is diminishing due to human encroachment, endangering these majestic animals. Stand up now and protect the Northern Rockies before it’s too late.

Stop Chasing Down Wolves From Aircraft and Shooting Them Indiscriminately

Wolves are hunted down by aircraft and shot to death in a government-sanctioned cull. This inhumane treatment cannot continue. Demand change to protect these animals as well as their environment.

Protect the Endangered Cahaba River Snail From Going Extinct

The Cahaba River snail, a living treasure, teeters on the edge of oblivion due to neglect. Take action now to safeguard the critically endangered species.

Say No to Oil Drilling to Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is in peril, as oil drilling threatens its delicate ecosystems and the people who depend on them. Take a stand now to protect this precious refuge from irreversible harm – say no to oil drilling.

Protect Sonoran Pronghorns By Supporting Wildlife-Friendly Fencing

The magnificent Sonoran pronghorns are in danger because roads and barriers are blocking their natural movements. Demand wildlife-friendly fences to help them.

Don’t Let Human Carelessness Poison the Endangered California Condor

The California condor may be lost forever due to lead poisoning from spent ammunition and habitat loss. Take swift action to safeguard this iconic species.

Don’t Let the Majestic Lynx Die Off Due to Human Greed

The lynx, an emblem of the natural heritage, is losing its habitat due to human greed. Demand protection for this majestic species to ensure they have a future.

Don’t Push Florida Manatees to the Brink of Extinction

Florida manatees are endangered creatures that may get extinct if no action is taken now. Preserve and restore the vital habitats that sustain Florida manatees.

Preserve Monarch Butterflies by Protecting Milkweed

The drastic decline of milkweed is jeopardizing majestic monarch butterflies. Take comprehensive action to protect the critical species.

Prevent Roadkill By Promoting Wildlife-Friendly Road Design

Animals are dying and motorists are at risk due to roads that disrupt wildlife habitats. Demand wildlife-friendly road designs to make traveling safer for all.

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