Articles written by: Jay Schwager

Justice for Small Dogs Allegedly Forced to Live in Filthy Barn

Nearly 30 dogs were found living in a filthy barn without adequate shelter. Demand that the people responsible are punished.

Punish Children Accused of Burning Squirrel to Death

A squirrel was allegedly hit with a large rock and hung from a tree before two teen boys set it on fire. Demand justice now.

Groomer Accused of Kicking Dog to Death Must be Punished

A dog groomer is accused of kicking a dog to death and then lying about it. Demand that she is punished and banned from owning or caring for animals if guilty.

Applaud Colgate-Palmolive’s Efforts to Get Rid of Animal Testing

Colgate-Palmolive recently hosted a major conference on cruelty-free alternatives for animal testing. The company is also involved in lobbying for regulatory change all over the world, including trying to get China to drop its mandatory animal testing laws. Praise their work, which is refreshing to see from a major corporation.

Punish Woman Accused of Cornering and Kicking Dog

A dog was allegedly cornered in an elevator and repeatedly stomped on and kicked. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Praise Humane Population Control for Stray Dogs

A new trap-neuter-release program will help humanely control stray dog populations in India, reducing hunger, disease, and harmful encounters with humans. Applaud this move, which will set an example for other places dealing with similar issues.

Puppy Reportedly Burned With Hot Oil and Denied Care Deserves Justice

A puppy named Phoenix was reportedly burned with hot oil and allowed to suffer for days before being taken to a veterinarian. Now police are refusing to press charges. Demand justice for this poor suffering puppy.

Punish Official Who Shot the First Wild Bison Seen in Germany in 250 Years

The first wild bison spotted in Germany in two and a half centuries was shot by a hunter on the order of a German official. Demand that this person is fired and punished for killing a protected animal.

Address Major Welfare Concerns in European Live Animal Exports

Widespread neglect has been revealed in the live animal export industry, including animals being left for days in extreme weather without food or water. Demand a crackdown on this rampant abuse.

Punish Prison Guard Accused of Kicking Kitten Just for Fun

Just for fun, a prison guard kicked a feral kitten high up into the air, breaking its leg, according to reports. Demand that the guard is identified and brought to justice if found guilty of this sadistic act.

Punish Sanctuary Owner Accused of Neglecting Dogs Until They Died

The owner of an animal rescue has been charged with animal cruelty after two dogs allegedly died in her care. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Man Accused of Cutting Tail off Neighbor’s Dog Must be Jailed

A man is free on bail while facing accusations of using tree shears to cut off the tail of his neighbor’s dog. Apparently, the two neighbors were in a dispute over the dog and his barking. This man must face the maximum punishment if found guilty.

Man Accused of Cutting Puppies’ Throats for Revenge Against Wife Must be Punished

Four puppies were found with their throats cut, and their owner’s husband reportedly admitted to hurting the animals in an act of revenge. Demand justice for these puppies.

Punish Man Caught on Video Laughing While Throwing Terrified Sheep Over Fence

A sheep was dragged by her neck and then thrown over a fence by a cruel man who was caught on video laughing as he brutalized the animal. Demand that the man is found and punished.

Stop Police Harassment of People Who Report Animal Abuse

Animal welfare activists have reported being harassed and falsely charged by corrupt police officers after reporting animal cruelty crimes. Demand that the police take animal cruelty seriously

Justice for Pit Bulls Allegedly Forced to Live in Filth

Five neglected dogs were reportedly found in the custody of a man under probationary orders to have no animals in his care. Demand that he is punished harshly, if guilty.

Justice for Horses Found Dead and Decomposing in Their Stalls

Eleven horses were found dead in their stalls from starvation, another was left without water and forced to gnaw on wood in an attempt to survive. Punish the person responsible for this shocking neglect.

Shut Down Roadside Zoo Accused of Animal Abuse

Video apparently taken at a roadside zoo seems to show the owners admitting to animal abuse, including beating a lion cub. It is also alleged that animals were acquired by the zoo by separating cubs from their parents. Demand that this zoo is closed immediately.

Punish Teen Accused of Slashing Puppy and Leaving it to Die

A 17-year-old is facing charges after allegedly cutting a puppy’s throat, tying it into a bag, and leaving it to die. Demand that he is punished harshly.

Justice for Baby Raccoon Burned Nearly to Death

A baby raccoon was found burned so severely that it was unrecognizable as a raccoon. Demand that the person responsible is punished harshly.

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