Articles written by: Jay Schwager

Praise Prison Time For Man Who Forced His Dog to Attack a Cat

A man who forced his dog to rip apart a live cat has been banned from animal ownership and sentenced to prison time. Thank authorities for taking animal cruelty seriously.

Justice for Dog Found Starving, Injured and Infested With 1000 Maggots

A dog was found emaciated, severely dehydrated, and covered in maggot-infested wounds. Officials suspect that it had no access to food or water for two weeks. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Man Accused of Kidnapping and Torturing Cat on Social Media Must be Severely Punished

A man is accused of kidnapping and torturing a cat named Chester on Facebook Live. Video shows the cat being struck repeatedly with blunt objects, including a broom stick. Demand that this man is punished to the fullest extent of the law, if found guilty.

Punish Rescue Owner Accused of Cruelty

Over 60 dogs and cats were allegedly kept in conditions so filthy and dangerous that many needed to be put down. Demand justice for these animals.

Justice for Puppy Kidnapped, Beaten, and Drowned

A puppy was allegedly stolen from its owner by a group of children who then beat it and tried to drown it. Though the puppy was rescued, it died a couple days later. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Stop Barbaric Fundraiser Where Teens Allegedly Drowned Baby Possums

Possum joeys were reportedly drowned in buckets of water as part of a cruel possum-hunting fundraiser for a school. Demand that the barbaric event is not repeated and that any students involved are punished.

Justice for 80 Great Danes Allegedly Neglected

Over 80 Great Danes were recently rescued from an alleged puppy mill, where they were reportedly forced to live in their own urine and feces and denied adequate food or water. Demand justice for these animals.

Justice for Kangaroo Disemboweled and Skinned

A kangaroo was found skinned, disemboweled, and left to suffer for hours in a pool of its own blood. Demand justice for this innocent creature.

Dying Dog Abandoned in the Rain Deserves Justice

A dog suffering from a large open wound and end-stage renal failure was abandoned outside in the rain. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Tighten Animal Abuse Laws After Breeder Received Only a Fine For Neglecting 89 Cats

A woman who neglected 89 cats so badly that 60 had to be euthanized has been let off with a $5,000 fine. Demand harsher penalties for animal abuse.

Punish Person Who Abandoned 24 Cats in a Hot Car

Twenty-four cats were left for dead in a hot locked car, but authorities are only “considering” laying charges. Demand that this cruelty is taken seriously and charges be brought against the owner.

Woman Accused of Starving 21 Dogs and Endangering Officer Must be Punished

A woman allegedly neglected 21 dogs and attempted to harm an officer who was rescuing them. Demand that she is punished harshly, if found guilty.

Justice for Pregnant Dog Left to Die in a Ditch

A dog was recently found heavily pregnant, suffering from a severe infection, and abandoned in a ditch. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Ban Barbaric Ritual Slaughter of Chickens in Public Streets

Chickens are swung in the air before having their throats slit while conscious in a barbaric ritual that is being performed in public streets. Not only does this ritual cause unnecessary suffering, but it endangers public health. Stop this cruelty now.

Punish Man Accused of Throwing Kittens Onto the Street

A man is accused of throwing a kitten into the street, where it was run over by a car. Demand that he is punished harshly, if found guilty.

Fifty-Five Animals With Open Wounds, Flea Infestations and Living in Feces Deserve Justice

Four people have been arrested after police removed 55 sick animals and an 11-year-old girl from a filthy, overcrowded, and unsafe home, according to reports. Demand justice for these innocent animals and child.

Stop Trump’s Plans to Slaughter Wild Horses

Wild horses and burros could soon be euthanized or sold for slaughter due to proposed new cuts to the Bureau of Land Management’s budget. Demand that the budget remains intact in order to save thousands of equines from unnecessary death.

Justice for Dogs Poisoned to Death

Three dogs were recently found twitching and convulsing on the ground, otherwise unable to move, in a suspected poisoning. Demand that the person responsible is found and punished.

Success: Dairy Farm Abusers to be Jailed

Three men who kicked, punched, and beat cows have been sentenced to jail. Applaud this move, which sends a message that animal abuse on farms will not be tolerated.

Justice for Puppy Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit

An eight-month-old puppy named Polo was found with debilitating burns all over his body after being thrown into a fire. Demand that Polo’s attackers are found and punished.

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