Articles written by: Jay Schwager

Save America’s Wild Horses and Burros

Wild horses and burros could soon be euthanized or sold for slaughter due to proposed new cuts to the Bureau of Land Management’s budget. Demand that the budget remains intact in order to save thousands of equines from unnecessary death.

Justice for Dogs Poisoned to Death

Three dogs were recently found twitching and convulsing on the ground, otherwise unable to move, in a suspected poisoning. Demand that the person responsible is found and punished.

Success: Dairy Farm Abusers to be Jailed

Three men who kicked, punched, and beat cows have been sentenced to jail. Applaud this move, which sends a message that animal abuse on farms will not be tolerated.

Justice for Puppy Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit

An eight-month-old puppy named Polo was found with debilitating burns all over his body after being thrown into a fire. Demand that Polo’s attackers are found and punished.

Praise Ban on Barbaric Ritual Animal Slaughter

Halal and kosher slaughter, which involves cutting the throats of conscious animals and leaving them to bleed out, has been banned in the Belgian region of Walloon. Praise this move, which will save countless animals from torturous deaths.

Stop Government Plan to Kill Dogs in Cruel Experiments

Over a dozen dogs will soon be injected with drugs and killed as part of a government experiment that was kept secret until the horrific plan was recently exposed. Save these dogs from a cruel, painful death.

Catch Person Who Tied Dog to Cinder Block and Left Him to Drown

A dog was tied to a cinder block and abandoned on the edge of a lake to drown. Fortunately, the dog was rescued before the tide came up. Demand that the person responsible for this horrifying cruelty is found and punished.

Justice for Livestock Allegedly Starved to Death

A dairy farmer is accused of allowing his animals to starve for six months, until they were in such poor condition that some had to be put down and one died. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Justice for Puppy Severely Beaten and Abandoned

A dog was found paralyzed, with fractured ribs, legs, and vertebrae, and left to die by the roadside. Demand justice for this animal.

Justice for Horse Found With Rope Embedded in its Nose

A horse was found with a rope embedded so far into its nose that muscle was visible. The wound was infected and infested with flies. Demand that the person responsible is punished.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Burned Alive

Three children are accused of chaining a dog to a tree and burning it. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Cancel Plans for Barbaric Rodeo Celebration

A rodeo has been planned to commemorate Montreal’s 375th anniversary. These events cause extreme stress to animals, and can result in serious injury or death. Sign this petition to demand that this event is cancelled.

Justice for Family Dogs Found Decapitated

Two dogs were found stabbed, burned, and decapitated near a train track. Demand that the person responsible for the mutilation and killing of poor BB and Calypso is found and punished.

Demand Justice for Dog and Horse Allegedly Starved and Neglected

A dog was found filthy, with most of its fur in matted clumps. On the same property, a horse was so emaciated that its bones were visible. Demand justice for these animals.

Applaud End to Elephant Rides at Renaissance Fair

A renaissance fair has cancelled all elephant rides due to increasing public outcry against the for-profit exploitation of animals. Applaud this compassionate decision.

Man Accused of Sawing Off Live Horse’s Leg Must be Jailed

A man is accused of using a saw to amputate the leg of an injured horse without sedation or anesthesia. Demand justice for this animal who died in agonizing pain.

Applaud Ban on Construction Next to Zoo

Planned construction next to a zoo has been scrapped in the interest of the well-being of zoo animals. Applaud this rare decision to prioritize animal welfare over corporate interests.

Justice for 14 Dogs and One Cat Allegedly Kept in Deplorable Conditions

Dogs were allegedly kept in filthy conditions, denied food, water, and necessary veterinary care. Demand that those responsible are punished.

Man Accused of Killing Dog With Sledgehammer Must be Punished

A man is accused of killing a dog with a sledgehammer in front of onlooking witnesses, including a 10-year-old boy. Sign this petition to demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty if this man is found guilty.

Justice for German Shepherd Allegedly Beaten by Owner

A dog was allegedly punched, yelled at, and sworn at by its owner. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

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