Articles written by: Jay Schwager

Man Accused of Keeping Nearly 100 Animals in Filth–Demand Justice

A man faces 215 charges of animal cruelty after allegedly starving animals, forcing them to live among feces and decomposing corpses, and denying them much-needed veterinary care for their severe injuries. Demand that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Save Wild Donkeys From Extinction

Donkeys in South Africa could soon be facing a poaching crisis similar to that faced by elephants and rhinos. Demand a crackdown on the illegal killing and trade of these long-eared beasts.

Punish Breeder Accused of Neglect

Over 30 wolf-dog hybrids and 14 horses were reportedly found chained to trees and denied food and water by a breeder. Demand that she is punished harshly and banned from animal ownership.

Stop Allowing Dogs to be Chained Outside For Extended Periods

Pet owners could soon be banned from using chains, which can cause cuts and lesions on dogs’ necks, to tether their animals. Support this new initiative.

Justice for Two Dogs Found Dead After Allegedly Being Abandoned

Two dogs were reportedly found dead after being abandoned in a trash and feces-filled home. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

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