Articles written by: Jay Schwager

Applaud End to Elephant Rides at Renaissance Fair

A renaissance fair has cancelled all elephant rides due to increasing public outcry against the for-profit exploitation of animals. Applaud this compassionate decision.

Man Accused of Sawing Off Live Horse’s Leg Must be Jailed

A man is accused of using a saw to amputate the leg of an injured horse without sedation or anesthesia. Demand justice for this animal who died in agonizing pain.

Applaud Ban on Construction Next to Zoo

Planned construction next to a zoo has been scrapped in the interest of the well-being of zoo animals. Applaud this rare decision to prioritize animal welfare over corporate interests.

Justice for 14 Dogs and One Cat Allegedly Kept in Deplorable Conditions

Dogs were allegedly kept in filthy conditions, denied food, water, and necessary veterinary care. Demand that those responsible are punished.

Man Accused of Killing Dog With Sledgehammer Must be Punished

A man is accused of killing a dog with a sledgehammer in front of onlooking witnesses, including a 10-year-old boy. Sign this petition to demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty if this man is found guilty.

Justice for German Shepherd Allegedly Beaten by Owner

A dog was allegedly punched, yelled at, and sworn at by its owner. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Demand Jail Time for Men Who Dragged Cows With Chains and a Tractor

Three men were recently convicted of animal cruelty for kicking, punching and beating cows with rakes and canes. They also tied chains to sick and injured animals’ necks and dragged them with tractors to move them. Demand that these men are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Find Person Responsible for Grisly Deaths of Nearly 80 Roosters

Nearly 80 rooster corpses were discovered in garbage bins, in what authorities suspect was a dump site for victims of cockfighting. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for Dog Found Severely Injured and Malnourished

A dog was reportedly starved and denied much-needed veterinary care for severe wounds allegedly caused by a plastic lead being tied around the dog’s ankles for days at a time. Demand justice for this animal.

Justice for Cat Allegedly Beaten to Death With Broomstick

A man is accused of hitting a cat with a broomstick, then following after it ran away and beating it to death. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Jail Time for Teen Who Savagely Beat Cows

A teen has been convicted for punching, kicking, and beating cows with a metal gate. Demand that he is sentenced to jail for this inexcusable cruelty.

Tigers Found in Maggot-Infested Cages – Demand Punishment

Three tigers were found in a tiny, maggot-infested shipping container. The animals were severely dehydrates and forced to defecate and urinate in the container. Demand justice for these creatures.

Demand Harsh Punishments for Dog Meat Traders

Two men have been arrested for allegedly possessing dead dogs and live dogs that were hog-tied and ready for slaughter. Demand that they are punished to the fullest extent of the law, if found guilty.

Justice for Animals Abused by Reptile Farm Owner

A man found guilty of over 30 counts of animal cruelty for the neglect of dozens of reptiles will only face a three-year ban on animal ownership. Demand harsher penalties for animal abusers.

Justice For Deer Hit by Car and Set on Fire

A deer was run over and then set on fire while it was still alive. It was left to suffer for an unknown period of time before it was found, still alive and smoldering. Demand that the person responsible for this barbaric act is found and punished.

Man Accused of Keeping Nearly 100 Animals in Filth–Demand Justice

A man faces 215 charges of animal cruelty after allegedly starving animals, forcing them to live among feces and decomposing corpses, and denying them much-needed veterinary care for their severe injuries. Demand that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Save Wild Donkeys From Extinction

Donkeys in South Africa could soon be facing a poaching crisis similar to that faced by elephants and rhinos. Demand a crackdown on the illegal killing and trade of these long-eared beasts.

Punish Breeder Accused of Neglect

Over 30 wolf-dog hybrids and 14 horses were reportedly found chained to trees and denied food and water by a breeder. Demand that she is punished harshly and banned from animal ownership.

Stop Allowing Dogs to be Chained Outside For Extended Periods

Pet owners could soon be banned from using chains, which can cause cuts and lesions on dogs’ necks, to tether their animals. Support this new initiative.

Justice for Two Dogs Found Dead After Allegedly Being Abandoned

Two dogs were reportedly found dead after being abandoned in a trash and feces-filled home. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

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