Jail Time for Teen Who Savagely Beat Cows

Target: Barry Hughes, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Somerset, U.K.

Goal: Seek the harshest possible punishment for teen found guilty of kicking, punching, and otherwise brutalizing cows at a dairy farm.

A teenager has pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to one or more cows after being caught on video performing some of the cruelest acts a local vet had ever seen. Owen Nichol, an apprentice stockman at a dairy farm, was filmed punching, kicking, and otherwise brutalizing animals at Pyrland Farm. This farm had an otherwise immaculate animal welfare record according to inspections, and Nichol was terminated immediately with the remaining staff undergoing a training workshop.

Nichol is seen on video punching calves, kicking cows in the face, and kicking calves to get them to move or stand up. The undercover video, taken by rights group Animal Equality, also showed the teen pulling on cows’ tails, pinning them to the ground, and beating them with metal gates. The teen also admitted to repeatedly punching and slapping nursing cows.

In court, the teen claimed that he was having a ‘bad week,’ as his grandmother was in the hospital and his girlfriend recently broke up with him. Animal welfare advocate Toni Shephard, executive director of Animal Equality U.K., took the stand to say that this is no excuse and that Nichol should be given the maximum possible penalty under the law, or 12 weeks of imprisonment. Sign the petition below to stand with Shephard in demanding a harsh penalty for this cruel abuser.


Dear Mr. Hughes,

Owen Nichol, a teen who worked at a dairy farm in Taunton, Somerset, was recently found guilty of animal abuse for beating and brutalizing cows. The teen was caught on tape punching, kicking, and beating cows with metal gates. He was also seen pulling the tails of the animals, pinning them to the ground, and shouting obscenities at them.

The teen claimed that he was having a rough week, but this is a poor excuse. Anyone who can commit such violence against an innocent animal could pose a threat to both animals and humans in the future. We, the undersigned, demand that this teen is given jail time as well as a full psychiatric evaluation and possible anger management classes in order to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.


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Photo credit: Cindy Andrie

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  1. He should be punished fully to the extent of the law. Animal abusers like this go on to abuse people. Good thing is girlfriend left him. This is no excuse for what he did.

    He claimed that he was having a ‘bad week,’ as his grandmother was in the hospital and his girlfriend recently broke up with him. BOO HOO – MY HEART BLEEDS FOR YOU!!

  3. Antoinette Ohayon says:

    I hope your burn in hell you rotten piece of human tissue

  4. Katherine Leijer says:

    This is not normal human behavior. This people need mental help, a psychological evaluation. We can just acknowledge a problem and address it half way.

  5. Candy Niewinski says:

    Only 12 weeks? WTF! What a pathetic excuse for a human being. Owen Nichol,I hope you die an early death and rot in hell you POS

  6. 12 weeks in jail is not going to make this evil sob Owen Nichol repent. He will do it again given the chance so, please get tough with him and do not allow him near another animal at all in future.

  7. Kimberly Beebe says:

    Wow! There is no excuse for this behavior. Obviously the apple does not fall far from the trees. It truly shows what a sad should this boy has become. Please punish him to the fullest extent of law. Time for the lessons.

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    12 weeks in jail! This little Bastard needs to have his ass kicked over and over. What a stinking pos he is.

  9. Rosie Boyd Rosie Boyd says:

    Full force of the law please for this abuser. I have bad weeks and don’t go beating anything up. As for this little fuckwit beating up on nursing cows and calves, I’m absolutely horrified. I’m not surprised his girlfriend broke up with him, she could probably sense what he was like.
    Thanks for posting his name as well, we can all be on the lookout for him now. He’d better watch his back, I can tell you.

  10. Nancy Lowell says:

    If he is old enough to have a job he is old enough to know better than to engage in these behaviors. Punish him by giving him 12 weeks to absorb the error of his ways. O wonder his girlfriend broke up with him; she saw the abuse she ight get.

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