Articles written by: Jacob Degen Atkins

Success: Charges Filed Against Mink Farm Accused of Animal Cruelty

A mink farm in southwestern Ontario faces 14 counts of animal abuse after an undercover investigation revealed ¨filthy¨ living conditions. Footage appeared to show distressed minks with neglected open wounds in maggot-ridden environments. Sign the petition to congratulate the animal welfare organization for initiating the formal charges and bringing justice to the victims of the global fur industry.

Peacocks Plucked of Feathers at Zoo Deserve Justice

Two peacocks reportedly died from shock after a family plucked their feathers at a zoo. The tourists were some of many visitors allowed to interact with animals at Chinese animal parks. Sign the petition to encourage the Chinese president to create new policies forbidding zoo patrons from having contact with animals.

Success: Breeder Accused of Abusing Over 80 Pets Banned From Owning Animals

More than 80 cats and dogs were removed from a breeding facility where they reportedly suffered from neglect and infection. The owner was recently banned from owning pets for the next seven years. Sign the petition below to thank Canadian authorities for protecting more animals from becoming victims of this alleged abuser.

Drop Charges Against Activists Involved in Turkey Rescue

Animal rights activists are being wrongfully accused of theft and face up to ten years in prison after rescuing three turkeys from an industrial farm. Even after exposing a potential hepatitis outbreak among the turkeys, they’re being prosecuted as criminals to the fullest extent. Implore the corporation’s CEO to overturn their conviction by signing the petition.

Don’t Let “Organic” Farms Abuse and Torture Animals

A rule that would have given animals on organic farms the right to be outdoors on a daily basis is being thrown out by the Trump administration. Now, meat or dairy products may be labeled as FDA-certified organic, when in reality many animals are deprived from ever seeing the light of day. Defend farm animals’ rights to nature by signing the petition.

End Exploitation of Circus Elephants After Elephant Died in Flipped Truck

A truck carrying five circus elephants crashed, resulting in one fatality and two seriously injured elephants. The traumatic event could have been prevented if elephants did not perform in circuses. Sign the petition below to convince the circus company responsible to forfeit the subordination of elephants once and for all.

Push for Legal Reform After Pet Pig Reportedly Eaten by Owners

A Canadian couple recently adopted a Vietnamese potbellied pig only to reportedly dine on her. Somehow, Canadian law prevents this act from being a criminal offense. Let’s demand justice for Molly and change this legal loophole by pushing for legislative reforms.

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