Success: Breeder Accused of Abusing Over 80 Pets Banned From Owning Animals

Target: British Columbia Judge Daniel Weatherly

Goal: Praise Canadian judge for prohibiting allegedly abusive breeder from owning domestic animals for the next seven years.

A Canadian woman was recently convicted of animal cruelty following the raid of her breeding and boarding facility in Surrey, British Columbia. Over two years ago, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) seized more than 80 animals from Xin (Ivy) Zhou, who previously worked as a commercial animal breeder in China despite no formal training. Among the 67 cats, 12 dogs and three puppies rescued, some of them had to be euthanized over their poor physical health. Others reportedly carried diseases like ringworm and respiratory infections after such neglect.

Fortunately, Zhou can’t operate her business for the next seven years in accordance to her punishment. Besides the seven-year ban from owning or taking care of animals, she has a two-year probation and must perform 100 hours of community service. Thanks to a previous ForceChange petition with over 700 signatures, online activism certainly played a role in ending her unethical business operation. Sign the petition below to thank the Canadian judge for carrying out the verdict while also encouraging lawmakers to continue monitoring the situation.


Dear Mr. Weatherly,

More than two years ago, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in British Columbia confiscated over 80 distressed cats and dogs from breeder, Xin (Ivy) Zhou. Based on reports, some were so emaciated due to neglect that they had to be put down. Since then, you have vindicated these animals by preventing Zhou from owning, caring for, or possessing domestic animals for the next seven years. Considering that the SPCA previously struggled to find the proper jurisdiction to persecute Zhou, let’s just say that animal rights activists are relieved to finally see a conviction.

Perhaps after the suspension ends, Zhou will finally know how to properly care for animals. From the sound of her court statements, there appeared to be a willingness to grow and better herself after such an ordeal. Whether or not she was genuine when saying that she wanted to learn how to truly look after animals, we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, please continue to monitor this case closely in case she does reopen her business someday. Thank you once again for taking this matter seriously. Please remain vigilant.


[Your name here]

Photo credit: Marianne Perdomo

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  2. cherie ethier says:

    it should have been forever, not just 7 yrs.

  3. Banned from owning animals? Yeah, right. Try enforcing that. Pathetic sentence. These people need to be removed from society.

  4. Another dumb f*** from China again!
    Stop Breeding! Pass Laws! No Breeding!

  5. Victoria says:

    ALL animals — human AND nonhuman — want to love, be loved, enjoy their freedom, & live on their own terms. BE VEGAN & end the part YOU play in upholding “acceptable” violence, animal cruelty, & exploitation inside cultural “norms” of society. Acknowledge the VICTIMS of your non-vegan habits & turn your heart towards justice rather than socially accepted injustice. It’s not too late to learn compassion & reverence for life.,, &

  6. Derinda Nilsson says:

    This judge is lame. 7 yrs. is a slap on the wrist. This monster should NEVER own any animals ever again. This is exactly why these scum bags continue to abuse animals, punishment does not fit the crime.

  7. Just ‘next seven years’ – you must be kidding, it should be for good! What’s wrong with that idiot?

  8. Mary J Zambrana says:

    I urge the laws to be that this person never again has any animals in her possession or charge. 7 years will not change her propensity for harming animals. Please stand up for the voiceless and innocents by updating your laws to reflect the care all animals deserve.

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